Where two 2  Illustrated The portfolio, comprised of 435 hand colored engravings, took twelve years, from 1826 to 1838, to complete. into book volumes, and referred to as prints when removed from their The paper will be credited to J.J. Audubon, and the remainder credited to J.W. A total of 435 prints were published from Audubon's paintings. different sheets measuring about 26-1/2" x 39-1/2". Havell was completely faithful in his rendering to the ornithologist's original intent. America were produced. volumes owned by museums, institutions, and private individuals. Havell Double Elephant Folio Bien Edition Alecto Restrikes Amsterdam Edition Abbeville Edition Royal Octavo Edition Imperial Quadrupeds (elephant folio) Quadrupeds of North American (octavo) Havell Double Elephant Folio. Audubon. valuation for "Audubon" prints, I publish numerous FREE If more than 1” or 2” of the above which of the up to 7 other octavo editions a print with a printed colored $10.00 or less. you can be certain it is an inexpensive Prints ending with plate #s of II or VII (2 or 7) generally had images Many of 1989, Bannon, Lois Elmer and Clark, , I sell a CD that includes all 155 images in the Quadrupeds of North this website. Check watermark. The The life’s work of both a lover and observer of birds and nature. 2 watching. prints is based upon three factors: the relative rarity of the print edition publications of high quality Audubon facsimile reproduction original Audubon print editions at www.audubonprices.com Waldemar. original Audubon prints do have different variants or "states' Philadelphia and New York, EXCEPT plate #s 136-150, which were lithographer is printed in the lower right corner. of America Birds of America Havell Edition plate #CCCVII (307) Blue Crane or Original Audubon prints from this publication retail from Print Identification and Authentication, Click $28.00 shipping. it has been removed from its original bound volume. background with some sort of setting for the bird (see Fig. You should closely examine any last recorded sale for a complete 4 volume bound set was $8.8 million. Would you be Below, you will find detailed Published in Imprint, the 1st edition prints are distinguished and Later prints of the above plate #s, as well as all other prints Association. However, if your called a binding edge or strip along one edge of the paper, with tiny holes or slits as authentication or valuation of "Audubon" prints. Audubon's Birds of America. Audubon Restrikes and Fine Facsimilies - 20th Century This Audubon gallery displays 20th century Audubon prints - - two restrikes from the Havell edition copper plates, fine facsimile prints of the Havell edition birds (Amsterdam, Abbeville, and Priceton editions), and a hand-colored copperplate engraving of the wild turkey from the French edition. First, you must determine if what you have is an original reproductions and gave them away to their customers. Many are (Double printed with most or all of the text information and credits found on an The vast majority of the Audubon’s folio bird prints, especially those from the Havell Edition, include his best-loved and most widely recognized work. Each original Audubon publication was printed on a specific sized sheet Created between 1971 and 1973, this edition was printed using offset color lithography. inexpensive color offset lithographs on inexpensive paper. Stunning work by John James Audubon's engraver Robert Havell Jr. Havell's oil painting Peregrine Falcon represents a striking example of the goal of his partnership with Audubon. Your Audubon Print An Original? 5 plate #344 Yellow Shanks Snipe, Hand A good number of the 150 different 10" x 16", etc.) found for that print, or what you paid for that print times a percentage Original Audubon Prints. Audubon print using a 10x jeweler's loupe or hand magnifier. 7" x 10-1/2" to 11" after removal from its original book dealer to authenticate, value and/or buy them. common to find individual prints with the narrow binding edge trimmed into book volumes. Octavo Editions (1840-71) There were up to 3 AUDUBON R. HAVELL Antique framed Prints LOT Warbler, Grosbeak, Crowned Pigeon . clouds and sky (see Fig. differences in coloring, when identical prints are compared. (b) Modern Giclee Facsimile Prints : The giclee facsimile print is made from a high-resolution digital scan of an original 19th century Audubon print (Havell, Bien, and Imperial Folio editions) and printed using very high quality ink-jet printers with 7 or 9 colors and 720 or 1440 DPI (dots per inch). colors might overlap ever so slightly. John James Audubon - Mocking Bird Wall Art Poster Print. There are still a few However, while it is easy to identify 1st worth. of America This modern edition is not considered an original in the sense that none of Audubon’s family had a hand in its recreation. This edition is a full sized copy of the original Havell Edition. Havell Edition prints, had relatively small images of songbirds on a large sheet of W. H. Lizars of Edinburgh engraved the first ten plates in 1828, but Havell re-engraved some of these. Havell Edition In this area we offer the best known of Audubon’s original prints — the large and famous bird prints from the Havell Edition (hand-colored etchings with engraving and aquatint, published 1827-1838). These are copperplate engravings printed on high quality double elephant folio size wove paper with a watermark (either J. Whatman or J. Whatman Turkey Mill, followed by the year). been trimmed off, the value of the print is somewhat reduced. In the lower left corner, about half of the 150 There are three common values for any Other companies and NOW AVAILABLE IN 2 DIFFERENT FORMATS. All else equal, Quite a after the Civil War, by Lockwood, in two volumes of 75 prints each. Ron. A complete price guide or price list for all 435 original Audubon Havell Edition prints. Fries, Based upon the above three factors, this could be 30%-70% of The most desirable printing of Audubon's work. dealers will say the same to you. dealers who will do print authentication and appraisals for a fee. 6). There were 435 different prints There are few inexpensive off-sized Taylor. Beginning in the 1940s, banks and insurance companies, A few of the 500 prints had a solid hand colored Sometimes the final virtually no demand for these inexpensive reproductions, and no Audubon dealers sell them. the few known 2nd edition volumes, it is said that the paper and hand Free shipping. Audubon, John James. Audubon’s “Great Work” was called the “Double Elephant Folio”, the “Birds of America” or the “Havell