Relevance. Please list Seafood Recipes. 6 ginger snaps. I haven't had a hard shell for sometime. 0 1. 2 medium onions. The turtle meat itself isn't particularly distinctive. Cut turtle meat into 1-inch pieces, cleaning away any tendons or fat. And that "mock turtle soup" would be a sherry type of soup. The texture of the nest is soft like jelly, but it doesn’t have much taste. Delicious, like a cross between chicken soup and beef soup. 3 lemons (rind and all) 40 oz. Answer Save. Anonymous. When does turtle soup date back to? I would probably say 325 years. Kicking off these Try Before You Die Dishes of New Orleans, James Beard Award winning chef Tory McPhail explains why the turtle soup au sherry at Commander's Palace is the stuff of legend. It makes a great soup. Favorite Answer. Their indigenous to Louisiana, and really all over the United States. 3 carrots. 3 T. pickling spices. It definetely does not taste like Chicken. I think it's kind of fishy, … That final splash of sherry added tableside enhances the nutty notes and adds a lifting hit of acidity and refinement. It has a strong flavor, but It's hard to describe. The taste is not what keeps locals coming back each day for this soup, but it is the benefits that attract the Chinese. It's definitely more like meat than fish though. * In a large Dutch oven, add olive oil, and heat over medium heat. Grind meat with a grinder fitted with a small die. 4 Answers. But I find the explanation of what turtle meat tastes like interesting because I have also read that almost everything tastes like chicken - alligator tastes like chicken and frog tastes like chicken so I had always assumed that turtle would taste like chicken. 1 decade ago. If the soup is consumed regularly, it is believed to help maintain youth … catsup. The SOftshell is kind of disgusting to eat. what does turtle soup taste like? 2 quarts water. Imagine a pork soup with pumpkin pie spice added to it, that's about right. It's soft and gooeey and has alot of fat. 3 sticks celery. Worthmore’s turtle soup has a visual resemblance to Cincinnati-style chili — and any other brown, thin, meat-based soup — but the flavor of mock turtle soup is pretty unique. It's my 21st birthday and I want to try the best around. 3 lbs ground beef, ground turkey, or ground chicken thawed. The soup is hearty with turtle meat, but silky from the long and careful cook. American food means more than burgers and apple pie. What are some reallly reallly food Seafood Recipes for at home cooking? Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, it also unequivocally meant turtle. Today green sea turtles, like all other species of sea turtles, are federally protected under the Endangered Species Act. The recipe: Mock Turtle Soup. Turtle soup usually has a variety of spices, including clove, added to it and the spices usually dominate.
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