The Karakoram is in one of the world's most geologically active areas, at the plate boundary boundary between the Indo-Australian plate and the Eurasian plate. Karakoram Mountains is a range of mountains stretching from the extreme north of Hindu Kush mountain range towards the north of Baltistan District. Other Ranges: To go to pages for other ranges either click on the map above, or on range names in the hierarchy snapshot below, which show the parent, siblings, and children of the Karakoram. This range extends from the Pakistan-Afghanistan region into Tibet.Formation of this great mountain chain began when India drifted away from Gondwanaland (a land mass that consisted of all the southern continents of Pangea) and moved northwards colliding into … The scenic beauty of these mountains is captivating and leaves all of us admiring about them. Its icy peaks reach up to 8.000 metres and above. Map of Karakoram Mountain Range indicating glaciated regions. Formation and Plate Tectonics. A significant part, 28-50% of the Karakoram Range is glaciated, compared to the Himalaya (8-12%) and Alps (2.2%). You can also see the picture i’m attaching. The peak in the Karakoram range with a beautiful shape, stands out because of it's prominence. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Be aware of the high altitude – Due to the extreme altitudes along the Karakoram Highway, developing acute mountain sickness (AMS) is possible if you travel too quickly.My itinerary will take things slow enough to allow you to acclimatize properly, so don’t worry about this too much. The highway runs roughly north-south across the Karakoram mountain range and through the Khunjerab Pass at the border. Hindukush. This 482 km long chain of mountains ends in the northeast corner of the state of the former Northern Areas. It is located at the junction of the 3 lofty mountain ranges, the Karakoram, Himalayas and Hindukush. Maps of India - India's No. The confluence between these rivers is known as "Tri Junction Point" or "Junction Point of Three Mountain Ranges". Snow capped massif mountain peaks in Karakoram range with fog and clouds, Gojal Hunza. Figure credit: Rankl et al., 2014. South of the Karakoram is the Himalaya. The map is printed at a 1:100,000 scale, summarizing original field surveys performed at a 1:25,000 scale, which result from the first systematic reconnaissance of the area. Several important rivers flow from, or through, the mountains of Kashmir into Pakistan. The Baltoro Glacier in northeast Pakistan runs through the center of the second tallest mountain range on Earth—the Karakoram. Karakoram Range Mountain range in central Asia, extending se from e Afghanistan to Jammu and Kashmir in India. Photo about Snow peak of Karakoram mountain range in Gilgit, Pakistan, Asia. Famous mountains, including K2, Gasherbrum 1 and 2, and Broad Peak, are in this region where borders are disputed between China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and possibly Tajikistan. Mountain weather forecasts for over 11300 mountain summits around the world. Click Here for a Full Screen Map. Insert is a map of the larger region, including the Gilgit-Baltistan region highlighted by the green star. It is the highest pass on the ancient caravan route between Leh in Ladakh and Yarkand in the Tarim Basin. The Southeastern boundary is the Karakoram Pass leading to the Shyok River and Indus River. Wether you are a keen cyclist or a weekend rider, Karakoram … Jalaybi team It was built by the governments of Pakistan and China, and was completed in 1986 AD, after 20 years of construction.The Pakistani stretch of the Highway was built by the Pakistani Army Corps of Engineers and begins at Havellan bordertown of the Hazara Region of Pakistan and the … No other mountain range in the world has a peak over 8000 meters. 1 Maps … Karakoram Range, Pakistan. A new geological map of the central-western part of the Karakoram belt (Northern Areas and North West Frontier Province, Pakistan) is presented with its explanatory notes. The western boundary is the Karambar Pass leading to the Hunza River as far south as its confluence with the Indus near Gilgit. It includes some of the world's highest mountains, among them … To the North of this confluence or to the north of both Indus and Gilgit rivers is Karakoram. Karakoram Maps (Leomann Maps) The mountain range lies in a particular region of Ladakh in India, Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan, northeastern frontier of Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan and southern Xinjiang in China. 