Moon Knight’s abilities, such as increased strength and speed, are dependent upon the lunar cycles. Daredevil, who has been possessed by The Hand, hires Profile to take down Moon Knight. [116], During Volume 2, Moon Knight is given special weapons by the cult of Khonshu,[117] including bolas, golden throwing crescent-darts shaped like scarabs, an ivory boomerang, throwing irons, an axe-shaped lasso-grapple, and a golden ankh that glowed in the presence of danger that can be used as a throwing weapon or bludgeon. [106] The interviewer noted that the comparison is not baseless, as both Moon Knight and the Dark Knight are wealthy, "normal" humans that use gadgetry to fight crime. [104] Raoul and Sun King kidnap Marlene and force Moon Knight to visit an island dedicated to Ra. [144], United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, "Marvel Confirms 3 New Disney+ Series Including 'She-Hulk' and 'Moon Knight, "Wizard's top 200 characters. The series was canceled with #60 (March 1994), with four of the last six issues drawn by Stephen Platt, who was hired by Image Comics based on the strength of his work on the series. He is skilled with most weapons an… This video explores the abilities, powers, and origin of the Marvel Comics character "Moon Knight." The series was followed by a ten-issue maxi-series titled Vengeance of the Moon Knight, beginning in September 2009, written by Gregg Hurwitz and drawn by Jerome Opena. Moon Knight is able to overpower Sun King and Bushman escapes. Helpless before the statue of Khonshu, Spector's heart stops. Khonshu appears and informs Spector he doesn't need him anymore, as he now has other worshipers. After speaking with Spector's repressed alter egos Jake Lockley and Steven Grant, the psychiatrist begins the process of officially turning him down, suggesting possible future imprisonment. Later, Moon Knight utilizes a remote-controlled white limousine when acting as "Mr. Knight", and a similarly remote-controlled crescent-shaped drone/glider when acting as Moon Knight. Moon Knight begrudgingly applies for registration after much prodding from Khonshu, not wanting the law to keep him from his work. [20] Ty Templeton then steps in as the primary artist for issue 194, with Paul Davidson on issues 195, 196, and 199, and Burrows returning for 197–198. He eventually leads Bullseye to a bunker/warehouse where he has planted several explosives. Moon Knight later returned in the form of a demonic apparition taking on his appearance in #37 (March 1976) to battle the Werewolf once again. Other Marvel heroes take notice of his violent return to vigilantism. But Moon Knight’s alter egos aid him in both dealing with the criminal element and in dealing with his own personal demons. This volume opens with Marc Spector's early retirement which comes after a brutal battle with Bushman. [23], Born in Chicago, Illinois, Marc Spector is a Jewish-American rabbi's wayward son. [51] Moon Knight teamed up with the Punisher again, as well as Spider-Man against the Secret Empire. This version is similar in appearance to the Khonshu statue that Marc Spector worshiped in the past. 50% chance to chain to 1-4 enemies. [100], A sixth volume was released as part of All-New, All-Different Marvel with author Jeff Lemire and artist Greg Smallwood. The psychiatrist controlling the exam, along with the government and Tony Stark, has no intention of granting Marc Spector approval for registration. With his newfound powers he fights the crime with the name ArachKnight and is president of his company with his girlfriend Marlene Jane. Knonshu appears and turns the mutants into werewolves, who then turn on their allies back at base. 4. A little more of his backstory is uncovered as well, still following Khonshu and still suffering from multiple personalities. When Bushman massacred the inhabitants of Selima, as well as archaeologist Peter Alraune, to find an Egyptian pharaoh's tomb, Spector could stomach no more. Marc would later return to New York City and become the superhero known as Moon Knight. Moon Knight's costume uses carbonadium as armor, and has joint-locking functions, allowing him to support weights far greater than what he can normally lift. Character Profile Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. The series was relaunched as part of the "All-New, All-Different Marvel" initiative. Later that day two press conferences are held: one by Norman Osborn to announce the Thunderbolts' success and Moon Knight's death and the other held by Tony Stark who denounces the methods used by the Thunderbolts. Khonshu appears to him in a vision, offering Spector a second chance at life if he becomes the god's avatar on Earth. [49] He then encountered Silver Sable and her allies Sandman and Paladin. Comics. In the Battleworld domain of Marville, Moon Knight is among the heroes that fought for the attention of the twins Zach and Zoe. [80] He remained with the Secret Avengers until the line-up was reshuffled by Hawkeye. Jake's personality has been