The saw itself is enormous and heavy, yet the space the Axial-Skim framework saves means it can fit into workspaces where smaller saws can’t operate. Makita gives enhanced and perfect bevel and miter cuts. Bosch’s CM10GD is their 10-inch compound miter saw with the Axial-Glide system appended. To finish everything off, this model accompanies an inherent laser for included exactness help. On the off chance that you really appreciate the clamor and feel of cutting wood, this may really be a downside for you, since you’ll barely realize that you’re doing an extremely troublesome activity. While this may very well be true, the “DXT” stamp is largely a marketing strategy. Your cuts can never be inaccurate with aluminum base design to hold the material in place. It can also go, go, go all day long without requiring downtime to rest. Downsides I have read a good deal of miter saw reviews and I’m happy to find that a lot of customers have pretty much the same experience about the LS1019L. Bosch Glide GCM12 If you extend the head if the saw all the way out and put the head down and push side to side there's a lot of movement on the bosch and makita… Furthermore, Bosch’s Axial-Coast framework makes great economy of space and smoothness of operation. Product Highlights. Re: Bosch glide or Makita LS1019L « Reply #4 on: October 13, 2018, 10:13 AM » I should have mentioned that if I was making this a permanent vacuum setup I would run the 2.25" hose to the saw then split into 2 hoses the proper size for each inlet. All wood cutting work will be easy. So Bosch CM10GD tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Makita LS1019L, as seen on the chart below. My attention went to two saws- Makita LS1019 L and Bosch CM10GD and the reason why is the type of forward rail system and space saving capabilities since it is intended for shop use.To me there ware a few factors that I was looking for- precision of cut (miter and bevel), dust collection, ease of use, versatility, ergonomics. This is somewhat similar to not sending a blade along at all, because you’ll want to get new blades immediately before you attempt to do any exactness work. It is also designed with laser radiation. Bosch’s Axial-Glide system scores points for the CM10GD immediately, yet this present saw’s general execution and other highlights do only a sufficient activity in complementing it. You’ll get what you paid for, yet that is about it. Indeed, Makita structured the LS1019L with an assortment of highlights for included ease of use. It is quite compact and durable enough. The Makita LS1019L is branded as a miter saw made for exactness. This appliance is featured with the axial-glide system for lasting exactness, entire control, and workplace with closely packed design. The saw’s structure conveys accuracy; however the motor is answerable for clean cuts. Makita LS12161 Miter Saw The RPM of 3800 makes your cutting work really effective. The sliding system of 2-steel rail reduces the footprint of saw and also provides operation flush with dual tubes against the wall. Most power tools out there comes with a range of features, build quality, and price ranges, and there is sure to be one certain unit that rises among the rest based on your budget and needs. This appliance gives accurate bevel and miter cuts readings. Q: What kind of warranty comes with this unit? No laser guideline for positioning blade. You can’t do that and not contend that it’s a decent worth. That’s because many of the features are more suited to newer users rather than professionals. A fence can be easily released and adjusted with a square lock feature. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Bosch CM10GD … The arrival on speculation, in this case, is well justified, despite all the trouble. Both the models are capable enough to serve the exact crosscuts. It’s powerful enough that standard work won’t pressure it into an early breakdown, and to slice through sterner stuff without overheating. And, in the event that you are only an average property holder with normal needs, this is maybe somewhat more saw that you really need. The value of the LS1019L is particularly clear when contrasted with it’s rivals in more significant expense brackets. Both models are capable of collecting dust with the dust collection mechanism. ... comparable to the ‘Gliding’ technology in the Bosch 10″ sliding compound miter (see link below). The Bosch GCM12SD and the Festool 561287 Kapex are both reliable to give precise and smooth cuts. Help Me With a Miter Saw: