The website Valuable Rare Postcards lists highest prices for paid for postcards monthly. Some have said that lake and mountain cards aren't really in that demand. I have looked at hundreds of ended auctions and haven't really made a correlation here. 1950's 8 Las Vegas Postcards, El Cortez, Flamingo, Golden Nugget, Pioneer Club. Be a Storyteller. I tried to be as generic as possible with my questions. The people who have it easy are the ones with thousands of chinese made phone chargers, batteries etc. I store Real Photos (RPPC) separately, unless they clearly belong somewhere else; such as a Real Photo Easter or Military card (for example). Look for the postmark. 5 Golden Rules for Selling a Country Property. Again, I realize it depends upon the card, but just trying to get a feel. The latest round of fee increases has made me rethink my customary strategy of trying to build as much inventory in my store as possible. Return to blog. 9. Shop for, or design, amazing products today! Yes, eBay has changed a lot and become a very expensive venue for selling most postcards. 5 golden rules of successful selling Key findings: Why listening to the customer is a fundamental ingredient of a closed deal How to effectively diagnose customer paint points to offer them the most relevant offer they couldn’t resist How to enable effective data sharing across the organization thus bridging the gap between It's easy to be buried in fees between listing, final value, pay pal, shipping, shipping supplies, etc. I want to pack them right, but I also want to keep my costs as low as possible for shipping.I am guilty of spending too much for my packing materials. on 27 Jul 2018. Which types of cards tend to be reproduced or 'faked?'. As a buyer, I'll answer a couple of your questions. They enjoy viewing street scenes showing how the street appeared decades earlier. By card type? 10 Golden Rules of Smart Selling Rule 1: Understand selling is an art and a science Sales don’t happen by accident Sales can be planned More sales activity will lead to more sales There is a process to selling To sell effectively you need management and people skills for your business, staff and customers Get quick answers to important questions to get you selling faster and better! I have been buying cards for several years now and not once have I seen a card damaged in shipping. Share best practices, tips, and insights. It's certainly a lot to think about. Greater Manchester13-08-2020 | 09:00 - 15:00. I store all of the rest of my cards by Topic - such as Ethnic, Advertising, Transportation, Military, Comic etc. Professional Appraisal. Please call 01926 499 031 for an appointment in the first instance. i think ebay knows this! Here at Warwick & Warwick, we have a free postcard valuation service. 7. Which categories or types of cards tend to be the most valuable or collectible, i.e. It's labor intensive even with bulk editing but often cards that sat for months will sell as soon as they are relisted. The stamps needed to cover the postage rate were also produced in vast quantities and are still very common. So with that in mind I propose 5 Golden Rules for crafting compelling and engaging book descriptions. If the card is postally used, there is a chance that the value of the postal markings can outstrip the value of the image on the front of the card. I would like to sell these cards to collectors also because judging by this German seller, he or she has been making thousands of dollars in sales on these items. Foreign cards: The average British collection contains very few foreign cards. Reading time: 4 mins Share this post. I just bought a lot of several thousand cards, all before 1980, back through early 1900s. Postcard collectors are roughly divided into 2 camps; Topographical postcards and those depicting social history are by far the most important collecting area in the UK. I've listed cards that someone sold the month before for tons of money, and mine did not sell at all. May 23, 2014 — 4.57pm. I'm trying to determine which cards, even if damaged, still hold value. The value of old postcards is affected by many variable factors, but demand, condition and rarity often have the greatest influence on how much a postcard's worth. The card may also have minor defects (such as album marks, signs of age and handling) but should show little or no discolouration. Such cards are scarce. So, which cards do have value? Five Golden Rules for Selling Your Screen Printing Business. Clearly, this is not only a very subjective view, but also I found it terribly difficult to reduce my initial list of the essential rules of selling to just 12. A close-up of a steam lorry or an early omnibus in a town can be worth £40 to £70. Superb Detail: An art nouveau style postcard from the 'Roma' set by prolific postcard artist Raphael Kirchner (1876-1917). Give support, share information, and connect with fellow members. trains, or golden age cards, etc. There is a new set of rules for effective selling, but they have their roots in old-school tactics. First off, I've been reading member-written seller and buyer guides. Questions to both, buyers and sellers of postcards... **************************************************************************************** 1934 vappleton it was not until early next morning,when the last electrical connection had been repaired that TOM,weary but confident, gav the order: This is an open group. Expand Cart. As you would expect, the condition of an old or antique postcard is an extremely important factor in relation to its worth - just as it is with old coins and stamps. 9. Selling to schools is tougher. I think I'm seeing most people apparently shop by topic, but others have their own interests, just like any hobby I suppose. 