This species can either be a shrub or tree depending on the growing location and conditions. The alligator juniper is named for its distinctive bark that resembles the rough, checkered skin of an alligator. Juniper: By the Numbers. Roman : surprisingly, this name has become a hit name. ju-ni-per, jun-ip-er] The baby boy name Juniper is also used as a girl name, with the latter form being much more common. See the popularity of the boy's name Juniper over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in BabyCenter's Baby Names tool. In 2011, that number … The name of the supreme Roman deity and the largest planet has until recently had either too hippie or too grandiose a feel for most mortals, but with the rise of sound-alike Juniper and space names such as Orion and Mars, Jupiter may find new favor. Sometimes the name Juniper has been more popular as a girls name and sometimes it has been more popular as a boys. The origin of Juniper is the Latin language. Juniper has historically been used as both a boys and girls name. Fun Fact: On the day of Juniper’s birth, "Baby Boy" by Beyonce Featuring Sean Paul was the number 1 song on The Billboard Hot 100 and George W. Bush (Republican) was the U.S. President. What does Juniper mean? Junipyre, Junyper, and Junypyre are variants of Juniper. Currently, the English name has a placed in the Top 200 names for baby boys’. The popularity trend for Juniper … In the Bible, it is used as a translation of Hebrew rothem, a desert broom-shrub. The name is of the meaning resembling the evergreen shrub with berries. The name Jupiter is a boy's name .. Jupiter's partner Juno has entered the mainstream, so it's possible that her divine mate could follow. Answer: I feel like you could either go soft with the first name, to offset the strong last name, or embrace it and choose a clean, crisp first name for either boy or girl. Plant name: an evergreen shrub with berries from which gin (known as "genever" in Dutch) is traditionally distilled. By 2008, there were 107 girls given the name – a new peak. Goddess name Juno and vintage charmer June also started attracting more attention in the same years, boosting all of the upbeat, summery June names. Other common names include checkerbark juniper, oak-barked juniper, thick-barked juniper, western juniper, and mountain cedar. [ 3 syll. Juniper is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls. Boy Names Starting With JUNIPER: Find JUNIPER Names For Boys at | Baby Name Wizard In the Unknown origin, Juniper means "Juniper \j(u)-ni-per\ as a boy's name. The name Juniper means Juniper Berry and is of Latin origin. Decidely upward trends in the number of babies given the name Juniper occurred roughly during the years 1995-2017. J uniper as a girls' name (also used less regularly as boys' name Juniper) is of Latin origin. From the name of the plant, the juniper tree or berry (derived from iunipêrus). Baby name encyclopedia from The Baby Name Wizard: meanings and origins, popularity, pronunciations, sibling names, surveys...and add your own insights! Find out more about the name Juniper at Similar baby names are Junior, Jasper, Jesper and Joiner. It is pronounced as JH UW-Nay-P-er †. As a surname, it is partly derived from Jennifer.
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