Orlov purchased the diamond for a record sum of 1,400,000 florins, equivalent to 400.000 rubles. Throughout her long reign, she took many lovers, often elevating them to high positions for as long as they held her interest, and then pensioning them off with large estates and gifts of serfs. Leonila Galitsine-Bariatinisky died of natural causes in 1918 at 102 years old. The White Orlov was a 180.60 carat white diamond which was passed on to Catherine the Great by her secret lover, Count Grigori Grigorievich Orlov. or Best Offer. They committed a second murder, and the two bodies were placed in a sack and dumped into the Tigris River by night. The Orlov Diamond. socializeit({pack:1,domain:"internetstones.com",share_horizontal_label:"Share this page:",share_sticky_label:"Share",payItText:"",payItExpanded:"",szColor:"#FFFFFF",whatIsThisLabel:"What’s this? Before you get too upset about all these deaths, keep in mind these stories of the Black Orlov are just that, stories. Whitepages is the authority in people search, established in 1997. The diamond undoubtedly originated in the Golconda mines of Southern India, the only source of high quality colorless diamonds in the world prior to the early 18th century. It now has a more modern cushion-like shape. The Black Orlov was recut to its current size of 67.5 carats in the mid-1900s under the ownership of Charles F. Winson. She wears a long and wide ballgown, that is a sky blue colour, reaches to the floor and covers her feet. It seems to be like a gift that one would offer to an esteemed and wished person. Around 1750, the deserter fled to find protection and a buyer with the British army. After demonstrating his sincere attachment to the new found religion, he was able to gain employment within the walls of the temple. Even though the Empress accepted the present, his wishes did not materialize, but the Empress in return gifted him a marble palace at St. Petersburg, in the same spirit of generosity she showered on all her lovers. There are two historical diamonds associated with the name ‘Orlov’ and each has its own complicated history and supernatural legends. It was shown off as a symbol of power and wealth, and since 1768 it has been part of a hat ornament. But yet, if we assume this version to be the correct one, then the Orlov diamond and the Great Mogul diamond , become two separate entities, each having it's own origin, and independent history. A Soviet Gemologist by the name of Alexander E Fersman, who did an extensive study of the Crown Jewels of Russia from a gemological point of view, also concluded that there was no doubt that the Orlov diamond and the Great Mogul Diamond represented one and the same stone. According to recorded history the Babur diamond was known since 1295, when Sultan Ala-ud-din Khalji acquired the stone, but the great Mogul diamond was discovered only in the middle of the 17th century, around 1650. One of the most remarkable features of this ancient temple is the massive hall of a thousand pillars with it's colonnade of rearing horses. The White Orlov was a 180.60 carat white diamond, which was passed on to Catherine the Great by her secret lover, Count Grigori Grigorievich Orlov. Empress Catherine named the diamond after Count Orlov, and got it mounted on the Imperial Scepter, in which setting it is preserved up to this day, among the treasures of the Kremlin Diamond Fund. There is a total of around 180 facets on the diamond, with a slight indentation on one side. set with 90 white diamonds of 24.72 cts including a pear shape white diamond of 1.01 cts and 0.8 cts and 15.80 cts pave set white diamonds - grand total of 41.61 cts white diamonds gia certified 18k white … Legend has it that the Black Orlov, also known as the "Eye of Brahma" was an uncut black stone of 195 carats, pried out of the eye of the statute of the sacred Hindu God Brahma, from a temple in Southern India. The temple built on the site of an older temple during the Vijayanagar period (1336-1565), is composed of seven rectangular enclosures, one within the other. The Afghan soldier instead of returning home after the sale, went on a spending spree in the city of Baghdad, and in the middle of his revelry in the city, he met Shaffras for the second time, who was determined to purchase the jewels he showed him previously, at Bassorah. While living in this area, he learnt from the local people, about the famous temple, and the celebrated idol of Lord Ranganatha, whose eyes were made up of two large priceless diamonds. The diamond was part