I own a pair of bookshelf speakers from Dynaudio's Excite series, which the Evoke family replaces. Ill have a nose at the review on the Kef site - I did see it advertised, but didnt want to pay for the magazine. I’m not sure forward is the right word, as they aren’t aggressive, but there’s definitely some projection there. looking for speakers. Loads of detail too. I have not heard the R3. The shiny versions really are just that: new lacquering techniques have resulted in a sumptuous, almost glass-like finish. no mid-bass bloat. Nicely finished in the piano black, so that goes some way to make up for it. I don't get it. have dabbled with the floorstanders. Treble, I need more time with. Classic Dynaudio heritage… with a twist Each speaker’s single 14cm long-throw mid/bass driver is made from MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer), just like all Dynaudio speakers have used for decades. Classic Dynaudio heritage… with a twist Each speaker’s single 14cm long-throw mid/bass driver is made from MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer), just like all Dynaudio speakers have used for decades. Evoke 10 is available in four beautiful finishes: Black High Gloss, White High Gloss, Walnut Wood and Blonde Wood. 1; 2; First 2 of 2 Go to page. On the subject of integration, there is no perceptible crossover between mid and treble at all, as can be expected with the driver design. It extends almost as low albeit not as loud. Only 4 left in stock (more on the way). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. "Concise and with body, no trace of the presence emphasis many compact speakers struggle with." Speakers come in big brown cardboard boxes short on special opening experiences. Kef R3 VS Buchardt S400 Speaker Comparison - Which is better? Below 30 degrees the treble frequencies drop, therefore the speaker should be angled towards the listening position. Woah, they’re big. But make no mistake, they are beasts. An extra driver should NOT though mean you take a speaker from having a desirable fairly flat frequency response to one with a big bass boost. So again, how these Dynaudio speakers sound here may differ from how they sound for you. Mutzgoatz, July 10, 2019 in 2 Channel. So why the window poppping out with two? Dynaudio Evoke 10 Dynaudio Evoke 20 Buchardt Audio S300 Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2EX Revel Performa3 M105 Revel Performa3 M106 Quad S2 KEF LS50 ATC SCM 11 I like a slightly forward sound that still has a lot of depth to it. Rega Elicit these have all been demoed, which is great (and Primare i35, which is out of price range) – Elicit does have a reputation for forwardness and brightness, although some people say the complete opposite! ... Poor man's Buchardt S400 & Dynaudio Special 40. The KEF R3 Bookshelf Loudspeaker! You can post now and register later. "On the contrary, Evoke 10 is sonorous, even slightly full-bodied, but superbly transparent." There's also what Dynaudio calls an "aero-coupled pressure-release outlet" under the voice-coil to minimize resonances, while the neodymium magnet is small and light. Woah, they’re big. The kef ref 1. More Details. Moving down in price to the likes of Bowers & Wilkins' tech-laden 805Ds (£4500) and KEF’s excellent Reference 1s (£5000) brings us a diamond dome tweeter in a decoupled metal housing in the case of the former, and the latest generation of KEF’s trademark Uni-Q driver array where the tweeter sits in the throat of the midrange unit improving dispersion and integration in the process. They al… They need to be returned tomorrow, but early signs are very promising. Well away from walls, and it gives a nice warmth to the bottom end. Lab Comment: Dynaudio Evoke 10 The frequency response is very balanced on axis. So for bass notes in the roll-off region of the smaller speaker these should sound (correctly) louder, and also so if the increased frequency ranges excites room modes that weren't by the smaller speaker then this will potentially introduce a distracting problem. The Evoke 20 is the larger stand-mount model in Dynaudio's new Evoke speaker family. There are also spacial dimensions that can 'over speaker' a room visually, the same way as putting 20" rims on a car designed for 16's can 'over whee'  a car. Upload or insert images from URL. KEF LS50 vs R3. an extra driver, an extra port at the back, does that not increase bass?. It will arrive in other markets in April. and not with one? Press J to jump to the feed. The review