Makita vs Dewalt vs. Bosch. Whatever point you have to make a cut at, the CD10GD can convey it better than GCM12SD and Makita LS1019L. 90% of dust is collected easily with the dist collection system. This miter saw with the size of 10″ inch runs with the motor speed of 15 amp. I'm expecting it to be my best choice in terms of accuracy and build quality. The CM10GD is a decent saw. And despite the fact that the included stock blade is sufficiently high quality for an assortment of cuts, if necessary, changing the blade is no issue because of the one-advance blade change procedure plan. Bevel lock is designed in the front for a smooth workflow. Q: How wide of a board can this unit can cut? Bosch GCM12SD vs. Dewalt DWS780 vs. Makita LS1216L vs. Festool Kapex Miter saw People would like to invest in buying miter saws which they could use for a very longer period. Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw – 15 Amp Corded 10 in. Bosch GCM12sd has a decent dust collecting mechanism but Makita ls1216l can absorb almost 90 percent of the dust generated. It is supported by the 15 Amp motor speed. It is versatile and eyes-on accurate with its miter and slope cuts, and is comfortable enough that users can invest real energy with it without getting to be fatigued. This appliance can give not only accurate but also the maximum number of cuts. This appliance is considered apt for wood cutting work, carpentry work, etc. Ambidextrous ergonomic handle design with a soft grip. So to make your task much easier, we will share you our top 5 picks of the best miter saws out there. A: It is designed to take serious work at workplaces. Unlike Bosch CM10GD and GCM12SD, the Makita LS1019L accompanies an amazing stock blade, fit to be given something to do. So let us start by taking a detailed look at the Makita LS12161. Bosch GCM12SD is a little lightweight in comparison to Makita LS1019L. It is the Bosch alternative to the sliding action on two rods. This is the main difference. Q: What is the depth from fence to front leg? The 15-amp, 3,800 rpm motor of Bosch GCM12SD is powerful and durable than both Bosch CM10GD and Makita LS1019L. It comes with the 60 teeth saw blade design. It won’t convey the kind of value that will leave you shouting from the housetops. Makita’s LS1019L 10 Inch miter saw. It helps in making a smooth start and needs maintenance at a low degree. On the off chance that you need the Bosch GCM12SD, you should purchase the Bosch GCM12SD. By the end we will answer the question of which miter saw is best. A: Yes they are included; they are attached to the saw. Makita Is 10191 is lightweight compared to the Bosch miter saw. Far more detestable was that individuals revealed having trouble making exact, clean cuts and straight cuts by any means. However, as yet, thinking about the nature of this saw, you’re going to want to get better blades to really make spending the sort of cash you’ll pay for the GCM12SD an advantageous speculation. Given the significance of brand dependability among instrument lovers, that implies something. It will be easy for you to make perfect bevel and miter cuts quickly. When I first saw the Makita LS1019L in Dallas on our Makita trip, I thought it was cool, but it didn’t make me turn my head. Q: What’s the correct hose size and fitting for connecting to the saw’s dust port? As a brand, Bosch is related with quality and constancy that accompany at a cost. This appliance offers a more expanded base for material support. Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60 Tooth Saw Blade; 3. The fence can be slide easily with a one-touch lock system. 1. Trim work and different cuts that require supreme exactness appear to be the place this saw has disillusioned purchasers. In line with this branding, it has been stamped with Makita’s DXT (Deep and Exact Cutting Technology) trademark. In any case, when you think about the quality of parts, rundown of highlights, and enduring execution this saw conveys, the value is there. First is the big reduction in weight to 43.7 lbs vs LS1016L at 53.3 lbs. Not because of the saw or the technology, but because I am stubborn. Hello all, I'm looking at replacing my old Rigid miter saw and I'm interested in the new Makita Slider (LS1019L, with rails in front) or the Bosch Glide. Others had the option to fix the issue themselves. Some work immaculately right out of the case, others must be promptly returned on the grounds that they simply don’t work generally excellent. It’s adaptable and will reliably convey