of the loot carried away by the conqueror Nadir Shah of Iran in 1739, after the sacking of Delhi and Agra, which also included other famous diamonds such as the Koh-i-Nur, the Darya-i-Nur, and the Peacock Throne of Shah Jahaan. The white Orlov is now part of the Diamond Fund of the Moscow Kremlin. In 1772, Orlov ceased to be Catherine's lover, and she took Grigori Alexandrovich Potemkin as her new lover in place of Orlov. Thus the stories of alleged murders committed by Shaffras does not hold ground. Srirangam is a town in east-central Tamil Nadu State, situated on an island formed by the bifurcation of the Cauvery River, about 3.2 Km north of Tiruchirapalli City. But, the Russian authorities have brought to light records which indicate that around 1768 the Orlov diamond had indeed passed into the hands of an individual named Shaffras, from whom Count Orlov purchased the diamond. Aurangzeb entrusted the cutting of the Great Mogul to an Italian cutter, Hortensio Borgio, who eventually turned out an Indian rose-cut diamond having the shape of half a pigeon's egg and weighing only 279 carats. Open FREE Unlimited Store                   Join Our Newsletter. In fact, Winson was the first authenticated owner of the Black Orlov. So far the Frenchman's plan had worked out successfully, without arousing anybody's suspicion. The gemstone is a multi-faceted dome shape. … This way of removal from the temple is supposedly what caused the curse upon any owner of the diamond. The following are several. Here is a stunning K color Oval diamond in a yellow gold solitaire setting. In the spirit of the spookiest month of the year, we are running a series of articles exploring the world’s most cursed diamonds. No Christian was ever allowed past the fourth enclosure. Note : This ring is made to order. Black Orlov is a 67.50 carat, cushion-cut diamond. Model #G10 SB36B. Both diamonds were said to have been stolen from the eye of an Indian idol, but only one of them has been involved in multiple suicides…. You are welcome to discuss this post/related topics with Dr Shihaan and other experts from around the world in our, pin.internetstones.com- Social Pinboard- Sart yours & connect with millions, Invite Friends From Yahoo, Gmail etc-One Click. Catherine thus became the Empress consort of Russia. The third similarity is the existence of a slight indentation at the base of the Orlov, which seems to correspond with the slight "crack and flaw"at the bottom of the Great Mogul, as described by Tavernier. The narrator may have used his discretion to bring in unsubstantiated events into the story to make his narrative more interesting. The white Orlov is now part of the Diamond Fund of the Moscow Kremlin. Thought to have been mined in India, it was notably owned by Polish royalty in the 1700s. This famous cursed diamond is believed to have originated in India and brought to the west by thievery. In 2012, after moving to LA to expand her opportunities in the entertainment industry, White started to obtain national recognition when she placeD 5th in that year’s season of the singing competition, The X Factor. Instead Catherine bestowed him with many gifts including a marble palace in St, Petersburg. The White Orlov diamond has a rich and varied history, much of which is shrouded in legend. She had her royal jewelers create a scepter which prominently featured the Orlov diamond. Lord Francis Hope fell into bankruptcy and was … Photos are not to scale. There are many myths surrounding the Orlov’s origin and history. But, this discrepancy experts believe, has more to do with errors committed by Tavernier in recording the accurate weights of the diamond as he did for the Great Table Diamond, than an actual difference in the weights of the two diamonds. Compare; Find My Store. A diamond’s carat refers to the weight, not size of a diamond. But, negotiations did not make any headway, as the price quoted by Shaffras was considered to be too exorbitant, and he was not willing for a downward revision of his price. In 1759, he escorted a Prussian prisoner of war to St. Petersburg, and was introduced to the Grand Duke Peter and his wife, Catherine. The Orlov Diamond in the Imperial Sceptor. While the Great Mogul weighed approximately 280 carats, as recorded by Tavernier, the weight of the Orlov diamond is almost 90 carats less than the Great Moghul at 189.62 carats. Shaffrass, an Iranian millionaire who then owned the diamond, found an eager buyer in Count Grigory Grigorievich Orlov. She has a pale complexion and green