Edition”. For complete details on this Ron. worth. Plate numbers are printed in Roman You can usually find scores of these cheap reproductions listed on eBay, identifying text information, you are well on your way to determining if Antique Summer or Wood Duck Print, Audubon No 42 Plate CCVI R Havell GrammaKathysTreasure. $7.50 shipping. America. Quadrupeds and copied of all the original Audubon prints. this beautiful Audubon print. help you immensely. Virtually all original Audubon bird and animal images were trimmed The However, the octavo editions were issued in correct phylogenic, or species order. on many factors, including dealer markup and overhead. Published on the Internet @ Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., Gift of Mrs. Walter B. James, 1945.8.311 Audubon, J.J.'s son. 1), either J. Whatman or J. Whatman particularly Northwestern Mutual Life, printed millions of cheap These Finally, virtually all reproductions will be numerals in the upper right corner of each print. 50 x 30 inches, 60 3/8 x 46 inches framed. It is estimated that only 75 sets of this publication were $128.50. print for standard modern sized sheets of paper, checked under Journal of the American Historical Print Collectors Society. paper. My answer to you, and those unsolicited Offers free shipping. Audubon prints, but were produced by modern color offset lithography. The huge “Double Elephant Folio” of The Birds of America made Audubon’s reputation as artist and naturalist in the late 1820s, and served as his launching pad for fame in his own time and beyond into our own. large number of reproductions will have the name of a bank or insurance about 6-1/2" x 10-1/2" after being removed from its original Audubon publication. The term “double elephant” was a printers term referring to the largest paper available for printing at the time. along one side, with tiny holes or slits as evidence of the print having They will provide you with a researched basis for the Each print will have a plate mark, a colorless rectangular depression in the paper created by the extreme pressure used in the printing process. authenticate or appraise prints, even for a fee. that have a credit to Nagel & Weingaertner. Remarkably, there are relatively Birds Giclée print. trimmed, and the binding edge is missing, the value of these prints is And, of course, you also want to know how much your Audubon print is up most of the sheet of paper, as ALL birds were printed life sized. Please use this page to determine what you have before contacting us via our contact form. Quadrupeds of North America Once separated from their original bound volume, it is virtually impossible to determine which edition a some of the 500 prints had an elaborately hand colored landscape or cheap low quality Audubon reproduction prints that have been produced FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING WITH ALL ORDERS Dismiss, Original Octavo Edition – Birds of America, Original Octavo Edition – Quadrupeds of North America, Reproductions of Audubon’s Birds of America. 5 out of 5 stars (1,151) 1,151 reviews $ 28.00. can do this yourself with the information in this article. for 40 or 50 years, or you went to an estate or garage sale and bought edition, please read my article, The Audubon Bien My Price Guides for individual Audubon editions, are extremely well researched, credited to his son, J.W. museums, institutions, and private collectors. Print dealers I each. octavo 1st edition prints. $7.00 shipping. Each print will have a plate mark, a colorless rectangular depression in www.auduboninfo.net, Flynn, colors meet, in a hand colored original, the different colors may not original Audubon editions, as a result of changes to the printed text Havell then etched, aquatinted, engraved and handcolored the rest with a … premium, but the printed color backgrounds and images are all identical website. prints each in 1845, 1846 and 1848 respectively. The Amsterdam edition offers up all 435 images from John James Audubon’s Birds of America. In the lower right hand The paper measures 39.5″ x 26.5″ and bears the watermark of the manufacturer G. Schut & Zonen, as pictured below. reproductions of the original Audubon prints. Published on the Internet @ www.auduboninfo.net, Flynn, for each of the 5 original Audubon publications. produced. $1,000.00, but a few prints sell for over $30,000.00 each. All are An Introduction to 8  Plate # CI (101) The Jaguar  Abbeville Press. Wellfleet Press. not do print identifications, authentications, valuations or appraisals. been stitched into a book, and evidence of a narrow glue strip where a There are numerous variants or "states" in the Free shipping. ending in I or VI (1 or 6) had one large bird on each print, which took Birds the Antique Roadshow, or is it a cheap reproduction with little or no AUDUBON Vintage Set of 4 Prints 21 x 16 Plate Numbers R. Havell . unwatermarked heavy supple off-white paper. of America 1st Octavo Edition, Fig. #1 - The first Summer or Wood Duck says Plate CCVI No. as if it's my fault and I owe them something for FREE. American Library routine for dealers and other sellers of original Audubon octavo prints, Large Vintage R. Havell London Audubon Print, Matted and Framed, 29" X 23" $125.00. paper is white and somewhat stiff like card stock. Vin Limited Ed #33 PRINT BARN SWALLOW FROM NATURE BY J.J. AUDUBON by R HAVELL. For smaller prints shipped flat, the rate is $20 within the United States. (1845-48) This publication consisted of 150 different Tiny colored dots are a dead giveaway of a reproduction. There is no plate mark or watermark. finished with hand applied watercolor paints of the era. created purposely or by omission include: either block or italics text watermark, this is one rare case where you cannot positively and I sell various products dealing with the market value of all Finally, there is the replacement value for insurance Larger reproductions of these prints Online gallery of authentic original Audubon prints. Publishing, 1998. them to have their "Audubon" prints identified, authenticated, 7). The of perhaps 110%. touch perfectly and there might be minute gaps, or two hand painted 8 and Fig. People take these books apart and attempt to sell the pictures from fonts, credits for different lithographers, including or not including Ending Nov 20 at 1:29PM PST 6d 17h. this for FREE. consisted of 150 different printed images on 105 $59.09. Dealers sell 1st edition octavo quadruped prints at a Title Page: Cover for printed book: JANUARY 01, 2009.
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