one of struggle against the inner demon trying to get him to kill while juggling sobriety. Expert detective, Proficient in martial arts and armed combat. [26] He battles Conquer Lord,[27] teams up with Spider-Man to fight Cyclone,[28] and fights Lupinar,[29] and his brother Randall, the Hatchet-Man. Moon Knight (Real name: Marc Spector) is a superhero from the Marvel Universe. In the Battleworld domain of Egyptia, Spector is a member of the Moon Knights. Khonshu suggest to Moon Knight that maybe Sun King only believes he is the avatar of Ra and if Marc Spector is truly the avatar of Khonshu, he should be able to manifest powers. In the comics, Marc Spector is a former boxer, Marine, CIA operative, and mercenary, who found himself near death after being betrayed by his employer, Raoul Bushman, when they stumbled upon an archaeological dig, which Bushman intended to loot for profit. Moon Knight tells Nefaria that the head is outside, but the tables were turned as Moon Knight had called the Avengers, and Nefaria was defeated. He is an Olympic-level athlete and a skilled acrobat and gymnast and excels as a combat strategist. [43] He officially joins the West Coast Avengers[44] and enters a relationship with Tigra for the remainder of his tenure on the team. He employs a variety of weapons over the course of his career, including throwing darts, nunchaku, bō staff and a truncheon. Unfazed from taking several punches to the face, getting shot, getting stabbed with knives, shot with a crossbow bolt, and getting tased. Sienkiewicz left the series after issue #30, though continued to contribute covers until the final issue (#38). [83] They both end up in New Orleans tracking down the Sapphire Crescent. Moon Knight's Powers and Abilities The main reason comic fans like to compare Moon Knight to Batman is that both are men who devote their wealth and … Spector agreed, although he later considered this encounter a hallucination. Spector is then haunted by a spiritual apparition of Khonshu, who chose a faceless Bushman as his ethereal representation. 'Astral Vision:' Spector could see magical beings that ordinary humans could not. ", "A New Moon Knight Rises | News |", "It's 'differently abled' now: Review of Moon Knight #188–193", "Ty Templeton Digital Comics – Marvel Comics", "Moon Knight (2017–2018) #200 – Marvel Comics", "MOON KNIGHT #1 awakes to All-New, All-Different reality in 2016", "Charlie Huston: Shining Light on Moon Knight", Moon Knight #7 – Midnight Sun, Chapter 1: The Woodwork, Moon Knight #9 – Midnight Sun, Chapter 3: For The Occasion, Moon Knight #6 – The Bottom, Chapter 6: Glories Such As These, Moon Knight #12 – Midnight Sun, Chapter 6: This Trap, My Body, Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu #1 – Night of the Jackal", Marc Spector: Moon Knight #38 – Blood Brothers, Part Four: The Avatar of Khonshu", "Moon Knight Voice – Marvel Universe franchise", "Marvel's Kevin Feige Breaks Silence on Scorsese Attack: "It's Unfortunate" (Exclusive)", "Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball – Vengeance and Virtue", "Review: Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue", "Marvel Avengers Alliance Chapter 9 Heroic Battles: Tips And Guide To Completing All Fights [VIDEO]", NYCC 2013 Marvel adds more characters to Lego Marvel Super Heroes Game, "Lego Marvel's Avengers is loaded with superheroes, villians [, "Moon Knight Joins Marvel Future Fight! [64], The Thunderbolts, led by Norman Osborn, are now on the hunt for Moon Knight. The terrorists then use a magic conch to summon sea monsters as the ship is sinking. In response to Alraune's murder, Spector challenges Bushman to personal combat and is defeated by Bushman and left to die in the sub-zero temperatures of the desert night. Moon Knight then locks his armor and secures himself to a large plate and Valkyrie's winged horse Aragorn, so she can fly them away. Rhymes with loony".[107]. Spector abandons his Moon Knight, Grant, and Lockley identities after the effects of Russell's bite (lunar cycle-based strength)[40] fade away, and functions as an independently wealthy man opening art galleries around the world, with the help of art historian Spence. Dodged magical energy blasts and eye beams. Moon Knight eventually gets drawn into the Superhero Registration Act as he investigates a string of murders perpetrated by Midnight, his former sidekick. During this period he befriended Frenchie Duchamp, who became his professional partner. Abilities/Gadgets. The next day, Tony Stark commends Marc Spector for a job well done and tells that Ultron is waiting and planning a robot holocaust. In 1998, writer Doug Moench, artist Tommy Edwards, and inker Robert Campanella brought the deceased hero back in a four-part mini-series called the Resurrection Wars. In 1998, Spector uses his Ka to help a critically injured Black Panther through the Kingdom of the Dead. Subsequent appearances came in Marvel Two-in-One #52, written by Steven Grant with art by Jim Craig and The Defenders #47–51, which had him briefly join the Defenders during their war against the Zodiac Cartel. Finding his mental condition unstable, Iron Man decides that arresting Moon Knight under the Registration Act might make his mental instability worse. [71], Moon Knight returns to New York after faking his death with Jake Lockley as his dominant personality, but still struggles against his violent nature and is hounded by Khonshu in the form of a small imaginary tormentor resembling a man in the Moon Knight costume with a bird skull who goads him to kill. These items are later replaced with duplicate weapons crafted by Hawkeye. These various and often crippling mental disabilities sometimes impair Moon Knight's ju… A companion mini-series was also released, Moon Knight: Special Edition, which reprinted the Hulk and Marvel Preview Moon Knight stories in color and in comic format, as opposed to their original magazine format. Still, leading four separate lives put great mental stress on Spector, but he kept fighting crime as Moon Knight. Moon Knight then uses the Sapphire Crescent to kill his own brother before he could kill any more hostages. Reacted to the sound of a gun clicking and dodged before the bullets hit him. At some unspecified point in time Moon Knight is thought to have lost these powers (he is last seen using his lunar superstrength while in the West Coast Avengers, a team he leaves in 1989. The Egyptians who worship the ancient gods find Spector and carry him to their temple. [55] With the help of Doctor Strange and Mister Fantastic, the Demogoblin parasite is removed. Since being blessed by Khonshu, Moon Knight’s abilities change due to the lunar cycle. Broke a steel staff in half over his knee with little effort. [120] Additionally, Moon Knight can 'suit up' by use of a remote control device which assembles the individual pieces of this armor onto his body, similar in fashion to Iron Man. Survived being near explosions and energy blasts. [46] Midnight is turned into a cyborg by the Secret Empire, then is seemingly killed in a battle with Moon Knight, Spider-Man, Darkhawk, the Punisher, Nova and Night Thrasher. The idea of turning 'Ronin' into the main persona is made by the Grant and Spector personalities who oppose the Moon Knight persona and the small girl persona's concerns. As the so-called 'Fist of Khonshu,' Moon Knight possesses super strength that waxes and wanes with the phases of the moon, with the full moon granting him the greatest strength. Compared to all of these exotic origins, Moon Knight has a relatively tame backstory - he was Marc Spector, a mercenary left for dead while on a mission in Sudan but resurrected by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Upon waking up, Moon Knight escapes from custody and engages in a fight with the Punisher, Spider-Man, and Daredevil. In 2019, Cullen Bunn wrote and Ibrahim Mustafa and Matt Horak drew Moon Knight Annual #1. During the skirmish on the deck, Moon Knight is able to secure the hostages, without killing any terrorists. The first is Moon Knight, using a plethora of high-tech equipment such as a voice-controlled glider/drone,[98] alongside magical trinkets such as an enchanted skull helmet and other shamanic dressings. To distance himself from his mercenary past, he creates the identity of millionaire entrepreneur Steven Grant, using this identity to purchase a spacious estate. [128] He is attacked by 'Deadites', reanimated versions of many of the dead humans, which seemingly tear Moon Knight apart[129] (he presumably escapes, as he is seen in the first issue of the regular Marvel Zombies series, which is set after Army of Darkness). [88][89] Together with Buck and Echo, Moon Knight beats the Kingpin who turns out to be Count Nefaria, but they capture Snapdragon and Count Nefaria escapes. [61] Captain America pays him a visit to deliver a warning and they quarrel. In March 2014, Marvel launched a new ongoing series as part of the Marvel NOW! Moon Knight is often likened to Batman in that his alter ego, Marc Spector, is a billionaire who uses his wealth to fund/trick out his heroic exploits. Kingpin. [91] Moon Knight proceeds to violently attack Nefaria who gets beaten up badly. [42] He time travels to 2940 BC to rescue the Avengers, where he learns of his weapons' design by Hawkeye. Basic: Cestus Uppercut - Attack dealing 250% Damage, +25% to targets with BLEED. During the events of "Dark Reign," Moon Knight vows never to murder again, and hires Tinkerer to upgrade his gear. Moon Knight is a superhero in the Marvel Universe amd is the human avatar for the Egyptian god Khonshu. Before becoming Moon Knight, served as a US Marine and fought through three African wars and five South American revolutions. Moon Knight Abilities Marvel Strikeforce. Powers and abilities [volume & issue needed]. [102], After re-appropriating Khonshu, Marc Spector resumed his normal life and his Moon Knight alias despite breaking up with Marlene Alrune. Moon Knight received his first ongoing series in 1980, with Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz as its main creative team. Can kick with enough force to knock a door flying off its hinges or create a hole in a brick wall. Staff, Boomerangs, Armor. It is also revealed that the Marc Spector persona has "died" and that Jake Lockley is now in control. [47], Teaming up with the Punisher, Moon Knight defeated ULTIMATUM,[48] and during the "Acts of Vengeance", fought Killer Shrike, Coachwhip, and the second Ringer. 