… An important note! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Make sure the soil is loose and free of weeds before you plant. Originally native to southern Europe, thyme can be grown successfully indoors or outdoors in a variety of areas, needing only basic attention in order to thrive. Also perfect for slopes and rock gardens, this herb can grow up to 3 feet wide and tall. Propagating Thyme Plants: Thyme Seed Planting And Rooting Thyme Plants Propagating Thyme Plants. Creeping thyme, also known commonly as ‘Mother of Thyme,’ is an easily grown, spreading thyme variety. Thyme is an aromatic herb that grows in dry sunny areas. It may not be able to handle heavy traffic from them. Creeping thyme is a great idea because it can take a beating and handle dry spells. Plant multiple patches or slips 12 to 24 inches apart. Without some type of mulch the water will quickly evaporate. Thyme just runs through your hands? GDPR Privacy Statement. The easiest ways to propagate pink creeping thyme are through division, from seed and by cuttings. Jun 15, 2017 - How to Propagate Pink Creeping Thyme. I’ve used an earlier edition of this book for many years to learn tricks for propagating plants in my garden. Creeping thyme Low growing, drought resistant and evergreen. Aug 7, 2019 - Never enough thyme? It does well in most balanced soil conditions. Rich in nectar, they attract butterflies. Lewis holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. There are two main types of thyme—ornamental and culinary. Although the leaves are aromatic, they are rarely used in cooking. Melissa Lewis is a former elementary classroom teacher and media specialist. In a garden anywhere light touches will help germinate a seed. Do you have creeping thyme growing in your garden yet? Creeping thyme is an easy plant to propagate. When grown in masses or used as a bedding plant, individual plants should be spaced approximately 16 inches apart. This patch can be as small as one stem with a few roots attached and is referred to as a slip. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Plant the patch or slip to the same depth as before. One of the most popular plants that has been around for generations is the philodendron. Thymus serpyllum, or creeping thyme, is perfect for a low-growing, flowering lawn, which will be abuzz with bees. In the spring, they bloom in shades of pink and lavender. Katherine. Creeping thyme or Thymus serpyllum makes a great ground cover that is very easy to grow. Though creeping thyme is edible, it is not usually grown for this use, and instead is considered to be an ornamental plant that works well as ground cover. This is the easiest method. Thyme. Cuttings of young shoots, 5 - 8cm with a heel. Full Sun or Shade for a Crimson Queen Maple, Iowa State University: Growing and Using Thyme, Purdue University Consumer Horticulture: Propagate Herbs Now For Yearlong Enjoyment, Sunset Plant Finder: Thymus Praecox Arcticus, Online Plant Guide: Thymus Praecox Arcticus, Washington State University: Creeping Thyme. Essentially if the area is dark, roots will grow! Thank you for visiting GrowingTheHomeGarden.com. Creeping thyme can tolerate the hot summers here in Tennessee very easily. 15 years ago. You wouldn’t want to plant it in a heavily used area. Where are your favourite places to grow thyme … Much the content you find here will be heavily based on those two subject areas but I love getting into garden projects too. It smells a lot like regular culinary Thyme but just not quite as strong. Its edible leaves are used fresh or dried to flavour soups, stews, fish, meat, sausages, stuffings and vegetable dishes. Reaches only 6 to 8 inches in height; in early summer is covered with white flowers How to Propagate Woolly Thyme Ground Cover. All I need to do is trim the area around the stepping stone then separate the rooted stems of thyme into individual pots or into new areas of the garden to cover. Blooming profusely from early to mid summer, it features clusters of tiny, deep pink-purplish flowers. Creeping thyme grows well in USDA hardy zones 4-9. Thyme plants can handle deep freezing conditions and are tolerant of drought. Water often to maintain moist soil conditions. It has tutorials on various propagation techniques and goes through how many plants can be propagated successfully. If you love the smell of fresh herbs and want an easy-to-care-for plant in your garden, creeping thyme may be the perfect choice. Scatter creeping thyme seeds -- which are available at nurseries or gathered from dried