cuts, yet without the exactness of some other, marginally increasingly costly models. Check detailed comparison of bosch gcm12sd vs dewalt dws780 vs makita ls1019l vs festool kapex with chart. It’s powerful, exact and worked to last. This is by all accounts because of processing plant quality control more than everything else. Usually, if you’re doing 5″ and 6″ molding, a 12″ saw is what you would use. Blade guard system will give you a perfect view of blade and lines for a cut. The Axial-Glide sliding action makes it possible to fit the Bosch to a 24-inch workbench. Makita characterizes DXT as “a progression of highlights that give Makita miter saws additionally cutting limit and out-of-the-container precision for unrivaled cutting execution”. The cuts provided by Bosch are really smooth. Yes, this tool is designed with the laser guideline for a precise view of line cuts. Of these, the Makita saws operated smoothest. Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60-Tooth Carbide Saw Blade, 2. Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw features Bosch's patented Axial-Glide system, which delivers an unparalleled level of performance and a unique profile. This appliance is quite compact and can be carried easily. This difference makes the bosch appliance with more RPM make more speedy cuts. The top class models with highly superior features will fulfill your smooth cuts needs. It offers more cutting capacity with 14″ inches. Hitachi C12RSH 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw. Adjustments are quite easy for the bevel cuts. Bosch CM10GD vs. GCM12SD vs. Makita LS1019L Review. A: It is designed for both do-it-yourself enthusiasts and professionals alike. In this review of the DeWalt DWS780 vs Makita LS12161 we will be looking at two compact miter saws that both deliver loads of power, as well as a high level of cutting precision. It is extremely illustrative of the Bosch name, which means it is great quality, yet better plan. This review will be able to help you save time and let you pick the best unit for your angled cutting needs. We also added the Makita LS1019L – a 10-inch offering from a company with an excellent reputation for making good miter saws, the Skilsaw SPT88-01 – a highly capable model from another iconic company in the rotary saw space, and the Makita XSL06PT – a portable offering that closely resembles the LS1019L, but runs on lithium ion batteries. This miter saw is capable of cutting 14-inch, 6-1/2 inch cut in the vertical direction, 6-1/2 inch for crown cut capacity with 45 spring, and supports a variety of perfect cuts. The 2 square lock fence is already aligned for enhanced exactness in cutting. On the other hand, Makita’s LS1019L 10 Inch miter saw delivers more than expected. The transparent blade monitor framework fits easily clean cuts. However, if you try considering all the factors we mentioned above, surely you’ll get the right miter saw for your needs. However, it needs a little more investment. It additionally makes for comfortable use, and user weakness isn’t quite a bit of an issue. Also Know The Easy Steps And Tricks To Use It, What Is A Plunge Saw? It’s a costly apparatus, and generally worth the cash, just less that it merits raving about. It gets along admirably at the degree of its range as it does in the center. The performance of Makita LS 1019L assures perfection along with maximum cuts. While Makita ls1216l provides a wider range for bevel cutting of 0 to 52 degrees unlike Bosch GCM12sd which has the range from 0 to 45 degrees. Obviously, in case you’re searching for a spending miter saw, one that can make a basic showing without costing a great deal of cash, you’ll want to take a gander at various models. The other saws slide on dual rails, located either behind, beneath, or beside the motor/blade. Makita has kept up a merited notoriety for assembling inventive and professional-quality power instruments for quite a long time. It matches a ground-breaking engine with its 10-inch blade to guarantee that in the event that you spend the cash, you’ll most likely get your cash’s value. Makita is very well-known for delivering quality tools and accessories. In case you’re a carpenter searching for an adaptable 10″ miter saw, continue perusing. This model is one of the options best suited for do-it-yourselfers or hobbyists. It offers RPM of 3200. However, the genuine incentive in the Axial-Glide is the simplicity with which it makes its cuttings. 