'Shadow Walk:' Spector could become practically invisible in a shadowed area large enough to cov… Can take several beatings from armed opponents and keep fighting. Carson Knowles, recently released from prison, attempts to frame his murders on Moon Knight. The character has made appearances in various forms of media outside of comics, including animated series and video games. Upon his return to the United States, he invested the money that he had accumulated as a mercenary to make a fortune, and became the crimefighter "Moon Knight." Taskmaster, who has the ability to copy and replicate anyone's fighting style, has stated that he prefers not to copy Moon Knight's style, as Moon Knight would rather take a punch than block it.[111]. [87] Meanwhile, it is also revealed that Spector hired ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. He defeats Bushman and returns to America with Marlene, Frenchie, and the statue of Khonshu. The staff, led by Dr. Emmit, seems to have supernatural powers and thwart Marc's attempts to recover his past. The extent to which these abilities vary depends on the phases of the moon. [92] Moon Knight and Buck retaliate and attack her. The title of the story was mistakenly given as "High Strangers" on the covers of the mini-series. As such, Spector decides he has no choice but to rescue Marlene himself.[123]. Nefaria, however, survives and sends his daughter, Madame Masque to retrieve the Ultron head, who succeeds. The height of his power is when the moon is full. As he lay dying, Spector was approached by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, who offered him a second chance at life in exchange for becoming his avatar on Earth. [35] It is around this time that he first encounters Stained Glass Scarlet. A new Moon Knight series was launched by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev in 2011. [73], Norman Osborn summons the Hood and Profile to take down Moon Knight. Moon Knight appears in House of M as part of Luke Cage's Sapien Resistance against Earth's rulers, the House of Magnus (Magneto and his children, Quicksilver, Polaris, and the Scarlet Witch), although he is not wearing his costume in this timeline. Madame Masque is about to beat Moon Knight, but just then he develops an Echo personality, who tells him to not let her die in vain. Dixon left the book with several storylines unresolved (most notably, the fate of Moon Knight's errant sidekick, the second Midnight) and the plotline with the sidekick was resolved in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man #353–358, written by Al Milgrom. Prior to being Moon Knight, he worked for the Roxxon Corporation as Paladin. Moon Knight, is a recurring antagonist in Marvel Zombies. Punched the demon-possessed Daredevil through a brick wall. [50] As Marc Spector, he was tried for murder in Bosqueverde, South America. [121], For transportation, Moon Knight employs a variety of sophisticated aircraft. Spector returns to his Moon Knight costume to aid Frenchie DuChamp in gaining revenge on the Whyos gang for attacking his restaurant and injuring Frenchie's lover Rob, only to find the Whyos' attack was designed to draw Spector into another conflict with the Thunderbolts when he is ambushed by Venom. [101] In this series, Marc Specter wakes up in a mental institute with no recollection of his past or how he got there. It's not known how much of this strength is mystical and how much is simply the result of self-hypnosis due to his psychological instability. Bullseye is released to kill Moon Knight, as Spector prepares to go out with a bang. [34], Iron Man also investigates Moon Knight's activities by placing him under close surveillance. [2] The character was ranked by Wizard magazine as the 149th-greatest comic book character of all time. "Bruce Wayne", he said, "fights crime to avenge the murders of his parents", whereas Moon Knight "beats up whoever has it coming because he believes he is the avatar of the Egyptian god of vengeance and it helps him to feel better about all the people he killed when he was a mercenary". The fuller the moon, the more his reflexes, strength, and endurance are enhanced. [97], Spector has returned to New York and now utilizes two costumed personas. This provides a charge for the police to arrest the Kingpin, but he has to reveal his secret identity for a charge to be placed. His spirit had an encounter with Khonshu, who promised to save his life in exchange for his service. Spector's estranged relationship with Marlene ends when she finally leaves him for her ex-husband when he becomes Moon Knight again. [25] The fuller the moon, the more strength Moon Knight derives from it; even during a new moon, he can lift several hundred pounds. His original persona, with its multiple facets, faded into the background. They are also expert detectives, and even use similar gadgets, such as boomerang-like projectiles (Batarangs for Batman, and Moonrangs for Moon Knight). [52], While fighting with his brother Randal Spector over who is destined to carry the mantle of Moon Knight, Marc discovers Khonshu is not the god of vengeance but the god of justice. Afterewards, Marlene tended to his injuries.