They have both turned to each other countless times since meeting in the first book. Keeper Of The Lost Cities RP And Chat Marella Redek Fanclub! Though Sophie has not formally admitted that she likes Keefe, she has shown signs, such as her heart "switching to hummingbird pace" whenever they are close. Marella asked, joining their group just in time to block Stina’s path. Tam also hints that he does not like Sophie in this way and that he likes Biana. Marella may have possibly liked Tam (in a romantic way) the first time that she saw him. During the Tribunal Sophie was sorry for her actions and she is adopted by Grady and Edaline once again, and the book ends with the narrator saying, "Sophie Foster was going home.". Ellie was waiting, sitting on an elaborate sofa. In the blink of an eye, Sophie is forced to leave behind everything and start a new life in a place that is vastly different from her own. Keefe and Sophie first meet in the middle of Book One, but they start to really get close in Exile when they are forced to fly across the ocean on Silveny to meet the Black Swan so they can reset Sophie's abilities. This is the beginning of a crush that lasts the entire series. However, there are several instances that suggest that Tam was interested in Sophie or her personality, particularly in Lodestar, despite Linh claiming he "likes brunettes". Keefe wrote a poem called the Ballad of Bo and Ro, which is unknown. Sophie is listening to her iPod during a field trip, and her teacher, Mr. Sweeney, calls on her to explain what they were talking about. Project In Nightfall, he prepares a lot of sweet treats and presents for her, and Sophie comforts him. When Exillium came to the Lost Cities, she "shot him her flirtiest smile," and flips her hair. So far, the events of Legacy have gone by, in case you where wondering about the time frame. English Version Fitz's eyes. First Met Book Cover Her life is good, but things quickly become strange—and a bit dangerous. Exile, Neverseen, Nightfall, Legacy Author Under the Panakes tree, in Lodestar, there is a reason to believe that Fitz tried to kiss Sophie when he told her to, "Skip the talking" although they are interrupted by Keefe. Sophie always has fluttery feelings or blushes around him. The class continues on their field trip. none As of Legacy, Keefe and Sophie will remain close friends. She’s a Telepath—someone who hears the thoughts of everyone around her. In Nightfall, when Wylie agreed to help distract Neverseen, he glanced at Linh first. Please don't post anything inappropriate and don't post anything that is off-topic or a manager will have to remove you from this studio Comment if you love KotLC and want to join! Biana ♥ Linh and Biana ♥ Linh ♥ Dex ♥ Fitz ♥ Tam ♥ Keefe and Fitz ♥ Jensi ♥ Keefe ♥ Marella ♥ Valin, Pairings with Fitzroy Avery Vacker (a.k.a. Keeper of the Lost Cities- Match Making Fanfiction When Dex, Biana, Jensi,Marella, Fitz, Keefe, Aviana and Sophie get their Match Makers List, it will either pull them apart or together and they will either make friends or lose friends. The first friend in her new life. Also having some people disliking her like Stina Hek, She also takes in an imp as a pet and names him Iggy. Rules:-Characters aren't Status Fitz then takes her to the Lost Cities, the cities of the elves, and Sophie is forced to leave the human world. Dexphie is a mix of Dex and Sophie and was possibly a love match.
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