This word list includes only the words most commonly found in genealogical sources. The following is a compiled listing of illnesses and causes of death gleaned from three primary sources. Pastor's Name. Albert Lohma... R. I am looking for people who are able to read old German handwritten Birth/Marriage/Death records/entries. Entries are numbered sequentially as Entry number. much information, but also follow a similar format. Catholic vital records of central Pennsylvania Family History Library . This whole area is full of Damms so I do not know if she is related but I hope to get to that point ;), Kirnbach. Uhr verstorben sei. Paricularly high quality site with both English and German support along with other languages. Baptism Name (Christian Name). German Genealogy Records and Databases on the Internet. I don't think she could have been Gerhard & Michaels sister when they said Magdalena Damm geboren Armbruster. Printing the notice gave the newspaper readers plenty of time to put in a claim if they were owed money by the person leaving. “geboren den_____ des Jahres_____”: “Born on the (day, month) of the year____”. Der Standesbeamte. dan 15th September 1828. hamannsbach (?) Uhr verstorben sei von ___________________________________. Pennsylvania Birth Records. Early Pennsylvania births, 1675-1875 Family History Library . A short handy reference guide with an alphabet, reading tips, and record samples is found here. Mother's name, including maiden name. Latin-English dictionaries are available on each floor of the Family History Library. some key German words. am zwölften Juli des Jahres tausend acht hundert neunzig und zwei [12.07.1892] Nachmittags um ??? [Don't see reference to mother]. So, let's say you know what town your family is from in Germany. USA (1,111,104) > Pennsylvania (62,494) > Pennsylvania Birth Records (892) Statewide Birth Records. Kirnbach. Yes, they should be the godparents. In some regions the families used the same godparents for all their children. they are entered and start over each year. Entries were made I am not looking for translations but someone who can read/transcribe the old handwriting. If you have a few examples I would be willing to give it a try. At least in the case of Michael and his sister, both had the same godparents. I have also uploaded Michael Damm's birth record, The task that awaits is to page through each book for the area to discover other siblings of Michael and Gerhard but it's rough going as I mostly cannot read the script... ;). Go figure. The alphabet is the same an american english except for the 'beta' letter after 's' which stands for a double 's' typically. It was Victoria, not Nik...nia... sheesh. Understanding a German Church Record Entry. Michael's birth record is much easier. Vor dem unterzeichneten Standesbeamten erschien heute, der Persönlichkeit nach bekannt, ___________________ Josef Damm wohnhaft zu Unterharmersbach und zeigte an, daß ___ Josef Damm ___ Bauer. Hi Sean WikiTree does have Language Volunteers that will help with these types of Questions Terry,, Kirnbach. Return to the Main Page, Back to Understanding the Check first if you can do the translation by yourself.It may turn out to that it is not that difficult! Prussian State Archive samples- in German only. She died the 12th of July 1892 at maybe four o'clock. The "geb." & Landscape orientation, Back to Understanding the She wondered why the letter "t" was in the name. Palaeography: reading old handwriting 1500 - 1800 A practical online tutorial. Taufzeugen gegen [not waren]: das bauer Lorenz Kranz aus, dem Kirnbach, u. Viktoria Wörner, des Adlerwirths Benedikt. Mutter Magdalena geb. Most German documents from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were originally handwritten, and reading them is a challenge for modern scholars and researchers. into a pre-formatted book starting in the mid-1800s. Baptism Sponsors. Highly recommended. This child was named Heinrich This was the only record that Sabina had found that mentioned this person's name. den 13ten Sept 1824 morgens 5 Uhr wurde geboren und am selben nachmittag um 3 Uhr getauft. Entry number. Handwritten documents were composed in cursive using a type of script known as blackletter. Palaeography is the study of old handwriting. The records I have looked at are from West Prussia in the area of Marienwerder. If you find a corrections or an addition to the descriptions you wish to add, please note the file name associated, revision level and the book name with the comment and e-mail to Since 1997, we provide reliable on behalf of our client documents, official records and information from Germany and Austria. Church Records Civil Registration Records (birth, marriage and death) Other Records such as emigration lists. This one he was a landowner. Best printed at 800 x 600 resolution I will have a look through the marriage books, to see if I find a marriage. Symbols, Abbreviations and Words Used in German Church Records. Understanding a German Church Record Entry German Church records are usually well organized and can give a lot of information about a person. This is the old German Scripth alphabet. The key to reading Old German Script is developing the ability to write it … Zall (?) Marriage Records (County of Berks) - You will receive a copy of the actual marriage listing: Name, age, address, birth date, birthplace, occupation, and previous marriage information for each applicant; Name, residence, occupation, and birthplace of each applicant's parents; Date and place of marriage including name, title and address of officiant While deciphering old handwriting can feel like solving an incredibly difficult puzzle, the letters themselves often provide nice little clues for us. Im Jahr achtzehnhundert acht und zwanzig den 14ten. Previous to that the format For many of us we put off working on our German ancestors because we are afraid of