[105]. Khonshu himself appears to Spector and enters his body, giving him the same lunar abilities he previously had.[41]. Traveled through the Land of the Dead to save. Moon Knight doesn't just rely on his lunar powers in combat. During the events of Marc Spector: Moon Knight, his silver-white costume includes adamantium for greater protection, and he acquires an array of high-tech weaponry including an adamantium staff, a truncheon capable of firing a cable line, and gauntlets that fire crescent darts. A growing Khonshu screams for vengeance, yet Moon Knight manages to defy him and spare Bushman's life. ", "Blade, Moon Knight, Morbius and The Punisher confirmed for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC", Comic Foundry – The Conversation: Doug Moench + Charlie Huston,, Fictional characters with multiple personalities, Fictional United States Marine Corps personnel, Marvel Comics characters with superhuman strength, Pages using citations with accessdate and no URL, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2009, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2013, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2013, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2009, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Moon Knight by Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev, Proficient in martial arts and armed combat, Increased strength, speed, and endurance depending on the lunar cycle. Charlie Huston, writer of the 2006 re-launch of Moon Knight, attempted to answer the criticism that Moon Knight is an ersatz Batman in an interview with Comixfan. The psychiatrist not only approves his application but bows to worship him as well. Ripped a car door off its hinges and punched the driver inside with enough force to slam them through the other door. Once time traveled to 2940 BC to rescue the West Coast Avengers, who he later became a member of. Over his years as Moon Knight, Spector has also exhibited periodic demonstrations of supernatural powers such as enhanced strength during nights with full moons, prophetic visions and dreams, and the ability to drain another person’s life energies through physical contact. Can kick with enough force to knock a door flying off its hinges or create a hole in a brick wall. and with him replacing S.H.I.E.L.D.. Lockley knows that Osborn had been behind the group of Thunderbolts sent to kill him and that a deranged psychotic was not fit to run the U.S.A.'s national security agencies, so using some spoils from the Cartel, Moon Knight decided it was time for a comeback. With the arrival of John Byrne onto the title, Moon Knight was written out of the West Coast Avengers and after a guest spot in Punisher Annual #2 (part of the "Atlantis Attacks" storyline), the character was given a new ongoing title in 1989, Marc Spector: Moon Knight. [120] He uses a gun that shoots a grappling hook and bolas to knock out villains and uses a white motorcycle for transport. [65] Marc Spector himself busts up a drug deal while wearing an entirely black costume while going through an internal monologue about how crime-fighting is much easier without the burden of his reputation and "costume recognition. Celebrate this week's Moon Knight #200 with a look back at the character's debut! Moon Knight fights back, and defeats Madame Masque. Capable of easily bench-pressing 450 lbs. While investigating the Phantom Rider with Daimon Hellstrom, Moon Knight and the Avengers are attacked by soldiers working for Khonshu's rival, Seth, who is invading Asgard. He employs a variety of weapons over the course of his career, including throwing darts, nunchaku, bō staff and a truncheon. His introduction to the Marvel universe could mean some trouble for your favorite heroes as well as having excellent martial arts abilities alongside increased strength. In near death is revived from the Master Weaver by a Spider to be his avatar and is given spider-powers, but splitting his personality into four. Daredevil is apparently able to see the apparition and leaves him. Deciding to become a crimefighter, Spector creates a silver cloaked costume, based on the silver shroud, and becomes Moon Knight aka "The Fist of Khonshu". Moon Knight is shown to possess a very high tolerance for pain such as ignoring a crossbow bolt fired into his shoulder by Taskmaster,[114] as