Of course, it’s too early to tell if the FX9 will actually replace the FS7 and FS7 MKII, or merely provide a full-frame 6K-resolution alternative to these two S35 cameras in the Sony lineup. FX9 is the world’s first professional camcorder with Sony’s world-leading eye-tracking technology. When shooting surfers at a distance on a bright day, the ability to easily narrow the wider FF FOV to a S35 FOV helped me maximize the focal length of the FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 G OSS zoom for a bit of extra reach. The autofocus struggles for instance with a dark face and bright background or when there are many faces in the frame. The advantage of this is a much more sturdy and secure lens-body connection, but you have to put your camera down to change the lens if you are doing it alone. The Sony PXW-FX9 is a very intelligently updated version of the FS7 MKII. This data can then be used with a Catalyst Browser to stabilize the footage during post-production. 15 Stops Of Dynamic Range: In real-world shooting, most of us are satisfied with cameras that can record 12 stops of DR and up. The Camera for news and journalists? It’s a tug of war between the $3,500 a7S III and the $11,000 FX9. However, I look at this issue a little differently and like what Sony has done with RAW and the FX9. Before the Sony FX9, the fly-by-wire build of the 28-135mm was slightly lens responsive than I usually enjoy in a lens. But on the FX9, you’ll find a new gamma and look called S-Cinetone, which is straight out of camera, and its color that is supposedly profiled to resemble the color science from the Sony Venice, which produces very nice, accurate, flattering skin tones. So you’ll have to switch to S35 FOV to obtain 4K 60p recording. If you want to capture RAW video, you may be disappointed to learn that the FX9 doesn’t (and probably never will) have the ability to record RAW internally. For higher frame rates it is necessary to switch into a Super35 mode. many of those also allow a small BP-U battery to be inserted to the camera at the same time to provide for a hot-swap ability. Autofocus: The FX9’s AF was exceptional when tracking faces in interviews. The FX6 uses Sony’s E-mount for attaching lenses, making it compatible with more than 50 native lenses and countless dozens third-party lenses. There’s a possibility that it might in the future, but it’s uncertain if Sony will ever offer an upgrade for the FX9 to capture 6K resolution video. Face Priority AF will focus on the subject’s face, but when there are no faces in the frame, it will refocus on the background. It’s generally how I can tell how these cameras behave on real-world shoots in paying, high pressure, one-take situations. It is an innovative professional camera with numerous innovations in multiple fields. Philip uses the Zacuto Top Plate. Dual Base ISO. EF locking (CM-V1) 2. (VENICE dual base ISO 500 and 2500). Many professionals in the film industry only use manual focus, but since the AF became so capable, it is important to take a look at what it can do and what it can’t do. It has a useful quick-setup lever and it can be rotated as well. Here’s why: We needed to achieve a flattering image, but it would have to be a low-light level on the talent, since we needed to project images and footage from her work on various film projects, all from the silent film era, in back of her. Thank you Philip. During an interview or portraiture shoot, you can rely upon Eye AF to capture your subject’s most subtle expressions while you concentrate on the interview and framing. Many of us would like to shoot sports and action using 4K 60p, so it’s good that the FX9 can accommodate this, but I was surprised that Sony couldn’t raise the bar a bit to give us 80-90 fps in 4K S35 mode and 60 fps with the FF sensor. An important note is that the autofocus only works when the camera’s frequency matches the framerate. Thanks Philip! I had a chance to rent the Sony FX9 Full Frame 6K Camera for a few days and test it out. Sony FX9 Review 2020. I positioned myself at the mouth of the harbor, up on a breakwater, where I also photographed pelicans, herons feeding, and boats entering and exiting the harbor. Image credit: Philip Bloom. For slow-motion in 1080p (up to 120fps), you need to change the scanning mode to 2K (full-frame), which scans the sensor in a lower resolution so it degrades the image quality a bit. S-Cinetone And SOOC Colors: In the past, clients have asked me to shoot with the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) colors in mind. The FX9 offers various modes of face tracking autofocus. A big chunk of Philip’s FX9 review, therefore, was dedicated to its autofocus. I did make one discovery while shooting: When you shoot S&Q (slow and quick) frame-rate footage, the FX9 is manual focus only, a challenge when shooting moving subjects at a 400m focal length. With the introduction of their new PXW-FX9 XDCAM, Sony is taking one of their most significant steps towards combining many of their best technical innovations and