1. In addition, the Axial-Glide system guarantees smooth execution and a decent, clean cut. This is hands-down probably the best saw on the market. Bosch GCM12sd vs Delta Cruzer . Many professionals and handymen are aware that miter saws are essential tools in their workshop and tool collection. It is a full-size miter saw and suitable for all your DIY adventures. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. I received no compensation otherwise. The Makita LS1019L vs Bosch glide will update you about how perfectly you can get the accurate cuts. The renowned brand tools here have all the uniqueness that your enhanced production needs. Bevel and miter scales are easily read with the detents marked. This soft start-up guarantees the conveyance of smooth and predictable power. This is the main difference. And Also Know The Key features Of It, Find 6 Best Drill For Electricians – Lightweight & Portable, Find 10 Best Battery Chainsaw | Top Battery Chainsaw 2020 Reviews, BOSCH GCM 12 SD VS DEWALT 780 – Genuine Review Comparison. It does have a bigger footprint due to the standard slide rails than it’s cousin, the Makita LS1019L, but that saw’s features come with a higher price tag (and total weight). is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on You can store it in a bad position, consequently making the majority of a little, and confined workshop. Lowe guard is designed for easy visibility of the line cuts. In this way, it’s costly, yet on the off chance that you need what goes into its value, at that point you should pay for it. It also performs 12″ inches crosscuts at a 90° angle. Double bevel scales offer perfect visibility with a 0-47° angle at left and right. Bosch GCM12sd weighs around 65 pounds, and its dimensions are 31 x 23.8 x 22.5 inches. Most of this failure originates from issues with the blade not being parallel to the aides. Bosch cm10gd Vs Makita ls1019l Comparison Bosch cm10gd is a dual-bevel glide miter saw built with a special axial-guide system which lets you make wider cross-cuts at various bevel angles. Makita LS 1019L vs Bosch glide Comparison, Best Small Chainsaws Buyer’s Guide | Top 10 picks, How To Set Up Table Saw? While this might just be valid, the “DXT” stamp is to a great extent a promoting system. Makita LS1019L; Bosch GCM 12 GDL; The Festool is the cheapest of the three, but it also comes with the smallest cutting capacity. ... Bosch GCM12SD 12" DB Glide Miter Saw. BRAND TRUST: Makita is one of the illustrious names in the market for manufacturing quality tools. The Makita 10” Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser (model LS1019L) combines capacity, accuracy and efficient dust extraction in a more compact size, with a unique 2-Steel Rail Sliding System that offers a reduced footprint for operation flush against a wall. Well-known for manufacturing woodworking and also construction tools.  It has a wide range of product distribution. You asked about the Makita LS1019L, which is a 10” saw, and is newly offered. As a hack saw, this Makita is from various perspectives exact right out of the case. The guard system and gearbox are designed for enhancing cutting capacity in a vertical direction that is 5-1/4″. The blade position and line of the cuts are easily visible by means of the blade guard system. There seems, by all accounts, to be some unusualness in buying this saw. The ball-bearing mechanism is designed for accurate cuts. Few people also have the habit of trying their friend's miter saws to get a good idea about handling the saws. But because of the slightly limited fence height and blade clearance in the back, you may not be able to make vertical cuts on tall baseboards and large crown molding. What is the Difference between Bosch CM10GD vs. GCM12SD vs. Makita LS1019L? The new addition to the Makita bench top saw lineup provides several compelling reasons you might select this saw over others in the market. Dust collection becomes a little complicated. Aluminum base helps in holding material right and ensures accurate cuts. 1- Design & Build Quality Difference. All miter saws are awesome tools to have if you’re trying to make angled cuts. Also, the baseboard cutting capacity of 5-1/4″. It has 15AMP of juice that will provide 3200 RPM torque power for faster cutting. The Makita LS1019L is branded as a miter saw made for accuracy. The GCM12SD is all the best things that accompany the Bosch brand name. Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60-Tooth Carbide Saw Blade; 2. This appliance makes 0-60° left and right miter cuts and 0-45° left and right bevel cuts. Right up against the wall. They are normally utilized for making cuts on window casings, crown molding, picture frames, and certain cuts that you can’t make with a regular saw. Bosch’s progressive Axial-Glide system makes for smooth activity that expands economy of room. Bosch GCM12SD, the cheaper option, tends to get more favorable reviews than Makita LS1219L [4.7 vs 4.6 ]. Q: Does this saw come with the extension wings like in the image shown? Makita LS1019L gives accurate cuts. The cutting capacity consists of the crown molding with 6-5/8″ nested in the vertical direction. Makita defines DXT as “a series of features that give Makita miter saws more cutting capacity and out-of-the-box accuracy for superior cutting performance”. I'd appreciate any feedback, comments and observations from owners of either saw regarding: Quality and accuracy of … The GCM12SD is a magnificent example of Bosch items satisfying their name and, most importantly, their sticker price. The immediate drive engine has no belt, and in this manner isn’t powerless against slips or different harms. It helps in releasing the fence quickly and set the fence at a 90° angle to the saw without added modification. A: It comes with a 1 year warranty with a 30 day money back guarantee. All miter saws are versatile tools that could crosscuts and speed up angle on just about many different kinds of projects, from small tasks to larger pro projects that a contractor would gladly take on. For a saw as costly as the CM10GD, that is can be a quite genuine difficulty. It is in fact only about 6 lbs heavier than Bosch’s Compact 8-1/2” miter saw CM8S ($469) at a mere 36 lbs. Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD – 15 Amp 12 in. This one is probably evaluated out of your range. It is highly appreciated by the customers for enhanced cutting capacity. Bosch Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw - 10Inch, 15 Amp, Model CM10GD. Purchasers should take note of this and in the event that they purchase this saw check, ensure they’ve dished out a great deal of dollars for the instrument they need. This isn’t a modest saw. Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60 Tooth Saw Blade, 3. And lastly, if you have any feedback about our topic today, please leave a comment down below. Designed with two bevel stops with 33.9″ inches with lines and dots. Bosch sends a 60-tooth blade, which is truly suitable for basic employments around the house and supplements the saw itself. The plus point here is that Makita offers a smooth start. Most manufacturers send a 24-tooth blade with their saws. The Makita LS1019L vs Bosch glide will update you about how perfectly you can get the accurate cuts. Yes, this appliance is designed with the help of the lower guard feature. Makita LS 1019L miter saw with 10″ is a double bevel miter saw. BRAND TRUST: Bosch is ruling the market with superior power tools manufacturing.  It operates in many countries with a commendable brand presence. This saw was intended to convey precision absent a lot of exertion on the users part, and generally it does. For Makita it is their 12 inch cordless miter saw, the XSL08PT; and for DeWalt it is their sliding compound miter saw, the DWS779. Added dust chute and vacuum adapter are designed to adjust with 1-1/4″ inch and 35mm hoses. In our awesomeness score Bosch GCM12SD ranks #18 out of 114 and Makita LS1219L ranks #49 out of 114. You have refined it down to the question: you want to get an accuracy comparison between the “Bosch and Makita 12” saws”. Bosch Glide GCM12SD miter saw with 12″ is a glide miter saw with the double bevel feature. The major difference here is that Makita LS1019L offers 3200 RPM and Bosch Glide GCM12SD offers 3800 RPM. The adjustments are quite easy with the large and easily read consistent bevel and miter scale with the stainless steel design. When it comes to a miter saw, build quality and design is a unique factor that one has to look at. We will delve into each of the miter saw’s main functions and features, and based on these state which one is the best and should be purchased. Review of the Bosch Glide GCM12SD. The axial-glide feature enhances the saw range and also blocks the space. However, the Bosch GCM12SD’s exceptional feature is the soft-grip ambidextrous handle that … This quoted sentence you wrote seems to sum up the real question you have posed. The miter saws tested are the highest-end models from each manufacturer, including the Bosch CM10GD, the Hitachi C10FSHC and C10FSHPS, the Makita LS1019L… The Makita LS1019L is fueled by a 15 AMP direct drive engine that highlights soft start innovation. The innovative Bosch 10in. As a rule, proprietors had the option to have their saws overhauled by Makita under guarantee. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. This saw likewise includes electronic speed control innovation, which keeps the blade at a steady speed while cutting to guarantee smooth and exact cuts. Sliding miters were tested on 8-inch MDF and yielded similar results, though the Bosch, Delta, and Hitachi C10FSHC showed some minimal sway in the cut’s straightness. It’s anything but an incredible saw; however it’s a decent one. It’s likewise got a marginally littler blade, which means a corresponding littler degree of cut reach. The 2 top-class power tools manufacturing brands Makita and Bosch are confronting each other. But it's without led light unless I upgrade to the set version, which puts it at the same price as the bosch. Furthermore, making the right decision is not really the easiest task to do. Bevel lock is designed at the front for support and control. The laser feature gives perfect lines cut view. In accordance with this branding, it has been stepped with Makita’s DXT (Profound and Definite Cutting Innovation) trademark. In spite of the fact that this looks truly enough to be the sort of saw that may put structure over capacity, it appears to have been planned considering life span. The general conclusion of users was this is a decent saw that satisfactorily speaks to the Bosch brand name. Makita LS1019L 10″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser, Hitachi VS Makita Vs DEWALT VS Bosch Miter Saw, DEWALT DWS780 Vs. Bosch GCM12SD Vs. DHS790AT2 Miter Saw, Hilti VS Bosch VS Makita Rotary Hammer Drill, Makita HR2641 VS HR2475 VS Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme Hammer Drill, Makita XT260 vs. XT211 vs. XT211M vs. CT200RW, Bosch CLPK232-181 vs. Milwaukee 2691-22 vs. Bosch CLPK234-181, Axial glide system delivers suyperior performance, Comes with unique 2-steel rail sliding system, Innovative direct drive gearbox and guard system, The laser is only on left side of the blade. The Makita LS1019L is a highly innovative 10″ sliding compound miter saw that rivals 12″ saws when it comes to cutting capacity. In regards to that, acquiring the best miter saw to match not only your budget but your current projects can be quite hard. A: It lives up to the Bosch reputation for well-crafted units. Both the models are capable enough to serve the exact crosscuts. It makes the perfect crosscuts of 12″ inch. Bosch Glide GCM12SD liter saw gives perfect crosscuts. Makita LS1019L vs Bosch glide comparisons have all the details for you, right from feature to every parameter. The LS1019L co… is reader-supported. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. The dust collecting system extracts almost 90% of the dust. Makita LS1019L 10" Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD - 15 Amp 12 Inch Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60 Tooth Saw Blade Metabo HPT 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw, Laser Marker System, Double Bevel, 15-Amp Motor, Tall Pivoting Aluminum Fence, 5 Year Warranty (C12FDHS) The user can easily view the blade position with the lower guard design. The major difference here is that Makita LS1019L offers 3200 RPM and Bosch Glide GCM12SD offers 3800 RPM. This incredible and exact miter saw was built with a particular spotlight on easy to-execute precision. Makita LS1019L vs Bosch Glide is here to state the functions and superior performance of these top class models. Q: How good is the warranty that comes with this unit? The LS1019L maintains this notoriety well. Individuals have been energized by this revolutionary change in compound miter saw structure for a generally excellent reason, it takes a major, massive saw and makes it so it can convey its best advantages in a small shop that would forbid lesser instruments. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking Bosch GCM12SD is more popular Have a look at the features and make a suitable tool choice for perfect cuts. For those precise line cutting, it relies on 6 linear ball bearings cross-cutting at 900. The Bosch is different; its patented Axial-Glide is a complex-looking system of two arms with 7 pivot points in all. The Axial-Skim framework improves the economy of your workspace by eliminating an extra foot required behind the saw.
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