5 Golden Rules of Stock Market Investment (a) Never invest more than 10% in a Single Stock: The fear and greed factor play very imp role in this golden rule. What is the least expensive, yet preferred way to pack and ship post cards? I find that hard to believe, but I imagine it probably takes longer to sell depending upon the subject. They just put a single picture of their item, drop it into an envelope and mail it, accruing feedback ratings in the hundreds of thousands with little effort. They enjoy seeing cards of steam trains at the local station, trams on the streets, the local dairyman, the village inn, the postman delivering letters on his round and other such images of social history. I wonder if in your research, you determined not to do so?. But postcards are new to me and it's complicated enough trying to learn the nuances of an eBay store while at the same time dealing with a medium I know little about. In the age of digitally native customers, selling … easy to ship! The 2nd ID strategy is working well at the moment using both BIN and Auctions, depending on what eBay sends in the way of free listings. Only on rare occasions have I listed a card with major damage, perhaps a Real Photo that may be unique and I make a big NOTE of the damage. 6. Which categories or types of cards tend to be the most valuable or collectible, i.e. Please send us an email or call 01926 499031 to book an appointment. For sellers with stores, do you first use auction-style listings and then switch to your store, or do you just plop everyting in your store from day one? I want to pack them right, but I also want to keep my costs as low as possible for shipping. Thank you, Anne. I'm just trying to be as efficient as possible. trains, or golden age cards, etc.Who knows? 4. I have been away from eBay for a while, and things have really changed. They did not even have stores when I was here before, so I thought long and hard about whether or not to open a store. 5. Hannah Miller February 23, 2018. If you plan to keep it, your insurers will know exactly how much to list it for. But if eBay stops the free promotions, I'll simply move them to the other sites. Well, yes and no. 1. Art nouveau and art deco glamour cards by artists such as Alphonse Mucha (pictured in the image above) and Raphael Kirchner (pictured in the image below) can sell for three-figure sums, as long as the condition is good. In viewing your current listings I noticed you don't have any postcards for sale. Would you buy a card that had all four corners torn off? A clean, fresh card on the picture side, it may have writing and/or a postmark on the address side only, which does not detract from its appearance. Used or unused and showing noticeable defects (like handling or wear), it may have slight creasing and minor postal damage but this will not be detrimental to the overall appearance. Classed as a space-filler and worth very little. The same is true for cards emanating from areas where native usage was small, such as some of the Pacific Ocean islands. It's a great place to learn about postcards. Selling to anyone is tough. In fact, whenever I need to research a card, I do a google search for the topic I am looking for in quotes, along with - such as "lacquer" "". The practice of collecting postcards of all types is called "deltiology," and those who collect consider the years from 1900 to 1920 to be the golden years of postcards. I prefer auctions but probably sell more cards through BIN. When should a damaged card just be thrown away? I have seen several methods that include combinations of soft and heavy-duty plastic sleeves, stiff PVC archival sleeves, rigid cardboard mailers, cardstock and craft envelopes. He loves selling postcards and he is excited to go from two hours a night to 12 hours a day work. This may not be a new tactic, but, in today’s competitive marketplace, storytelling has become more relevant than ever. I've greatly enjoyed this discussion and hope this community will stay lively. The more detailed or 'animated' a card is, the more a collector will want it for their collection and the more valuable it will be. Thank you again for your lengthy reply and suggestions. And also, who are the one or two ebay sellers that immediately come to mind. To close a deal, sales reps need to uphold to the golden rules of successful selling: As for International cards, a lot of dealers don't want to have anything to do with them, but I find that recently demand for them has grown a bit. 3. But, I have been collecting and selling postcards for over 10 years, so I know a little bit. Building a first-class sales team is neither easy nor cheap — just ask the dozens of local startups that have folded or cut their sales teams over the last year. Here is where I am perplexed: The eBay rules do not appear to have been changed to reflect a change in the policy either here in the US or in Germany allowing the sale of Nazi postcards. Feedback policies. I am going to run the postcards twice, and if they don't sell, I will let them sit in Good Till Cancelled (Buy it Now) for a while and see what happens. For buyers and sellers: When you acquire a huge stash of unsorted cards, what system do you use to separate your cards as you go through them... by location? Age is one factor, but there are many other things that add to a card's collectability. I guess the common thing I'm starting to hear from sellers with stores is that they prefer to start their item out in an auction listing once or twice and if it doesn't sell, raise the price slightly and stick it in a store, rotating it every now and then. A postcard in this condition may be worth 40-50% less than one which is classed as being in Excellent condition. One difference is that I have been ending my GTC listings in my store. When evaluating a newly acquired mixture of postcards, which cards tend to have the least value or interest among collectors? That being said, even after reading some of the sellers guides, and the fact that I'm new to postcards in general, I have some questions that I hope some of you might be willing to take time to answer. 