tests and compares Evoke 10 and 30 and we’re thrilled about the outcome. If you go from one driver to two then each driver moves less to achieve the same output. Why? Do koszyka. Nothing much to report here. Vairāk similāru audiogrāmatu: Review! The pair I tested were finished as Walnut Wood. A bigger stand-mount monitor, with bigger sound. Powered by Invision Community. Bass goes pretty deep. Don’t ever sell those 110s, provided you have the ample amplification they are truly a gem. This would be for use of music AND movies. Next. Thought I’d share my thoughts on the Kef R3’s that I have demoed at home today, providing some comparisons to the other top-contender at the moment, the Dynaudio Special 40s. That’s why most rival companies don’t bot… They will not, have the Special 40’s and they don’t image, slam, or do vocals as well, same thing for the Focus 160. Dynaudio evoke 30 vs special 40 Dynaudio evoke 30 vs special 40. 2nd best: Monitor Audio Gold 100. Just making the point that it's not obvious that larger speakers are always 'too much' in a smaller room. Mid-range is smooth, slightly forward and uber detailed. Dynaudios are used in studios from their entry level, which is a range or two up from B&W's (i.e. Show more. It shouldn't over the range also covered by the R3. . The finish on the R series are market leading,  its deeper than my cars paint, and probably one the best looking speakers currently. Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by JD Snyder, Aug 4, 2017. And every finish has been painstakingly formulated and executed to reflect those on our most exclusive speakers. r/audiophile is a forum for discussion of the pursuit of quality audio reproduction of all forms, budgets, and sizes. Dynaudio has a long established history in recording studios and is one of the better known brands to be used in studios, along with ATC and PMC. Product literature is easy to locate right beneath the top flaps making it easy to get started. The R3s don’t have this exaggeration to my ears, despite being very resolving and detailed. You can feel that “someone” versus “something” made these.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Kef ls50 vs dynaudio emit m20 Kef ls50 vs dynaudio emit m20. So any way to play that element down further, would be great. The Spendor A4s on the other hand, definitely had a noticeable one.   You cannot paste images directly. Bigger cabinet, more drivers, more ports, does that not equate to more energy, more air being moved? Evoke 10 stole the limelight on the cover of STEREO magazine. Definitely not quite as taut and rhythmic as the Special 40s (the deepish bass – think bass guitar rhythms), but not a great deal in it, plus they also reach a fair bit deeper. I think we need to get the Q Acoustic Concept 300's into the mix  oh and these Zingali's, Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 34 of 34 Posts. Just saw an ad earlier today and checked Dynaudio's web-site. In the same way adding a correctly setup second subwoofer to a hifi setup shouldn't mean a big bass boost either. And a bit less demanding of an amp too. I think you should listen to the Ref1 if you like KEF sound.   Pasted as rich text. Bekijk en vergelijk Speakers, zoals de Dynaudio Emit M20. It will arrive in other markets in April. The speakers themselves feel very substantial and well put together. Thankfully, the bass doesn’t overrule the rest of the frequency spectrum, as it’s nicely integrated and only shows its face when present in the recording, i.e. By As an overall element, treble in general sounds subtly quieter and recessed compared to the Special 40s, from memory (although not having them side by side to compare is frustrating). The new Evoke family will be on-sale in Europe in February 2019. × ... - Evoke 20 This is to my ear, using the same amp (Hegel H190). All rights reserved. I wouldnt describe the difference between the R5 and R3's as a bass 'boost', I describe it as more, thicker, bigger. Every driver has been optimised in Dynaudio's state-of-the-art Jupiter measuring lab. DYNAUDIO EVOKE 20 standmount speakers + Clean, smooth sound without being overly dry nor analytical; good midrange presence with room-shaking bass. Man the R5's thundered compared to the R3 in the dealer. The Uni Q design of the Kefs is what I think makes them stand out from the other brands, the dispersion is just wonderous. I loved Totem, Aerial and I really think Dynaudio Special 40 is a great all around fun speaker, even over Contour but I went to a new shop to hear one brand, Harbeth and was introduced to Legacy. I wonder if these can take down my long favorite focus 110s.   