well as when he receives a bullet wound through his leg while only letting off a slight grunt of pain. [81], During the Shadowland storyline, Moon Knight is still operating as Jake Lockley. Constantly battles criminals and super villains on a daily basis, usually coming out on top. [133] During the battle, he is impaled by the assassin Elektra. Thus, while Batman is motivated by vengeance for the wrong done to his parents, Marc Spector is motivated by vengeance as a concept. Marc is at the height of his power when the moon is full. Over the course of his life as a boxer, U.S. Marine, mercenary, and costumed superhero, Marc Spector has become an expert at hand-to-hand combat techniques and martial arts such as boxing,[108] kung fu, eskrima, judo,[109] karate, ninjutsu, savate,[110] and Muay Thai. His mother died soon afterward. Marc Spector's background is updated, so he fought in the Gulf War and that his time as a mercenary was during the 1990s. The attack left Silverman in critical condition, which caused Frenchie and Moon Knight to again join forces and attack the gang who attacked them. Spector is a superb driver and can pilot a helicopter. [63] Moon Knight is forced into a final confrontation with his cybernetically enhanced former sidekick Midnight, seemingly killing him for good. 'Moon's Might:' At night, Spector's speed, strength, agility, reaction time, leaping ability, reflexes, senses and duribility increased as the moon waxed, and decreased as the moon waned. [volume & issue needed] Moreover, it is also suggested that the original inspiration for the moon god Khonshu was the Watcher Uatu who watches the Earth from his base on the moon. 2 years ago. A Moon Knight ongoing series was launched in April 2006, written by Charlie Huston with art by David Finch. Iron Man located him via J.A.R.V.I.S. It is also revealed that Frenchie is homosexual and in love with Marc Spector; which is why he stuck around for so long. Crushed a submachine gun into pieces with a single stomp of his foot. Moon Knight (real nameMarc Spector), is one of the potential Avengers recruits. History [edit | edit source] Media [edit | edit source] he appeared to be operating in Egypt. [82] During an assault on the Shadowland fortress with Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and Elektra, Daredevil almost kills Moon Knight, but Khonshu appears and asks him to spare his life. With his fortune he could not only support his new career of fighting crime, he could create another persona: Steven Grant, financier. [131], S.H.I.E.L.D. The character received a complete origin story, and most of his notable recurring villains were introduced, particularly his arch enemy Bushman. Secondary: Crescent Dart - Throw cestus at Target dealing 125% damage and causing BLEED for 1-2 turns. While trying to walk the path of a hero he makes a bold return taking on many criminals but killing none of them; now the people of New York begin to see him as a hero and not a murderous vigilante much to Norman Osborn's disdain. Finally, to gather information at street level, he created a fourth persona: Jake Lockley, cab driver. With their help he developed the costume, equipment, and persona of Moon Knight. The new law requires him to submit to a psychiatric exam. The new "Marvel Legacy" volume launched in January 2018, starting with issue number 188 and continued through issue 200. Nefaria angrily attacks the police station and is about to kill Snapdragon, but Moon Knight intervenes again. He faced off against Shang-Chi in the Tournament of the Thirteen Chambers and was defeated. Spector gained his superhuman powers as a result of a visitation by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. [16] The 2006 series ended with #30 (July 2009), and only one Annual in the series was printed in 2008. In Los Angeles, Moon Knight captures the Werewolf for the Committee, but then frees him and halts the Committee's plans, fighting Russell again. Spector consults his accountant on the matter, who tells him that acquiring that much cash on such short notice is simply impossible. He later appears in issue #2 of the Great Lakes Avengers mini-series where Doorman offered to recruit him in the GLA, but he immediately rejects the offer.[60]. Moon Knight appeared in Marvel Fanfare for two issues (#30 and #38) and in the pages of West Coast Avengers (#21–41 and Annuals #1–3), with the character written by Steve Englehart. Moon Knight appears as an unlockable playable character in the, Moon Knight appears as an unlockable playable character in, Moon Knight appears as a playable character in, This page was last edited on 29 November 2020, at 08:40. Skilled Detective Spector is a good detective with broad knowledge and understanding of the criminal underworld. Moon Knight, real name Marc Spector, is a character from Marvel Comics. At the conclusion, Bushman winds up in a mental institute and Jake Lockley begins to start a new life with Marlene.
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