Fungicides won't destroy Botrytis, but they can help keep the disease in check. Moreover, most lily cultivars are susceptible to many diseases, although a few commercial lily cultivars are resistant to Botrytis elliptica, Fusarium oxysporum, and LMoV (Lily mottle virus) [6]. If your plants suffer damage through the growing season or start to show botrytis spots, immediately spray with Bordeaux Mix. Found on a wide range of plants (too many to mention), gray mold (Botrytis cinerea) is a fungal disease that travels quickly through gardens, especially during damp, cool to mild weather.Disease symptoms appear as grayish colored soft, mushy spots on leaves, stems, flowers and on produce. In this issue we've offered information on Botrytis control for your poinsettias, and laid out a 2010 Easter lily schedule. You will also find alternative recipes on our Fungicide Recipes page. Lily leaves can be infested with fungal botrytis if the planting location is less than ideal. Sanitation is not perfect since the disease can blow in from a long distance. In closing, I must warn you to clean your beds well this spring if you had Botrytis last year, and be sure to spray the ground itself with either recipe below after you do. I would like to give you with a little information on how to handle Botrytis in your garden, since I answered many, many calls and emails regarding this starting Summer & Fall (2008) and continuing today (2013). Keep plant debris picked up, as the disease overwinters in fallen plant matter. Sanitation is the main control. I sprayed a patch of roses I'd been fighting with rust & powdery mildew for 3 years running, it worked there too, no sign of it all summer. canadense var. These can progress into the stem and cause the stalk to fall over. maximowiczii', Lily Bulb - 'L. flaviflorum', Lily Bulb - 'L. Preferably, pull shoots as soon as they can be pulled away easily from bulbs. Botrytis blight of lily caused by Botrytis elliptica Cooke occurred severely in spring season in Taiwan(5, 6). RECIPE #1 BORDEAUX MIX 3 1/3 tablespoons copper sulfate 10 tablespoons hydrated lime 1 gallon water Prune off and destroy infected parts of the plant. Plant Lily Bulbs Immediately Upon Receipt. Foliar tissue samples of cultivated daylilies (Hemerocallis hybrids) showing the symptoms of a newly emergent foliar disease known as ‘spring sickness’ were investigated for associated fungi.The cause(s) of this disease remain obscure. We isolated repeatedly a fungal species which proved to be member of the genus Botrytis… Rubrum' - Wild Oriental Lily, 'Lankon' - L. longiflorum x L. lankongense, 'Leslie Woodriff' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'LeVern Friemann' - Heritage Orienpet Lily, 'Long Island' (Longiflorum-Oriental Lily Bulb), 'Music Art' -Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb (Tango), 'Majestic' - Aurelian / Trumpet Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Miss Ariel' - Double Flowered Oriental Lily, 'Miss Lucy' - Double Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Madame Butterfly' - L. henryi species hybrid, 'Netty's Pride' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Natalia' - Double Flower Oriental Hybrid Lily, 'Nathalie' - Roselily Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Orange Valley' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Ocean Breeze' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Original Love' - Asaitic Hybrid Lily Bulb (Fragrant), 'Pearl Melanie' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Pearl Stacey' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Pearl Jennifer' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Pirandello' - Scented Asiatic Hybrid Lily, 'Party Diamond' - Scented Asiatic lily bulb, 'Polka Dot' - Oriental Hybrid Lily (Double Flower), 'Porcelain Doll' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Pink Palace' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Pink Heaven' - Easter Lily/Oriental Lily Hybrid, 'Raspberry Swirl' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Royal Trinity' - Scented Asiatic Lily Bulb, 'Roberta' - Double Flower Oriental Hybrid Lily, 'Red Morning' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Summer Valley' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Sweet Surrender' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Strawberry Cream' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Swansea' - Fragrant Easter x Asiatic Hybrid Lily, 'Summer Palace Strain' - Trumpet Lily Bulb, 'Silver Angel' - Trumpet Hybrid Lily Bulb Strain, Trumpet Hybrid Lily Bulb - 'Seventy-six Trombones', 'Salmon Party' - (Dwarf Oriental Lily Bulb), 'Souvenir' - Dwarf Oriental Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Victorian Petticoat' aka 'Smokey Mountain' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Satisfaction' - Orienpet Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Tiny Bee' - Dwarf / Pot Asiatic Lily Bulb, 'Tiny Orange Sensation' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Tribal Dance' - Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Tiny Sensation' - Dwarf/Pot Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Tiny Snowflake' - Dwarf/Pot Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Tiny Nanny' - Dwarf/Pot Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Tiny Todd' - Dwarf/Pot Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Tiny Athlete' - Dwarf/Pot Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Trimaru' - Longiflorum x Asiatic Hybrid Lily Bulb, 'Trebbiano' - Easter x Asiatic Hybrid Lily, 'Tropical Breeze' - Fragrant Asiatic Hybrid, 'Tropic Moon' - Trumpet Hybrid Lily Clone, 'Tropical Isle' - Trumpet Hybrid Lily Bulb "Sorry, Sold Out", 'Tea for Two' (aka 'Time Zone') - Orienpet Hybrid Lily, 'Triumphator' - Easter Lily x Oriental Hybrid Lily, Brown leaves on lilies - Botrytis Blight (Fungus).
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