Your previous content has been restored. Location: New York CIty. Beyond praising the sound staging, reviewer Matthias Böde calls Evoke 10 a "new highlight in Dynaudio's continuously strong history of compact speakers". The R3, due to its layout, measures better than its big brothers. r/audiophile is a subreddit for the pursuit of quality audio reproduction of all forms, budgets, and sizes of speakers. The R5s would be a step too far in my room I think. You should only do that if you have the money, otherwise you end up holding up the local bank in desperation. Such a configuration means that each driver – tweeter, midrange and bass – can be optimised to work in its specific frequency band and tuned with less compromise than a two-way alternative would demand. Sounds best of all speakers, with 2 different amplifiers (Ragnarok 2, NAIM Atom Unity). Perhaps that comes down to the driver design and the way sounds are dispersed and washed so widely and spaciously over the room. Dynaudio Emit M20. I am open to buying used gear as well. Special 40s have that bit more foot-tapping, propulsive nature to their sound; slightly more rhythmic, and while they aren’t as ambient or spellbinding, one could argue their tone is a bit more natural and balanced. The Chronicals - take a look on Kef's website by the way for the HiFi World review of the R5s. So why the window poppping out with two? ... KEF R3 - Super­fokuseret. The new Evoke family will be on-sale in Europe in February 2019. © HiFi Wigwam 2016. I could happily live with either speaker. Paste as plain text instead, × The trade-off tends to be the greater cost and complicity of trying to combine three drive units to work as a cohesive whole. In that if properly designed the frequency response should be pretty flat. Im using a Pathos amplifier with my Kefs and its a match made in heaven. No problems perceived with bass higher up in the frequency range – nice and fast. Dynaudio Evoke 10 Monitor Speaker - Pair - Walnut 5 out of 5 stars 1 ... KEF R3 Standmound Speakers, Black (R3BL) 3.7 out of 5 stars 4. Why? Display as a link instead, × Obviously one is far lower in price (although the gap will shrink if I can’t get any money off appropriate stands for the Kefs, in the same way as I can with the Special 40s). Lower treble is again smooth, but whether it’s slightly more metallic/edgy sounding than the Special 40s, it’s hard to tell. Nicely finished in the piano black, so that goes some way … I’ve heard and liked the latter, but have owned a series of KEF bookshelfs (Q100, LS50, R300, R3, Reference 201/2). The wood versions use a tactile, open natural veneer for either a warm, dark tone or a light apricot look. On the other hand if someone is already using a standmount capable of exciting the lowest room mode then they only really have things to gain from going to speakers with greater bass extension. Our primary goal is insightful discussion of equipment, sources, music, and audio concepts. 00. I noted in another post, that I could not stand the LS50s when demoing them a few years ago alongside the R100s, for their lifted upper midrange/lower treble – not everyone will agree with that, but it’s definitely something I picked up on. Dynaudio's Evoke 20 is a full-size stand-mounted speaker designed to excel in almost any size space. I can’t think of a valid reason other than aesthetics to go for the floorstanders. – Conversely, bass limitation noticeable due to excellent presence slightly higher up. Clear editor. The R3s are a three-way design, with a dedicated bass driver. There is a lovely, enchanting/ambient tone to the midrange that I find difficult to describe in words. top of the DM600 range), all the way to the Evidence Master. Dynaudio fans (evoke) Posted by: benjy on 07 January 2019 . We've been listening to several speakers in the meantime now: DALI Rubicon 2, KEF R3, Sonus Faber Sonetto 2, Monitor Audio Gold 100 5g, DynAudio Evoke 10 & 20. They are not as laid back as the previous R100s, but then those were arguably a bit sluggish all-round (lovely tone aside). KEF LS50 vs. Dynaudio Emit M20's? Much the same level as the Special 40s. Any other recommended amps that would play to the Kef’s strengths? Just thought I'd query quite what you meant by this? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Their imaging and soundstaging is incredible; a real step up from the Special 40s – elements just float in front of you, in easily defined space. an extra driver, an extra port at the back, does that not increase bass?. It’s something no other speaker (other than my previous Kef R100s have had). The R5s would be a step too far in my room I think. Thought I’d share my thoughts on the Kef R3’s that I have demoed at home today, providing some comparisons to the other top-contender at the moment, the Dynaudio Special 40s. And the winner: DynAudio Special 40. Living Room: AVM CS5.2,Dynaudio Evoke 30, Sony KD65AF8, Sony X700 Basement: Marantz SR7013, Kef E305(Rear Surrounds,4 Height Channels) ,Kef LS50(LCR), Lg 55B97, Lg UBK90, Apple TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360 KEF stiller op med en lækker, præcis og vellydende højttaler, der giver masser af valuta for pengene. by The Next Best Thing Studio 10 months ago 11 minutes, 32 seconds 64,493 views. The R5s would presumably go deeper but they shouldn't give more bass (or associated issues) over the frequency range covered by the R3s. This likely means lower distortion vs the single driver, and will almost certainly mean that the maximum output level is higher. Good soundstage and tonality. Definitely averse to brightness. I know that their are lots of Dynaudio fans on this board and plenty of ppl. Gruppetest: Dynaudio Evoke 20 ... og selv om der ikke er helt samme hurtighed og rockfølelse som på KEF, mestrer Dynaudio virkelig musikken. Pathos are known for their floaty, natural house sound...The Inpol 2 Remix was my favourite out of them all, Class A hybrid design. That is definitely tried and tested as I popped out my rear screen with two 15" subs once, but one, didn't do anything. Kef have now released the successor to the R300 - the R3, which apparently offers trickle down design from their Reference series, and features similar dual concentric design to the LS50 with a bass driver too. $1,999.98. Prev. Something non fatiguing. Our primary goal is insightful discussion of equipment, sources, music, and audio concepts. My Dynaudio Contour 3.3's take on ANY speakers in their price range with no trouble. Upper treble (again, think snare drums) is buttery smooth. Your assessment of the R3 pretty much matches up with my own......and makes the extra for the S40s a little hard to justify - especially as they are more expensive than the R5s. It not only has a larger cabinet than the Evoke 10, but also a larger woofer, so it can fill a bigger room with clear, muscular sound.. Dynaudio Evoke 20 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) (Blonde Wood) $2,199.00 $ 2,199. It is without doubt the speaker’s trump card. So why are these speakers any different? If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. A new line of speakers is coming in February called "evoke". As I said, what you would expect is greater bass extension though. IT may arguably be easier to build a cost-no-object speaker than a mid-range model. Sounds like the R3's will fit the bill for me if I reluctantly have to give up the floorstanders...and the price is much nicer. and not with one? Everything comes into play, even my amp (Luxman 590 AXII) to DAC (PS Audio DirectStream w/Snowmass).. ... I’ve always held Dynaudio in the same class, having always liked the look and sound of Dynaudio. × The Special Forty's 6.7" woofer is based on Dynaudio's 17W75 MSP unit, but features an … But back to high cost speakers vs lower cost… Sadly I used to think that the more you spend the better the sound you will get. I love that connectivity and get the sense that Dynaudio really cares about their workmanship as I hefted the speakers in place. von Dynaudio. If I have two sub woofers in my car, I generate more bass than with one. One would expect so, given the respective materials used, but I do know that HiFi World noted in their lab report for the R5 that the treble response was ‘’extraordinarily smooth’’. JD Snyder Member Thread Starter. "Evoke 10 is a new highlight in Dynaudio’s continuously strong history of compact speakers." I've heard the Dynaudio's in person and they are great but I keep hearing to get the KEF … Less expensive but still very expensive. Sound: 9/10 Value: 9/10. The Dynaudio Special 25 bests more expensive speakers like the highly regarded Sonus Faber Extrema and Focal Micro Utopia.Bring on dump quality from Paradigm,Mirage and Co.B&W Nautilus special edition monitors pale in comparison,KEF..HA not even close.
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