Adam Wilt (background) and I try to match a Canon C300’s color to an Arri Alexa. Even though the Alexa tends to be used more often in high-end productions, there is no denial about the fantastic image quality coming out of the RED. Arri Alexa vs. Canon C500 (Arri RAW 2.8K) (Canon RAW 4K) PART 2. Canon C500 Cinema EOS Cameras Review. 13:14. traceyjoshua2998. Auf Anregungen und Wünsche von Kunden und Anwendern zu reagieren, ist ein wiederkehrendes Motiv auf der diesjährigen IBC. andrgl; 1 Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. If you’d like straight and dirty answer, well…, yes they are. Canon C700FF . Comparing Canon C500 Mark II vs Canon C700 vs Canon C700 FF Sort: Order Added Price: lowest first Price: highest first Brand: A - Z Brand: Z - A Top Rated Clear All The Arri Alexa Mini and RED both have distinct characters in terms of image quality. 2. ARRI Alexa vs. the Canon C500. Schade finde ich nur, dass es nicht gelegentlich Vergrößerungen der entsprechenden "Auffälligkeiten" gibt. Hurlbut Academy 59,797 views. 6:09. Sony FS7 vs. ARRI Amira Sony FS7 vs. ARRI Amira. 4K UHD Auflösung (Arri Alexa SXT, Sony F65/F55, Canon C700/C500/C300Mk2, Panasonic Varicam) 8K UHD (Red Weapon Vistavision, Red Helium) Einsatzgründe (pro und contra) Auch wenn, insbesondere in Deutschland, noch viel Unsicherheit und kontroverse Diskussionen hinsichtlich der digitalen Kinoproduktion existieren, sind doch Pro und Contra leicht zu trennen. I use a DSC Labs Chroma Du Monde 28 chart for my color tweaking. Und wer sich die Kommentare dazu auf Vimeo zu Gemüte führt, wird feststellen, dass man es mit so einem Test eigentlich niemandem recht machen kann. Canon C500 vs Arri Alexa ISO Night Tests. By Sarv Kreindler ⋅ Published: October 24, 2013 . and a height of 13 inches and boasting 2.8K imagery, The Arri Alexa!!!!! 5D Mark III vs GH2 vs NEX 7. When … Active member; Members; 139 273 posts; Share; Posted February 9, 2015 The fs7 is on fire. mit Blackmagic 6K, Canon C500 MkII, Panasonic S1(H) und Sony FX9 ARRI Alexa vs. 35mm Film - … Canon C500 mkii. Chris Moseley operating on B Camera. I don’t think I’ve met a single filmmaker in recent years who hasn’t marvelled over the Arri Alexa. Sony FX9. Last week, we took you through Day ISO tests, Dynamic Day Exterior range tests, Back Light/Skin Tone tests and Fill Light ratio tests with the Canon C500 and Arri Alexa.This week we have a whole new round of … Even with so much competition in the digital cinema camera market, there is no denying that the Arri Alexa is still without a doubt the camera to beat. Geoff Boyle hat sich viel Arbeit gemacht und die aktuellen Top-Cinema Kameras (Sony F65, ARRI Alexa, RED Dragon, Varicam 35, Canon C500) in sein Studio geladen und in DaVinci Resolve geprüft, wie sich das Material in einer Szene mit 7 Blenden Dynamikumfang bei zusätzlichen 4 Blenden Über- und Unterbelichtung in der Korrektur verhält. $2,500 Sony a7S II vs $50,000 ARRI Alexa Mini: Can you tell the difference? Canon RF Objektive C300 Mark III Atem mini Pro Laowa 12mm Canon C500 Mark II Sony PXW-FX9 Atlas Orion B-Set Angénieux EZ-2 EZ-1 Zooms ARRI Alexa mini LF Pocket 6K Canon Sumire Blackmagic URSA mini Pro 4,6K G2 Easyrig Stabil smallHD 703 503 Zeiss Supreme Prime 1.5 T-Stop RED Monstro 8K Vista Vision SIGMA Classic High Speed Zoom ARRI UDM-1 ARRI OCU-1 OConnor 2560 DJI Mavic 2 Pro mit … Sony Venice. Sony FS5. The Arri Alexa and various options from Red are the most widely used high end production cameras. Canon C500 vs Arri Alexa Dynamic Range Test - Duration: 6:09. Canon 5D and 1D. The Alexa Mini costs 10 times more ($75,000 for a ready to shoot camera). In many ways, the Alexa look has even replaced film with regards to the base-line aesthetic that most of today’s filmmakers strive for. ALEXA Classic 709 - matches the color reproduction to the ARRI ALEXA; ARRI 2100 HLG 1K 200 - renders an image for a HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma, ITU-R BT.2100) monitor; ARRI 2100 PQ 1K 200 - renders an image for a PQ (SMPTE 2084, ITU-R BT.2100) monitor; ARRI 709 Multicam - editable version of ARRI 709 for use with the multicam feature From Shane Hurlbut: In this corner, weighing 13.7 lbs. Arri Alexa vs Canon C500 vs Red Epic [10:00 Do,5.Dezember 2013 [e] von Thomas Richter] Im Rahmen der Kameraauswahl für den Film "Need for Speed" testete der DOP Shane Hurlbut 7 verschiedene Cams. We put the Canon C200 Vs The Arri Alexa Mini to see what are the strengths and weaknesses of each camera. This allows for rapid, tool-less transitions between configurations - for example from TRINITY, MAXIMA, or Steadicam stabilizers to tripod heads or an operator’s shoulder. Shane Hurlbut's Extensive Cinema Camera Tests Part 1: ARRI ALEXA vs. Canon C500 Shares Although most digital productions these days are shot on the ALEXA or the EPIC, Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut's most recent project, Need For Speed , featured an against-the-grain camera choice of Canon's C500 . Quasar BLS … Like. Dueling Alexa and C300 Arri Alexa and Canon C300 on a Fisher dolly. 