having to read the Old German script, chicken scratch we say! German Scriptwriting training on line including script examples. The year was usually … Ehelich or Unehelich (legitimate or illegitimate birth). Most are from digitised Birth/Marriage/Death records at the Freiburg Archives. (Februar 16). A friend came round for dinner tonight and we came up with this for Magdalena Damm geb. Wilhelm. The script is Sütterlin This is the text we came up with: Unterharmersbach am 13ten Juli 1892 1. A list of given names with handwritten examples from records is found here: German given names handwriting exa… This old handwriting puzzle was presented to many experts in the genealogical field over a period of 4-5 years. Perhaps a great aunt can fish an old family Bible out of an attic trunk. Identify letters by the clues they offer. The more you practice reading these old records, the easier it gets. This web tutorial will help you learn to read the handwriting found in documents written in English between 1500 and 1800. Joseph Damm Tagelöhner aus der Kirnbach und der Franziska Gemeiner ehelich kind. Our goal in this tutorial is to help you overcome this challenge. Michael Damm ??? Church Records. parents name is hard to read, you may find the same name here if a relative See how they can help your German family history. dont get too excited. Need help reading or translating German genealogical documents? Hi Jillaine, I had already had his parent's birth record uploaded, it's attached to [[Damm-157|Joseph Damm]]'s profile, now I'll see to his brother Michael's birth record. These were often used in the 19th century to record births, deaths and marriages Or perhaps she will have a yellowing certificate of a birth, christening, marriage or death, or maybe a school, medical or military record. Ah, I see one needs to use html links for comments... okay, I have created a profile for Magdalena Armbruster Damm. this according the church calendar (e.g. was a sponsor. shows "Colon". Volunteers at the LDS Church are in the process of digitizing This will be much simpler. 2. Each letter has an upper case version first followed by a lower case. For examples of old German Gothic handwriting see the PDF file Handwriting Guide: German Gothic. der ledige Taglöhner Joseph Damm wohnhaft zu Unterharmersbach und zeigte an, daß die?? Before the 1940s, most records in German-speaking areas (as well as surname books, newspapers, journals and gazetteers) used a Gothic font called Fraktur. I am looking for people who are able to read old German handwritten Birth/Marriage/Death records/entries. 3. Twenty Tips for Deciphering Old German Handwriting. I don't always get it right, but pretty frequently. Bierenriede. was the same, the pastor simply made the columns. In English and German. Baptism Name (Christian Name). Does it look like Taufzeugen or Taufpate or just Paten? This lists where the parents lived at the time, in this case Reading old German Script ... some suggestions, Need lots of help reading old German script, Help needed reading German script from 1688, Translation request for marriage records in old german script, Help reading a 19th c German death certificate in old handwriting, Old German script translation help please :), Help translating old German script needed, Help reading parts of one 19th c German death record in old handwriting,>, Understanding a German Church Record Entry. 1906-1911 Pennsylvania, Birth Certificates Ancestry . Date of the Baptism. Even if you don't speak or read German, however, you can still make sense of most genealogical documents found in Germany with the understanding of a few key German words.Common English genealogy terms, including record types, events, dates, and relationships are listed here, along with German words with similar meanings, such as words commonly used in Germany to indicate … Okay, now here's my bad. In this case Februar was baptized as (not including family name). This record is from 1902. Germany Service sends you reliable by registered mail your own birth certificate, the birth certificate of your immediate family, your ancestors or your children. ____ Magdalena geb. baptisms for that year. Hi David, if you have a look at the comments under the previous answer, you'll find loads of details. I have done a lot of microfilm reading of the old German longhand. Our highly qualified translators will quickly and accurately translate your birth certificate, and our professional proofreaders will make sure that the translation is flawless and that the document is correctly formatted. 1. Vorgelesen, genehmigt und unterschrieben Help reading birth/marriage/death documents in old German hand-script. Armbruster 63 Jahr alt Catolische Religion, wohnhaft zu Unterharmersbach geboren zu Unterharmersbach ___________ zu Unterharmersbach am zwöften Juli des Jahres tausend acht hundert neunzig und zwei [12.07.1892] _________ um vier??? wohnhaft zu Unterharmersbach Baptism (Birth) Records. Der anzeigende erklärt daß der Sterbefall in seiner Gegenwart statt gefunden habe. Reading Genealogical Records of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Latin Language Essentials The most important thing to look for in Latin words is the root, as it will give you the basic meaning of the word. Jillaine, yes, I do think it's maybe better that you don't speak German as you're not trying to make it out but just reading it... it is like learning a completely different language. Nekla, Posen, Preussen - Evangelische Church Records 1819-1835. Contains over 3,000 individual records. Pennsylvania Birth Index Images 1906-1913 Pennsylvania State Archives Online Records 1. You may have inherited a German document that may … [godparents?] I just scanned the left-hand side of the document (the paper is a strange size (not standard DIN A4) and doesn't fit on my scanner completely.
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