We’d be missing those precious acids! The alkaline solution neutralizes the natural acidity of the cocoa beans, and it gives the cocoa powder a darker color and a milder, smoother chocolate flavor. It is a darker brown in color, less reddish. If you drink cocoa in the form of hot chocolate, the beverage typically contains a small amount of caffeine. Impact of alkalization on the antioxidant and flavanol content of commercial cocoa powders. = 3/4 cup. (Check out the photos -- it's the one on the left.) Its taste is smoother and less bitter. According to Hershey’s, heavily alkalized cocoa has less than half the ORAC score (a measure of antioxidant activity) of natural cocoa. Meghan De Maria. So, the first question to ask is Should You Be Using Cocoa Powder Processed With Alkali? Using the wrong cocoa can result in a flat cake, bitter soapy flavor, sunken cupcakes, etc. Intensely chocolate, bitter and slightly acidic, the complex quality of natural, unsweetened cocoa powder provides the rich, deep flavor in products such as brownies or devils-food cake. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, How to Substitute Cocoa Powder for Semisweet Chocolate, Substitute for 1 Square of Baking Chocolate. 1 tsp per x grams of cocoa)? Cocoa produced with the Dutch process is called "Dutch-processed cocoa," or "cocoa processed with alkali." Cocoa presents both risks and advantages for pregnant women. Though not necessarily interchangeable, both impart a rich, chocolate flavor to recipes as well as deliver a healthful dose of antioxidants. This is done to make the taste of the end product richer and less acidic. Cocoa processed with alkali, commonly called "dutched" cocoa, is not unsafe, but may offer less health benefit due to a reduction in flavanols. Natural cocoa is slightly less processed, though it is slightly more acidic. But even then you can’t be certain that you’re getting much in the way of the beneficial flavanols. The majority of health care professionals advise against the intake of any caffeine in a pregnancy diet. If you want to continue using cocoa in your coffee, I suggest looking for products that haven’t undergone Dutch processing – that is, they haven’t been treated with an alkali to neutralize cocoa’s natural acidity. This gives the cocoa powder a darker color and a generally smoother flavor. While it’s highly unlikely to occur, cocoa powder can also eventually go rancid. Dutch processed cocoa has a pH of around 7. In a pinch, you can substitute natural cocoa powder if you’re out of Dutch-processed cocoa powder. The recipe likely needs that acid. With Dutch processed cocoa, you lose even more of the health benefits of the raw product. Purdue University: Chocolate, It’s ok, Really! Originally Published: August 22, 2018. Benefits of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder. Because Dutch-processed, natural or a blend of the two cocoas have quite a difference in taste between brands, you may have to experiment to get the flavor you're after. Cocoa is made when the dry remains of cocoa nibs that were pressed to extract the butter are ground into a fine powder. Dutch process means it has been chemically manipulated to reduce acidity! Is cacao good or bad for you? Recipes will usually make it clear what type you should use, but the presence of baking soda in the list of ingredients usually requires that you use natural, unsweetened cocoa. It only contains 6 grams of sugar and four ingredients: cacao beans, cocoa butter, raw … The difference in the pH is the reason why you usually find dutch processed cocoa in recipes that are … Hershey's did, in fact, make a dutched cocoa at one time. The difference is that Dutched cocoa has an extra step in the manufacturing process. His credits include novels under the Dell imprint and for Harlequin Worldwide. Since Dutch processed cocoa isn’t acidic, it doesn’t react with alkaline leavening agents like baking soda. Although all cocoa powders can vary in color from light reddish brown to a richer dark brown, the Dutch process gives the powder a noticeably darker hue. The difference between a chocolatey chocolate dessert and a kind-of-chocolatey-but-not-really-hitting-the-spot chocolate dessert is in the cocoa … According to the Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition, natural, unsweetened cocoa powder can deliver up to 90 percent more antioxidants than Dutch-processed. Dutch process cocoa powder is natural cocoa powder that has been alkalized to remove its acidity and make it neutral. See Cocoa Powder. This means raw or minimally-processed cacao is a superfood. * The natural powder is made from cocoa beans solids which are roasted, dried and ground into fine powder. Puddings: You can add raw cocoa powder (not Dutch) to homemade puddings like chia breakfast puddings or rice pudding. The richest chocolate you can get from them is their Dark Blackout bar, which is 85% cocoa. SHort Answer: So no it is not healthy Dutch processed cocoa has a pH of around 7. But the silver label cocoa vanished about the time the Special Dark cocoa powder appeared. When baking, Dutch-process cocoa powder is typically combined with another neutralized ingredient: baking powder. You are absolutely right that alkali-processed “ dutched ” cocoa is not as healthy (See Update on Chocolate for the graph and Healthiest Chocolate Fix for some other chocolate comparisons).
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