tools into a single category-defining device. Only then it makes sense to start using it. Until now I thought with a touch of a button job can just shuffle through all faces that are recognized in the screen. The Canon C500 Mark IIis definitely more expensive on paper. In its segment, I think the FX9 is going to be hard to beat for working pros in the corporate, event and reality markets. When Sony launched its new Sony PXW-FX9 camcorder earlier this year, shooters were excited to see a full frame, fast hybrid autofocus, Dual-base-ISO lowlight capable camera starting at $11,000 come to market. Canon sells the following two adapters, both with shim kits: 1. As of today, the FX9 only records in two raster sizes: FHD (1920×1080) and UHD (3840×2160). One of the most noticeable things to improve from the FS7 is the color science straight out of the camera. Venice Version 6.0 firmware, to be released in November, adds the ability to import a new Advanced Rendering Transform (.art) file, including a new “Technicolor-look library,” a second user frame line and expanded high frame rate (HFR) capabilities. The market segment that buys and uses the FS7 and FS7 MKII rarely would ever need RAW recording. Sony, of course, knows a lot about what serious filmmakers need – as proven by the popularity of its FS7 camera that has been a … Sony PXW-FX9 & PXW-FX6 Group for owners & videographers interested in the "Cinema Line" from Sony. With the review unit Sony sent me, they sent an older 28-135mm F4. Like VENICE, the FX9 includes S-Log 3 and S-Gamut 3 Cine but Sony added a new color science called S-Cinetone that's said to have a more accurate color gamut and skin tones for a better cinematic look. If you window the sensor to S35 size, you can shoot up to 59.94 fps, but you have to go down to HD resolution to achieve the camera’s maximum frame rate of 120 fps. If you love the form factor and usability of a real cinema camera for shooting video but have stuck with mirrorless due to the full-frame sensors and advanced AF, then Sony now has the camera for you. What was initially only supposed to be a short camera review shot in November 2019 with the pre-production firmware 0.5, grew into nearly two hours long in-depth review. B4 mou… It allowed me to capture subjects with movement. It makes for a very good and versatile everyday travel camera that easily fits in your pocket. In doing so, they’ve produced an excellent camera with a very capable full-frame 6K sensor package. I used the Sony FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 OSS G telephoto zoom lens, selecting a variety of frame rates and sensor sizes, and even shot some 120 fps footage of the subjects. When you're considering a camera purchase, it's always good to outline what your wants and needs that are specific to your workflow. Canon has the C500 MK II, but it costs $16k, so it’s likely not in the same consideration as the FX6. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX9V is a new travel-zoom compact camera that seemingly offers all of the latest must-have features. The 1080p 120fps footage still looks quite nice according to Philip. It will keep looking for a face and when that again reappears, it will track it and keep it in focus. Thanks! Review of the Sony PMW-200; Sony FS100 and F3 Video Review; Sony NEX-EA50 Review. The Face Registration function can keep the focus on a particular person and not care about the other faces in the frame. But I’ve never been satisfied with the color science of the FS7 and FS7 MKII straight out of camera. it is just the touch of a left or right when you have a yellow cursor one the box, just like any other camera. A 16x 24-384mm Sony G lens, built-in GPS tracking, full 1080p high-definition video with stereo sound, a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor, high-resolution 3-inch screen, manual shooting mode, 10fps continuous shooting, 3D photos, and SD memory card support are all … It is quite expensive and bulky though. Technically speaking, the variable ND was extremely useful, since I could pan on and off the incredibly bright sun and some rock formations surrounding it, and the Variable ND on the FX9 would smoothly ramp up the exposure so I could keep the same f/stop, ISO and shutter speed. One thing Sony tends to do better than many of its competitors in the pro cinema camera market is to read and respond to market segment demand. But like it or not, the digital cinema camera business has turned into a sensor- and raster-size arms race. Shoot Number Three–Interview Day: For our interview with a film restoration artist, we set up shop in the screening room at Post Haste Digital in Los Angeles, which would be a good test of the FX9’s dynamic range. He tested various cameras throughout his career and for the past four months, he has been playing with the Sony FX9. It is all that those cameras offered but now on a state of the art Full Frame sensor with Dual ISO capable of 800 and 4000 depending on the needed use.
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