1 Maps Site Maps of India - India's No. Image of destination, cliff, gorge - 110359137 The Karakoram proper has an impressive number of prominent mountains. It is bounded by shyok River in East and Karamber, Ishkuman and Gilgit Rivers in the west. On the outline map of India, show the following : (i) The Karakoram Mountain range, (ii) The Pamir Knot, (iii) The highest Himalayan mountain peak of India, (iv) The Vindhyan, Nilgiri mountain, Cardamom hills, Aravallis, Satpura, (v) The Malwa plateau, (vi) The Mansarowar lake, (vii) The Nanda Devi, Nanga Parbat, Garo, Khasi and Jaintia Hills. All of them are found in either the Karakoram or Himalayan mountain ranges of central Asia. The highway is a popular tourist attraction and is one of the highest paved roads in the world, passing through the Karakoram mountain range, at at maximum elevation … Gil View of the karakoram mountain range from the Karakul lake, Xinjiang Province, China 2008. Detailed 6 day hill, mountain and summit forecasts for up to 5 different elevations per mountain. It is mainly located in China, India, and Pakistan.Parts of the range extend into Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan.Many of its mountains are in the regions of Gilgit-Baltistan, Ladakh, and Xinjiang.It is the second highest mountain range in the world. The name is from a Turkic word meaning back gravel. The comprehensive weather resource is aimed at climbers, mountaineers, hillwalkers, hikers or outdoor enthusiasts planning expeditions where mountain weather is critical. The Karakoram Highway, also known as the Friendship Highway in China is the Highest Highway in the World. OVERVIEW. Photo Gallery of the world's eight-thousanders - the 14 mountains over 8000 metres in height Maps showing the location of the 8000 metre mountains of the Pakistan Karakoram: K2, Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum, Hidden Peak Although often associated with the Himalayan range the Karakoram is a totally separate range that runs parallel without touching at any point. Note: Range borders shown on map are an approximation and are not authoritative. Karakoram Maps (Leomann Maps) on 1 Maps Site Maps of India - India's No. The Karakoram Pass (Hindi: क़ाराक़ोरम दर्रा) is a 5,540 m or 18,176 ft mountain pass between India and China in the Karakoram Range. Image of natural, peak, beautiful - 122528784 Mountain Ranges of India, map showing hill ranges and major rivers in India. Location, Climate, and notable Peaks. Map of Karakoram or Karakorum. Chapchingal Sar I (Altitude: 6483 meters), Pakistan. The … The Passu Cathedral Range in Gilgit-Baltistan. Karakoram means black in Turkish. The range southern borders are demarkated by the Gilgit, Indus and Shyok Rivers. North of the Karakoram is the Tibetan Plateau and above this the Kunlun range. The Karakoram Mountains form the western side of the Himalaya Mountain Range. At 8,611 m (28,251 ft) K2 is the tallest mountain in the region, and three others within 20 km top 8,000 m. The Karakoram and the Himalaya are important to … 5. Karakoram and Himalayas are 2 different ranges, Karakoram, Himalayas and Hindu Kush meet at a point located somewhere in Gilgit - Baltistan #Pakistan. The Karakoram is a Mountain range in Asia. The geological story of the world’s tallest mountains is one that began some 40 million years ago, when the Indian tectonic plate began a slow-motion collision with the Eurasian plate. Karakoram Mountain Range could be termed as overall the second highest mountain range in the world. Karakoram Highway Cycling Tour is once in a life time cycling experience through the Karakoram mountain valleys, along the rivers and ancient silk route.Karakoram Highway starts from Hassan Abdal town and goes through Hunza valley to Khunjerab Pass. Out of 14 Eight Thousanders in the world (peaks over 8000 meters), 10 are in the Himalayan Range and 4 are in Karakoram Range. 'Karakoram' literally means 'Black Gravel' in Mongolic.. Karakorum or Karakoram, mountain range, extending c.300 mi (480 km), between the Indus and Yarkant rivers, N Kashmir, S central Asia; SE extension of the Hindu Kush. From the Pir Panjal Range flows the Jhelum River (which bisects the famous Vale of Kashmir); the Indus River descends between the Zaskar and Ladakh ranges; and the Shyok River rises in the Karakoram Range. This splended and magnificent collection of dark brown and black metamorphic rocks is the most unique mountain range. . Pakistan --- A group of mountain porters stand on the Glacier in the Karakoram Range, Pakistan. It covers disputed territory, held by China on the north, India on the east, and Pakistan on the west. The Karakoram (meaning "black gravel") Mountains of Pakistan mark the western end of the greater Himalayan mountain chain and contain the greatest concentration of high peaks on earth. The Karakoram range mountain range is 400km long and called "Khara-Khelem" which means "big barrier" in Mongolia and "Tsagaan-Kherem" which means "white barrier" in Chinese. Photo about The Karakoram range is one of the highest mountain ranges in the world. Karakorum Mountains are the largest mountain range that lies between the borders of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and China. Mark the karakoram mountain range in india political map - 24678531 The Hunza valley, circled in green, is the region discussed in this blog. Euratlas online World Atlas: geographic or orographic maps showing the location, of the major mountain ranges of the world. Khunjerab Pass is the trading bordering between china and Pakistan.
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