1:46. Canon C500 kostet jetzt 9.999 Dollar - Mk2 Nachfolger zur NAB 2016? Die ersten drei Teile seines Kameravergleichs mit der Arri Alexa (Arri RAW 2.8K), der Canon C500 (Canon RAW 4K) sowie der RED Epic sind schon online - weitere sollen monatlich folgen. sam 139 Posted February 9, 2015. sam. Producer Bob Bekian, Loyal Studios Productions, CANON C500. Search for: Recent Posts. Share ... which includes the Arri Alexa 65, Red Epic/Weapon Helium/Weapon Dragon, Canon C300mk2/C500/C700, Sony FS7, etc. Comparing the ARRI ALEXA Mini and the Canon C200 might seem a little unfair given the massive price difference but in my view, it is actually a really interesting test. Arri Alexa vs Canon C500 vs Red Epic. The C200 costs $7,500. So what does the Arri offer that the C200 doesn’t and is it worth all that extra money? Are they analogous? EPIC Duel! They are about to get some serious competition. Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut writes up the first in this three part series detailing his extensive camera tests for feature film Need for Speed, pitting the ARRI Alexa against the Canon C500. 6:59. ARRI ALEXA Mini and the Canon C200 $7,500 vs $75,000. Gordon Vasquez. Even though the F55 can now closely match the Alexa in post, clients are asking for ARRI so he switched to Amira. Pomax. The Future Of Canon Cinema Cameras (C100, C300, C500 & C700) Xoxigobe. Die Bedenken bei der … and a height of 7 inches displaying 4K capture, The Canon EOS C500!!!! In the other corner, weighing 6 lbs. Hüseyin Yılmaz . Read more about the Arri Alexa / Canon C500 camera tests on Need for Speed here - Arri… Teilnehmen durften: Arri Alexa und Mini, Blackmagic URSA 4K, Canon C300 Mk2 und C500, Red Dragon und Weapon, Sony A7RII und A7s, F55, F65, FS7 sowie die Panasonic Varicam. Along with what we now know here is my analysis of the Sony F5, F55 and that other competitor – the Canon C500. Same results derived from different color science . Arri Alexa - shot with Arri RAW 2.8K and Codex S Recorder Canon C500 - shot with Canon RAW 4K and Codex S Recorder The Hurlbut Academy is your exclusive mentorship in filmmaking and cinematography that connects you globally with another filmmakers. I’m staring at a Leader 5800 waveform/vectorscope. Arri Alexa vs. Canon EOS C500. Considering the price differential of a lousy $81,300, without the cost of the crew, I would take the iPhone. 2:43. It's core is the ARRI Compact Bridge Plate CBP-1, a base plate with integrated sliding bridge plate and shoulder pad. Therefore, ARRI has developed a studio set for ALEXA Mini. Je gemütlicher es der Schwenker hat, desto besser wird das Bild. This is the kind of content that you'll search only in the Hurlbut Academy. Alexa Mini LF. 2:26. Die neuen Compact Bridge Plates für die Digitalkamerasysteme ALEXA Mini und AMIRA, die ARRI auf der IBC 2018 vorstellt, können da sicherlich weiterhelfen. ARRI Alexa Mini vs. Canon C100 (The Results May Surprise You) By cpn_editor Published: July 14, 2016 . After showing it to many industry people we ended up with a tie in the first place. Comparing the C700 FF and the C200 Cameras - … Antwort von Abercrombie: Sehr spannender Vergleich, der vor allem sehr unvoreingenommen wirkt. Jon Fauer ASC has put together a 96 page report on the Sony F5 and F55. Shooting in London on the 5D Mark III with Iscorama 36 1.5x anamorphic. Slide 4 and Sony actually looks better there because it doesn't have magenta tint. Published Feb 6, 2018 | DL Cade. Red Dragon HMPK Male & Red Dragon HMPK Female. AG DOK Kameratest 2020 - u.a. In the below video, LensProtoGo’s Evan Bourcier compares the ARRI Alexa Mini (a $40K camera) with the Canon C100 (a $4K camera) to determine which might really be the better investment. What about testing the new 4Ks from Sony, Canon or Panasonic for under $1,500 against an iPhone or an Arri Alexa. They have a similar size and weight bodies, similar form factors and are both promoted towards solo shooters. Categories News Tags arri alexa, canon c300, game of thrones, shane hurlbut Post navigation. I know that their charts are the most accurate available, and so do camera manufacturers: they generally use this chart, or one of its variants, in the creation of their color science. However, it depends on the cinematographic environments, conditions and production demands. Fotoni. Feb 8, 2018* permalink. Especially enjoy … Canon C300 mark II.
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