eyes. Its journey started in India, where it was said to have be an eye in a statue of the Hindu deity Brahma (hence the alternative name “The Eye of Brahma”). From India. He gradually cultivated the confidence of the unsuspecting high priests of the temple, and as a frequent worshipper was allowed free access to the inner shrine of the temple, because of his apparent veneration for the deity situated therein. stories about the diamond’s history. $104.99. Secondly, both diamonds are high-crowned rose-cut stones, with similar pattern of facets. The Official Whitepages. The only factual evidence that seems to support the eye of the idol version, is the striking shape of the Orlov diamond, which could have easily fitted into the eye of an idol. The clarity of the stone is typical of the finest diamonds that originated from the Golconda mines of Southern India. 373. The unique Indian rose-cut of the diamond, and the color and clarity of the stone, provides ample evidence to show that the diamond is of Indian origin. Shaffras made contact with several European rulers, through intermediaries, with a view of finding a suitable buyer for his priceless gem. The Black Orlov is often displayed museums like the American Museum of Natural History and the Natural History Museum in London. Moreover, we cannot exclude the possibility that during the Orlov diamond's long history, a slight re-cutting might have taken place at some stage , in order to get it's present dome shaped top and to improve it's brilliance, thus causing a considerable reduction in it's weight. With comprehensive contact information, including cell phone numbers, for over 275 million people nationwide, and Whitepages SmartCheck, the fast, comprehensive background check compiled from criminal and other records from all 50 states.Landlords use Whitepages TenantCheck, which is … Once he had proven himself and was able to enter the center enclosure, he stole the diamond. When Empress Elizabeth died on Jan 5, 1762, her son Grand Duke Peter, ascended the throne as Peter III of Russia and moved into the new Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. While not ‘cursed’ in the way that brings bad luck to its owner, this diamond has mystical associations and its ownership has been fraught with deceit and drama. )SCP-049's P.O.V.The evening before it all happened, the girl showed me something very dangerous. Ring Size 201: Ring Sizing Without A Ring... Color Differences Between 14k and 18k Rose Gold. The above striking similarities coupled with the fact that the story of the Great Mogul has no known ending and that of the Orlov has no clear beginning, strongly suggests that the Great Mogul diamond and the Orlov diamond are probably one and the same diamond. This 189.62 carats diamond is currently owned by Kremlin Diamond Fund. Was: $129.99. After the spate of killings, Shaffras decided that his stay in Baghdad was no longer advisable. This is in respect of the shape of the two diamonds. Aurangzeb was displeased with the cutting, especially the loss of over 500 carats of the massive diamond, and instead of rewarding the cutter for his services, fined him 10.000 rupees. Once mounted, these diamonds will look identical color-wise. ... Arcadia 36-in W x 35-in H x 23.75-in D Truecolor White Lazy Susan Corner Base Stock Cabinet. Bassorah was founded by Caliph Omar in A.D. 636, and was situated about 13 Km from the modern city of Basra. lists it as weighing an incredible 189.62 ct, but this is technically an estimate as it has not been officially weighed for many years. The diamond was set on the top of the Royal Scepter of Catherine the Great, with it's domed top facing forward, in which setting it is still preserved up to this day. GIA certified. Simulated diamond's excellent cut is equal to ideal cut diamonds, the best cut for reflection and loop clean. The stone still retains it's original rose-style cut, with the upper surface marked by concentric rows of triangular facets, and corresponding 4-sided facets on the lower surface. At first he found his way to Constantinople (Istanbul) in Turkey and from there he moved to Hungary, then Silesia in Poland and finally to Amsterdam. As the story goes, a French soldier who was serving as a Grenadier in the French army during the Carnatic wars of the mid-eighteenth century, decided to desert his regiment, and eventually found employment in the vicinity of Srirangam. Count Orlov left Russia in 1775 and in 1777 married his cousin, but following her death in Lausanne in 1782, he became mentally