It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at Fender Squier Bronco Bass est une basse électrique à 4 cordes avec corps en Agathis, manche en érable, touche en érable et 1 micro à simple bobinage. She plays in her HS Jazz band and loves it. The Squier® Bronco™ Bass is ideal for guitarists who occasionally need a bass, younger beginners, players with smaller hands or anyone who prefers the feel of a short scale (30") bass. Sterling by Music Man StingRay Bass Ray35QM Demo, Beginner bass lessons for those who hate music theory. Use the ruler in the scan to check that you print it out at full size. Now it is solid. I have smaller hands and after two surgeries to my fretting hand my Fender P-Bass sometimes left my hand sore. Les meilleures offres pour Squier Bronco BASS pickguard/Scratchplate: diverses couleurs: 1 3 & 4 plis sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et … The Squier series is Fender’s line of lower-priced instruments aimed at younger bass players or anyone on a tight budget. for fastest & most accurate service, just send us your original guard to duplicate — it will be returned with the new one. note: these pickguards all look the same at first; on closer examination, the screw hole & control hole locations vary, along with slight shape differences. They don’t anymore. Fit the new pickup and solder the two new wires. Squier - Bronco Bass (Torino Red) Réf 310902558 Basse Electrique Squier série BRONCO BASS; Squier - Classic Vibe 60s Jazz Bass 3 Color Sunburst La gamme Classic Vibe propose des guitares reprenant les standards des annnées 50,60 et 70's. The bass is crafted in Indonesia, and in the past, Squier has been criticized for some quality control issues. May just be a grounding issue. That headstock was a turn off for me. And the neck is amazing. In the latter half of the video, the owner of the bass explains that he bought the bass that way and didn’t do the mod himself…. 2. Awesome and easy to do. Squier by Fender Bronco Bass, Black with Maple Fingerboard. Recently bought a red Bronco. Please wait while we search for any available online dealers. your own Pins on Pinterest I a couple of Mustang PJs, not a Bronco, but I totally get it. Great deals on Bronco Bass. How are ratings calculated? I swapped bridges on it and put on flats. pg 1606: squier bronco bass made in indonesia, 11 screws. Squier Fender Bronco Bass is a very popular option at the bottom of the price range. Kept the tuners since it has always stayed in tune. I almost bought one of these to mod but went with the short scale jaguar bass instead! I have one of these, bought it for my kid years ago. All positive reviews › P. Blecha. Modded a black one for my (petite) niece (Fender threaded saddle bridge/Seymour Duncan pu/Fender small-plate clover tuners/THX tone pot/D’Addario strings/white strat knobs) and a decent set-up/intonation. Someone did. 221.00 € / Affinity Series basses represent the best value in solid-body electric bass guitar design. Made in Indonesia in 2014, per serial number on back of bass. Replacing the Bronco Bass Pickup. I put a lipstick pickup and added a black on white pickguard. Contact your local dealer for operating hours. Accordage aisé, son riche et plein, on apprécie particulièrement le manche érable. Great deals on Squier Bass Guitar Parts. The Bronco Bass features several player-friendly refinements such as a thin and lightweight body, an easy-playing 30” short scale length and sealed die-cast tuning machines for smooth, accurate tuning. It is ridiculously easy to mod a Bronco Bass. Squier Bronco bass, black with white pickguard. The specially designed single-coil pickup on the Bronco Bass is full and rich-sounding. Please choose your region below, Short Scale Length, Dot Position Inlays, Knurled Chrome Dome Control Knobs. Plays great, sounds great, super inexpensive. All Rights Reserved. I’m not really interested in modding the electronics. It was a screamer!!! 4,5 sur 5 étoiles. I understand that my information will be shared with the dealer and may be used by the dealer to facilitate this contact. DISC Squier By Fender Affinity Bronco Bass, Black - Nearly New - Le Squier Bronco Bass est idéal pour les guitaristes qui ont occasionnellement besoin d'une basse, pour les plus jeunes débutants, pour les joueurs plus petits ou pour ceux qui aiment la sensation d'une basse du diapason Court (30 pouces). Free shipping, even. Great low end thump. Want to Find Out if This Will Work with Your Bass. White 1 ply (2.2mm thick). A superb gateway into the time-honored Fender® family, the Squier® Affinity Series™ Bronco™ Bass delivers legendary design and quintessential tone for today’s aspiring bassist. Note: We would be happy to feature a modded Bronco Bass as a Bass of the Week. I had always liked the Ibanez necks and after playing the Mikro I am having fun again with some of the movements that caused pain in the past. Runs on D’Addario ProSteels Round Wound Fast & Free shipping on many items! Whoever gets featured with their modded Bronco Bass would be the first one, so you would have bragging rights. Classic Construction. I agree with you completely. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Totally brought the bass up to par. I had my tech install a 70’s DiMarzio X2N guitar humbucker in a 2004 Mustang bass. 2007 Black changed all Electronics CTS pots, new wiring switchcraft Jack & a Jess Loureiro Hand wound 60’s PBass pickup, fits standard Pickguard. The Squier Bronco Bass is a short scale beginner or budget bass. Fender®-Squier® Brands Electric Instrument 2-Year Limited Warranty, Squier® Electric Bass Guitar Owner's Manual, Slim and comfortable “C”-shaped neck profile. Shape and mounting screw-hole pattern to fit Squier Bronco Bass. The Squier Affinity Series J Bass features a Rosewood Fingerboard, two single-coil Jazz Bass pickups and a top-load bridge. That bass is really fun! I really would like to find a red pickup cover and some w/r/w pickguard stock. I did this mod with a Seymour Duncan pickup and I can’t get the tone know to work any help would be appreciated. With the Strat pickup to choose from the options are endless for tone and modding. In the latter half of the video, the owner of the bass explains that he bought the bass that way and didn’t do the mod himself… …but does explain a few interesting points about the Bronco Bass. Even bigger sound on this Bronco. No hum, hiss, or static from pickup or volume or tone pot. Looking for a red pickup cover. La finition est satisfaisante pour une basse de ce prix là. That said needed to change pickguard to fit double pickup so had Greasy Groove in NB Questions et réponses des clients Voir les questions et réponses. I put a GFS LiL Killer Bridge pickup in mine and had LaBella clear tapewounds on it. Squier pickup has been replaced with a Seymour Duncan Cool Rails pickup. Great tuning stability, versatile tone and easy playability make this instrument a great first bass or addition to your stable of instruments. Commentaires client. Re the Mikro — I pulled the frets on mine to make it a short-scale fretless, and it’s been terrific. They are actually a very nice bass for the money. All online dealers listed here will have the specified product in stock, ready for purchase. Yes, please have a dealer in my area contact me using the information I have submitted. I recently picked up an Ibanez Mikro abd have to say that I am super happy with it. Made in China and only cost $115. Be the first to know about new products, featured content, exclusive offers and giveaways. The Bronco Bass features several player-friendly refinements such as a thin and lightweight body, an easy-playing 30” short scale length and sealed die-cast tuning machines for smooth, accurate tuning. Can you send me a pick or two of the wiring from the pickups to the pots? Very nice tone, much like yours and it became my favorite bass. There isn’t anything magical going on, underneath the plastic cover is a simple single-coil which is most likely repurposed from an electric guitar. Below is a video of a modded Squier Bronco Bass. Sounds good. Below is a video of a modded Squier Bronco Bass. I selected the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails bridge pickup, which set me back $75.
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