seed heads -- over top of moist, well-draining soil. It might do OK around your birds but I don't how they might take to it. I’m growing culinary thyme (Thymus vulgaris) in my front yard garden, and am replacing the lawn with ornamental creeping thyme (Thymus pulegioides). Insert the cutting in a small pot filled with moist, coarse sand, or a good, quality potting mix. Using stem cuttings is one of the best ways to propagate your tropical hibiscus, simply because it’s efficient, and once it is firmly rooted, you won’t have to wait up to 18 months to see the effects. That’s a good place to take a cutting from. (Lawnmower Preparation Time !). Gardening Videos on Youtube by Growing The Home Garden, Garden Resources for Growing The Home Garden, Designing a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Layout (11 Tips for a Great Garden Design), The Best Materials for Raised Bed Gardens. Why is propagating creeping thyme so easy? Gently press the thyme cutting into moistened potting soil. How to propagate Creeping Thyme Seed. Thyme can be propagated by dividing or from cuttings or from seeds. You’ve heard the saying “Nature abhors a vacuum”, by keeping the ground covered with a mulch of some kind will prevent weeds from getting what they need to sprout and eliminate any vacuums. Find this amaryllis at Gardener’s Supply Co. These pictures are of culinary thyme, but the process works the same for either type. Use the search bar below to search through the various subject areas for the garden info you are looking for! Why is propagating creeping thyme so easy? She has also written for various online publications. Another excellent way to propagate the plant is by using the hibiscus cuttings. How to harvest Creeping Thyme. Look at the thyme and find a stem node where leaves attach. Your comments are very helpful. Thyme is an ancient herb used in cooking and gardening. Muck Boots can be Great Gifts for Gardeners! I planted three small seedlings of creeping thyme a couple years ago and now it has grown into an evergreen carpet along our stepping stones. A Review of the Greenstalk Vertical Planter, Fall Plant Propagation Updates: How my Summer Cuttings Rooted, How to Propagate Peppers for Overwintering. Creeping thyme or Thymus serpyllum makes a great ground cover that is very easy to grow. Groundcovers are a living mulch. By using this website you consent to cookies. What type of sun exposure does it need? Plant Propagation: The Basics of What you Need to Know to Grow Free Plants for You Home Garden, Designing a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden: 11 Things to Think About. Creeping thyme is one of the many types of thyme available, which is a herb commonly cultivated for culinary use. Thyme plants (Thymus spp.) Container Gardening Vegetables Planting Vegetables Growing Vegetables Vegetable Gardening Flower Gardening Veggies Thyme Plant Creeping Thyme Gardening Thyme is an evergreen perennial, so leaves can be picked fresh all year round. A little taller than creeping thyme, but super easy to propogate. I also love corsican mint for shady areas, and it's easy to propagate the same way, get a pot & make several devisions …. Let’s take a look! Let's take a look! A friend just gave me a patch of creeping thyme and we definitely need groundcover up here on the plateau. Move the pot to a warm area, but not in direct sunlight. I am in the process of smothering my grass this year and will be replacing my former lawn with existing varieties of creeping thyme (elfin and bressingham pink), whitley's … . We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Blooming profusely from early to mid summer, it features clusters of tiny, lavender-pink flowers. Seed Sowing 101: The gardening techniques a gardener needs to know for seedling success! You can also find GrowingTheHomeGarden on YouTube so hop over there and subscribe for a video version! Puns aside, it's easy to propagate thyme from cuttings--whether you’re growing it in your garden, in raised beds, or indoors in pots. Much better. I'd like to use it but it's not in full sun. ), Thank you! The thymus genus is a large group, all of which are perennial plants in moderate climates. Just take a small 2 inch stem of the plant and stick it into your rooting medium. I'm sure you have lots of rock up that way. Make sure to plant creeping thyme 8 to 12 inches apart to allow for proper spreading. It's always fun when I find stems that have self layered, & can poke some in somewhere else.
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