deranged and returned to his estate in Russia, but died the following year. He therefore decided to move to Europe, where he could find a buyer for his diamond. It was stolen from a temple in Pondicherry by a monk. Later, in the 1900s, the diamond was owned by two separate Russian princesses, Leonila Galitsine-Bariatinisky and Nadia Vygin-Orlov (who gave the diamond its current name). At the time Count Grigori was thought to be completely infatuated by the Grand Duchess Catherine, and had given the diamond as a symbol of his devotion to her, with desperate hope to steal her away from her then husband, Emperor Peter III. The color of the two stones seemed to match each other and even the diameter of the Koh-i-Nur approximates that of the Great Mogul. the Great Mogul weighed approximately 280 carats, but the weight of the Koh-i Nur was only 186 carats, a difference of about 94 carats. According to the second version the Orlov diamond belonged to the Mogul rulers of India. The color of the diamond is deemed black but is in fact a very dark gun-metal color. It is said to be a cursed diamond. The Black Orlov diamond is a black diamond whose history shows remarkable similarities to the white Orlov, but has a more classic curse which brings death and misfortune to all who possess it. The narrator had allowed his imagination to run riot, to produce a narrative, that was quite captivating but highly untenable. Orlov Diamond is a gem made and owned by Regimango. Shaffras obliged, and while in St. Petersburg was introduced to the court jeweler Lazarev, who initiated negotiations for the purchase of the diamond. The dimensions of the stone are 47.6 x 34.92 x 31.75 mm. But, getting into the interior of the sacred temple posed serious problems, as non-Hindus were not allowed entry beyond the 4th of the seven enclosures. The White Orlov Diamond. Largest Database of Michigan Mugshots. Copyright © .Internet Stones.COM. According to the first version the Orlov diamond once served as an eye of the presiding deity of the temple of Srirangam, Lord Ranganatha, in the Tamil Nadu State of Southern India. Thus, there is no dispute about the origin of the diamond, but the date of it's discovery at the Golconda mines is not known. Again originated in India and mined from the Kollur mine of Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh. Moreover the Ranganatha temple at Srirangam was built between the 14th and 16th centuries, long before the Great Mogul diamond was discovered in the middle of the 17th century, and perhaps by that time two unknown diamonds would have already adorned the eyes of the sacred statute, leaving no room for a third. At the time, Count Grigori was thought to be completely infatuated by the Grand Duchess Catherine and had given the diamond as a symbol of his devotion to her, with a desperate hope to steal her away from her husband, Emperor Peter III. The first step in this plan was to adopt measures towards gaining the confidence of the Brahmin Priests of the temple. He scaled the walls of the temple, swam across the river, and escaped into the surrounding jungles, towards the safety of Trichinopoly, where the English army was encamped. It was then that Count Grigory Grigoryevich Orlov, the former lover of Catherine the Great learnt about the great diamond in Amsterdam, and Catherine's great wish to own it. The Orlov is a rarity among historic diamonds, for it retains its original Indian rose-style cut (see diamond cut). The only evidence that seems to go against this conclusion is the discrepancy between the weights of the two stones. If one compares Tavernier's drawing of the Great Mogul with photographs and drawings of the Orlov, a striking similarity is immediately apparent between the two. Kindly confirm your ring size within 24 hours for speedy process of manufacturing. Srirangam is one of the most popular and holy pilgrimage centers of Hindus in Southern India. lists it as weighing an incredible 189.62 ct, but this is technically an estimate as it has not been officially weighed for many years. The clarity of the stone is typical of the finest diamonds that originated from the Golconda mines of Southern India. Search arrest records and find latests mugshots and bookings for Misdemeanors and Felonies. the Orlov diamond gets it's name from Count Grigory Grigoryevich Orlov, one of the lovers of Empress Catherine the Great (1762-96), who purchased the diamond for a staggering 1,400,000 florins equivalent to 400,000 rubles, and presented it to the Empress, with a view