Males construct a nest by fanning out small depressions on the bottom in and around brush, rocks, or vegetation in water between 1 and 5 feet deep. They are well … The current record for the longest black crappie is just over 19 inches. The black crappie is a laterally compressed, round-bodied fish with … Crappie can be a good fishing choice if you are taking a child or someone new to fishing who doesn’t have a lot of experience. Crappie can be 7-12 inches long and weigh about 0.5-1 pounds. This is because they are so easy to catch and it can be motivating for the new fisher to get catches. Black crappie adults feed on fewer fish, and more insects and crustaceans, than do white crappie. //-->. Black crappies are known as excellent table fare. The black crappie is silvery with a color pattern that is mainly irregularly arranged speckles and blotches (not vertical bars). FISHING METHODS: Black crappie bite best on live minnows, small jigs, and spinners. The maximum adult size reported is 1.6 feet, but usually the species is not that large; Typically adults range between 4 and 6 inches; The maximum weight reported for Maryland is 4.4 pounds These blotches do not form vertical bands as on white crappie. Nonnative predators, including crappie… Black Crappie can be distinguished from White Crappie by counting the anal spines; Black Crappie have 7-8 and White Crappie have 6. IDENTIFICATION: Black crappie closely resemble white crappie, but have deeper bodies. The maximum weight and length is from the latest all-time record at the time this information was … The anal fins of White Crappies have six spines, while those of Black Crappies have more. Black Crappie. The rate of growth depends on habitat, food availability and crappie population size for a given body of water. White crappie is most accurately identified by also counting the spines on the dorsal fin. Dictionary of Fish : Fish Directory - reference guide to Black Crappie,