6. Thank you for your time. That being said, I am just looking for advice to save as much time as possible. Just trying to see what strategies people use to try and streamline the process since it takes so much time to deal with postcards. But the majority of subject cards do not achieve the intense interest attached to top of the range topographicals. Selling is 60 percent listening and 40 percent talking. Some of the old cards I have were obviously torn out of a scrapbook that had photo corners. Size also helps as cards larger than 5" x 3" were only popular in this country from the 1960s onwards. Marketing 4 Golden Rules Of Marketing That Will Never Change Forget about following trends. Back in 2004, I made over $3000.00 selling a small batch of cards on eBay. I really appreciate it. Here they are in order of importance. As new, unposted and in a pristine state, without bends, creases, writing or postmarks. By era? Note any special details on the postmark that makes it different from a regular mark. Why listening to the customer is a fundamental ingredient of a closed deal. If you suspect your card or your postcard collection carries a lot of value, it's always a good idea to have it professionally appraised. If you acquire a damaged card, it may have little commercial value and is best thought of as a space-filler. 4. I just joined the Postcard Collectors Group and your post immediately caught my attention. I've also sold cards for tons of money that I almost did not list, because someone had just listed the same card and it did not sell. Collecting vintage postcards is a fastinating hobby and some postcards can be quite valuable. But, it just looks so good. Member behaviour policies However, vintage Christmas postcards from other eras are also charming and valuable. I also wanted people to be able to search through my items. No listing assistants... all auctions were kept track of on a clipboard and possibly a spreadsheet. I ship my cards in a soft sleeve - inside of a hard rigid toploader - inside of a clay-coated no bend mailer with a pull tab. 2. 1. Many British collections contain cards sent home from British troops serving in France and Belgium during the First World War, but these cards are common and rarely have much value. Otherwise, still a clean and perfect card. The majority of antique items I have sold required sometimes hours of prep in terms of cleanup, photos, research and proper descriptions. Would a person who collects train topicals, for example, buy foreign cards with trains as well, or if they collect American cards would they generally stick to American cards only? I also realize some will have different perspectives. I personally, intend to start everything as auctions, because I'm old school eBay, and I love auctions. My how things have changed. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. I have my favourite styles, but I collect all within my one topic, used and unused. greetings! In my own opinion many of the International cards are some of the most beautiful I've seen.However from a business point of view, I generally list them on eBay during free promotions and list them more permanently on other sites. I have also been an eBay seller since the mid 1990s, and boy have things changed. I realize no one can answer all the question, buyers should be able to answer some, and sellers others. I have seen several methods that include combinations of soft and heavy-duty plastic sleeves, stiff PVC archival sleeves, rigid cardboard mailers, cardstock and craft envelopes. It cost around .60 per card. When it comes to damaged cards, if the card is good and the damage minimal I simply try to point out the faults in the listing. Top Line Postcard Soft Sleeves- 3 11/16 X 5 3/4 -- 1000ct. You just have to find the right venue. Which categories or types of cards tend to be the most valuable or collectible, i.e. It may be postally used or unused, but the corners of the card are square, not rounded or blunt. If you do need assistance after reading this guide, please do not hesitate to contact our experts, who will be happy to provide their assistance free of charge. Subject postcards: Collectors display an interest in a wide range of subjects - including animals, children, comics, shipping, novelty, railways and glamour. I will certainly check out the website and resources you mentioned. 5 golden rules for selling to schools. I've received cards in bubble envelopes and stiff cardboard mailers as well. Sales effectiveness. Some sellers say there isn't much interest in International cards so they don't bother. Highest volume sellers with best ratings get their items higher in search results so it's a matter of working the system. How to effectively diagnose customer pain points to … It's certainly been a love and hate relationship over the years since Ebay hawked its first Beanie Babies. I think many of your questions are pretty common to both collectors, and sellers. Generally, the answer is 'no' because postcard mailing from most countries was prolific. Old postcards may be valuable because of their postmark. I'll number them to make it easy. The problem is trying to navigate the purposely confusing (seems like it anyway) moving target of fee schedule while trying to shoot in the dark and figure out how my stuff will end up in the search results.
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