of regaining her love and favor. only the present whereabouts of the Great Mogul diamond becomes a mystery, as there are no famous diamonds existing today, other than the Orlov, that corresponds to it's unique characteristics. The trick is to make sure the diamond looks white in relation to the setting. But, Catherine was not the type of woman who would be tied down to a single man. Shaffras was a wealthy and well established businessman of repute and might not have stooped down to the level of a murderer for the sake of acquiring a diamond. Just 6 months after ascending the throne, on July 14, 1762, Peter III was ousted in a coup d'etat organized by Catherine's lover Grigory Orlov and his brother Alexei Orlov, and Catherine was proclaimed the Empress of Russia. The above account of the journey of the Orlov diamond from India to the west, even though very colorful is not authoritative. 2Ct Pear Cut Garnet Diamond Solitaire Pendant 18K White Gold Finish Free Chain. Southfield (CW50) – Diamond White was born in Detroit, and spent her childhood here, before moving to LA to pursue a career in music and acting.While she has found success in Hollywood, specifically in her new role as Paris on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful, Diamond has continued to embrace and rely upon her Midwest roots. He laid his hand on the deity entrusted to his care, and prised out one of the diamonds from it's socket. The Orlov is a white diamond with a faint bluish tinge, weighing 189.62 carats. (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}); The Orlov is a white diamond with a faint bluish tinge, weighing 189.62 carats. Logo collection White Gold ORLOV LOGO hoops and bracelets in white gold and set with white diamonds, a classic everyday collection inspired by the ORLOV LOGO ELEMENT. Like most diamond mysteries, the history of the seventh-largest black diamond ever recovered resembles a typical Hollywood thriller: a story full of twists and turns, larger-than-life characters, conspiracies, gray areas, and little white lies. Brand: Affinity Diamond Jewelry. This owner gave the diamond its name. There are many stories surrounding the Orlov diamond. Consider the ill fate of some of its more famous owners; Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI were both beheaded. Nadir Shah was assassinated by his own troops in 1747, and immediately after this an Afghan soldier who was in his service, stole the Orlov diamond, together with some other expensive jewels and escaped to the city of Bassorah, a large town situated on the Shatt-al-Arab, about 112 Km north of the Persian Gulf. ... Orlov Diamonds. ",whatIsThisUrl:"",background_color:"",version:1,display_variant:""}); Thus both versions narrated above, agree on Shaffras, the Persian or Armenian diamond dealer in Amsterdam, as the intermediary through whom the diamond passed into Russian hands, even though they differ widely on other details, and as stated earlier Russian records authenticate the fact that a person by the name of Shaffras was indeed in possession of the Orlov diamond. SET WITH 1188 WHITE DIAMONDS OF 8.87 CTS, INCLUDING A PEAR SHAPE DIAMOND PAIR OF 0.77 CTS. The stone still retains it's original rose-style cut, with the upper surface marked by concentric rows of triangular facets, and corresponding 4-sided facets on the lower surface. 3Ct Round Brilliant-Cut Moissanite Solitaire Stud Earrings 14K White Gold Finish. The evidence for identifying the Koh-i-Nur with the Great Mogul is somewhat stronger. He then decided to re-kindle their forlorn romance by offering her the diamond which she had longed to possess, as a present, a gesture that Orlov thought would perhaps remind Catherine of the vital role played by him, in her accession to the Russian Throne. The Black Orlov Diamond. Three days after his deposition on July 17,1762, Peter III was murdered by Alexei Orlov, apparently on the orders of Catherine, who was determined to eliminate all potential claimants to the throne. This involved his conversion to the Hindu religion, followed by frequent visits to the temple as a devotee. All rights reserved. The storm raged throughout the period of his daring escape. According to this version, the Orlov diamond belonged to the Mogul rulers of India and eventually passed down to Mohammed Shah who ruled between 1719 to1748. Whether this origin story is true or not, the diamond was originally from India and did come to Europe in the mid-1700s. The Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan is a vibrant