Janja may be forward but his posture and interaction means he's sincere and caring. As cub he was the same but his nose be like his parents' and his sister's,and get the Mark of the Lion Guard in his shoulder. Shortly after her birth, Kiara was presented in a magnificent and joyous ceremony to see all the animals gathered at Pride Rock as their future queen and ruler. This lemon was requested by STR2D3PO from fanfiction.net who also provided a few suggestions for the story's plot.KionXKiara Part 1Kiara trudged heavily along the tall grass of the zebra grazing grounds, her ears folded behind and her tail between her legs. Do not trace, copy/reference to the point of it looking traced or the scene near identical, base, write fanfiction, or reupload my work anywhere, I probably wont' give you permission so please do not ask. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. You are truly crafty! I like the theory of Zuri being Scar's daughter, they have similarities in both looks and personalities. ... Kion yelled and his parents were surprised at his outburst. Fuli is really jealous of Kion and tiifu she loves kion and tries to steal him away from tiifu meanwhile tiffu and lion are always together but not when kion is doing his lion guard duties yes Kion is older well a grown lion sadly kiara and kion's parents passed away Timon and Pumbaa soon arrive, ready to help pry Zuri's claws out of the log, but Bunga interrupts and knocks Zuri to the ground, where she uncovers a lair of bugs. Nice Tiifu fits as Mheetu's cub . "Dad wants to see you", said Kiar. She is the main female protagonist of the "Star and Lion Guard Adventures" series and is the best friend of the male protagonist, Kion.. Said Kion. What do you think? Tama's design I kept the same as the comic one. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Kion is a male lion who are live in the Pride Lands.. Initially, Simba was against informing his son about his destiny as he is still a cub, however, he agreed after Nala and Rafiki explain… Directed by Howy Parkins, Tom De Rosier. Tiifu looked sad and Zuri looked mad. Don't be a hoe. Her eyes are a distinct blue, and just underneath each of her eyes is a small pale brown marking. Because she has no first-hand knowledge, she is far more accepting of them tha… Tiifu is a cream coloured lioness with a small tuft of fur sticking up from her head. Who Are Tiifu & Zuri's Parents? After being threatened by Scar's attacks, Queen Dhahabu asks Fuli, Tiifu and Zuri to become her permanent personal guards. Lol I just really liked the idea. Tiifu and Zuri cower in the midst of a jackal attack. Because Beren was so young, she grew up believing to be related to the two lionesses. "You are going to treat her like your wife and that's final" Simba growled. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Appearance. I agree right when I saw Tiffu I was like defiantly meethus daughter! 1 Family 1.1 Simba 1.2 Nala 1.3 Kion 1.4 Mufasa 1.5 Scar 2 Romances 2.1 Kovu 3 Friends 3.1 Tiifu 3.2 Zuri 3.3 Timon 3.4 Pumbaa 4 Acquaintances 4.1 Rafiki 4.2 Zazu 4.3 Vitani Despite their mutual affection for each other, Kiara initially had a strained relationship with her father, Simba due to his overprotective nature. Ducky's Parents - Pongo and Perdita (101 Dalmatians; 1961) The Land Before Time VII The Stone of Cold Fire trailer ... An American Tail) Pterano - Ono (The Lion Guard) Rinkus and Sierra - Goigoi and Reirei (The Lion Guard) Rainbow Faces - Tiifu and Zuri (The Lion Guard) Gallery: Young Bagheera as Littlefoot. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. As infant he was have pink "Outlander" nose and orange eyes,and his pelt was orange. During the fight, Tiifu and Zuri cower behind Dhahabu, while Raha and Starehe fiercely fight off their queen's attackers. On each ear is a pale marking in the shape of an oval. Tiifu is a lioness who is currently living under Kiara's regin and is the daughter of Leo and Tama, the mate of Kion, the sister-in-law of Kiara, Kovu, Kopa, and Vitani, the aunt of Petali, Kono, Chatatu, Dunia and Kidole and also the mother of Haki. I'm doing a one shot Possession of Kion. I decided to sketch up a design to see if it could work and I think it goes pretty well ^^ Mheetu here is Sarafina and Scar's son, his colours based on that. I love the smoke it's a nice touch without really putting scar in there. Since the moment Tiifu appeared I thought she would fit right into Nala's family. "Hi kiara, Tiifu, and zuri." Her stomach, muzzle, and paws are a pale cream. Zuri is the third lioness in The Lion King films to have blue eyes. Chungu is a big softie, emphasis on both. Zuri is a tawny-orange lioness with paler orange chest fur. Great work. Simba and Kion have a close and affectionate father-son relationship, he loves his father immensely and will do anything to make his father happy, Simba also loves his son dearly. Together with Raha and Starehe, the Lion Guard rushes to the rescue and fights off the pack. She later tells Simba about Kion putting Bunga in The Lion Guard and proves this to him when Zazu leads them and Tiifu to Kion, Bunga, Beshte, Fuli, and Ono. Thanks. Kiara along with Kion, Tiffu, Zuri, Timon and Pumbaa, listens to Bunga singing "Zuka Zama". Omg..I can't be the one that also thought that Zuri could maybe be Tojo's babeh, and on my headcanon she is..with a character of mine (she's Nala's cousin) nice picture :3. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. I decided to sketch up a design to see if it could work and I think it goes pretty well ^^ Mheetu here is Sarafina and Scar's son, his colours based on that. In my verse she is also a relative of Scar.
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