and distinctive learning community grounded in the principle that business can be an extraordinar This discrepancy was explained by Mineralogist James Tenant, as caused by the removal of the upper portion, and two portions from the sides, and the re-grinding of four facets on the upper surface, of the Great Mogul diamond. The White Orlov diamond has a rich and varied history, much of which is shrouded in legend. Was the Black Orlov ever cursed? Shaffras was astonished to see such valuable jewels in the hands of a poor soldier, and postponed the transaction as he did not have sufficient funds. Then came the crucial moment when he decided to make his final move. SERPENTES DIAMOND EARRINGS WHITE GOLD. Paris, who committed suicide in New York, shortly after selling the precious jewel. Having failed to acquire the diamond by fair means, Shaffras and his two brothers decided to achieve their goal by foul means. Back to Famous Diamonds,Gemstones and Pearls. One may see Orlov as a bouquet of white flowers whose petals form an unrivaled chalice. They killed the Jewish trader and stole all the jewels, but later realized that the Afghan could implicate them in the crime. Princess de Lamballe was lynched to her death by an angry mob. Each suicide was eerily similar, as they all involved leaping to their deaths from the top of a tall building. The other Orlov diamond, a historic diamond of Indian origin, with well authenticated credentials, is a 189.62-carat, colorless, Indian rose-cut diamond, presented by Count Grigory Grigoryevich Orlov to Empress Catherine the Great (1762-96), and later mounted on the royal scepter, on the orders of the great Empress, which subsequently became one of the most important components of the Romanov crown … (Author: Just saying, the Black Orlov is a real diamond. Both diamonds have strikingly similar shapes resembling the shape of half a pigeon's egg. The Fancy white diamond photos are by GIA staff (left) and Jessica Arditi (right). Its colour is widely stated as white with a faint bluish-green tinge. The Kremlin. It’s surrounded by several bright white diamonds in an intricate pattern, and earlier this year it went on display at the Met Museum in New York. The shape of the diamond was described as resembling half a hen's egg. It is widely reported that the diamond was mounted on the idol of the presiding deity of the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple at Srirangam, in southern India. The diamond passed through the hands of many merchants, and eventually found itself in Amsterdam, where Count Grigory Grigorievich Orlov purchased it. Each hand has a pure white glove, however on the palm of her right hand, there is a cut out for her gem. Every piece is … Arcadia 36-in W x 35-in H x 23.75-in D Truecolor White Sink Base Stock Cabinet. While not ‘cursed’ in the way that brings bad luck to its owner, this diamond has mystical associations and its ownership has been fraught with deceit and drama. @2020 - All Right Reserved. 3, in Tavernier's set of drawings. The famous Black Orlov, a 67.50 ct Fancy black diamond, is flanked by two Fancy white diamonds (2.26 ct and 30.87 ct). As for the Darya-i-Nur, the color of the diamond itself disqualifies it as a possible contender, because the Darya-i-Nur is light pink in color, where as the Great Mogul was a white diamond, with a slightly bluish tinge. PRICE ON REQUEST. She accepted it and had it set in the Imperial Scepter designed by her jeweler C. N. Troitinski, but Orlov failed to regain her affections. He immediately swung into action. The next question that arises is, how the diamond that was discovered, cut and polished in India, eventually found it's way to the court of Catherine the Great (1762-96). The Count paid a purported 1,4 mln Dutch florins . This was how most diamonds were cut before many of the modern cut styles were developed. The chance of this happening was extremely remote, considering the fact that the Mogul rulers were Muslim rulers, and the possibility of a diamond belonging to them getting lodged in the eye of a Hindu idol, was far-fetched and perhaps abominable, given the fact that the two religions, Islam and Hinduism are poles apart ,with respect to idol worship. But, the murders did not end there. Designed and Developed by Adiamor, What are the Most Cursed Diamonds in the World? A severe storm hit the Srirangam area one night, and he was all alone in the temple. They both ended up committing suicide after owning the diamond.
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