If installed onto a refrigerated cooler, the bottle filler will dispense chilled water. Pour Over Thermal Brewer (FSTB-P60), 80 oz. ... Elkay LZS8WSLK EZH2O Bottle Filling Station with Single ADA Cooler, Filtered, 8 GPH, Light Gray 4.3 out of 5 stars 78. It can be installed on existing Versacooler I and II Oasis model fountains. Buy all of the Oasis water cooler items you need to service your units from the drinking fountain experts. Waterways are lead-free in materials and construction. OASIS® designs and manufactures drinking fountains, bottled water coolers and dehumidifiers. The Oasis VersaFiller – PWEBF Electronic VersaFiller Retrofit Bottle Filling Station Kit when retrofitted to either the P8AC or P8AM, has independent hands free activation. Oasis PWEBF VersaFiller is a wall mounted sports bottle filler that dispenses water at the touch of a button. When retrofitted to the Oasis PG Series fountains, the PWEBF Bottle Filler has independent hands free activation. 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. Automatic POU Thermal Brewer (FSTB-A80), Free Standing and Against-The-Wall Models, Free Standing 10 gph Water Cooler (P10CP), Free Standing 14 gph Water Cooler (PLF14FA), Free Standing 14 gph Water Cooler (P14FA PF14FA), Free Standing Hot' N Cold 8 gph (PLF8FAH), Free Standing Hot' N Cold 14 gph (PLF14FAH), Free Standing 3 or 5 gph Water Cooler (P3CP P5CP), Free Standing 3 gph Water Cooler (PLF3CP), Free Standing 8 gph Water Cooler (P8FA PF8FA), Free Standing Hot' N Cold 3 gph (PLF3CPH), Free Standing 10 gph Water Cooler (PLF10CP), Free Standing 5 gph Water Cooler (PLF5CP), Free Standing Heavy Duty 13 gph Water (PLF13P), Heavy Duty 13 gph Water Cooler for Child (PLF14FAH), Free Standing 8 gph Water Cooler (PLF8FA), Barrier-Free Bi-Level Modular with Elect (M8SCEE), Barrier-Free Modular Drinking Fountain (F140PM), Modular Fountain with Back Panel (M110PM), Barrier-Free Modular with Electronic Eye (M8SBEE), Heavy Duty Gauge Vandal Resistant Drinking Fountain (F140PM-14G), Water Cooler w/ Sensor(PACEE PACSEE P8ACEE-300 P8ACSEE-300 P8ACSLEE-300 PFACSEE PF8ACSLEE-300 PRACSEE), Water Cooler w/ Sensor(PACEE PACSEE P8ACEE-D300 P8ACSEE-D300 P8ACSLEE-D300 PFACSEE PF8ACSLEE-D300 PRACS), Water Cooler w/ Sensor ( PACEE PACSEE P8ACEE-H300 P8ACSEE-H300 P8ACSLEE-H300 PFACSEE PF8ACSLEE-H300 PRACS), Refrigerated Barrier-Free Water Cooler ( P8AM-D100 P8AMS-D100 P8AMSL-D100 PR8AMS-D100 PR8AMSL-D100 PF8AM-D100 PF8AMSL-D10), Non-Refrigerated Barrier-Free Fountain ( PAM PAMS PAMSL PFAM PFAMS), Refrigerated Barrier-Free Water Cooler ( P8AM-D300 P8AMS-D300 P8AMSL-D300 PR8AMS-D300 PR8AMSL-D300 PF8AM-D300 PF8AMSL-D30), Water Cooler w/ Sensor (P8AMEE-D100 P8AMSEE-D100 P8AMSLEE-D100 PAMSEE PR8AMSLEE-D100 PF8AMEE-D100), Water Cooler w/ Sensor ( P8AMEE-D300 P8AMSEE-D300 P8AMSLEE-D300 PAMSEE PR8AMSLEE-D300 PF8AMEE-D300), VERSACOOLER® II 14 Guage (PVAC-14G PGV8AC-14G PVACSL-14G PGV8ACSL-14G), VERSACOOLER® II (P8AC PG8AC PF8AC PGF8AC P8ACSL PG8ACSL PGF8ACSL PF8ACSL PGF8ACSL), VERSACOOLER® II VANDAL RESISTANT (PV8AC PGV8AC PGVF8AC PV8ACSL PGV8ACSL PGVF8ACSL), On-A-Wall Hot'N'Cold Water Cooler 8 gph ( PLF8MH), On-A-Wall 14 gph Water Cooler (P14M PLF14M), Wall Mounted Barrier-Free 8 gph (PLF8SKPE-100 PLF8SKTP-100), On-A-Wall 8 gph Water Cooler (P8M PLF8M PM), Wall Mounted Barrier-Free 8 gph ( PLF8SKPE-D100 PLF8SKTP-D100), Compact Non-Refrigerated Fountain ( PCM PCMSL PLFCMSL), Hot' N Cold Water Cooler 14 gph ( PLF14MH), Wall Mounted Barrier-Free 8 gph (PLF8SKTP), Radii™ Bi-Level Modular Fountain(MMRSLEE), Barrier-Free Radii™ Drinking Fountain (F140R), RADII tm Modular with Electronic Eyes (M8WREE), RADIItm Bi-Level Modular with Electronic (M8CREE), Simulated Semi-Recessed Fountain (F130PM), Semi-Recessed 14 gph Water Cooler (PLF14S), Frost Resistant Barrier Free and Radii™ (M110RFZ), Frost Resistant Modular and Barrier Free (M140RFZ), Semi-Recessed Cuspidor and Drinking (FLF202PM), Fully-Recessed Cuspidor and Drinking (FLF231PM), Fully-Recessed Non-Refrigerated Fountain (PFPM), Inverted Fully-Recessed Drinking Fountai (F240PM), Fully-Recessed Non-Refrigerated Fountain ( PFPMCD), Fully Recessed 12 gph Water Cooler(P12FPM), Fully Recessed 12 gph Water Cooler w/ C (P12FPMCD), Fully Recessed 8 gph Water Cooler (P8FPM), Water Cooler 8 gph w/ Cup Dispenser (P8FPMCD), Hazardous Duty 16 gph Water Cooler (P16FAWHD), Free standing coolers- Large Capacity (PLF20FA), Hazardous Duty and Corrosion Resistant (P16FAWHDCP), Free standing coolers- Large Capacity (PLF20FACP), Free Standing Hazardous Duty Corrosion (PLF16FAWCP), Radii™ Counter Top Drinking Fountain (F300R), Free Standing Contactless (PCPEBF, PCP10EBF, PFCP10EBF, PCPEBQ, PCP10EBQ, PF2CPEBQ, PF2CP10EBQ), Removable Reservoir POU Cooler (POU1RRK POU1RRHS POU1SRK POU1SRHS), Stainless Reservoir POU Cooler (POUD1SK POUD1SHS), Odyssey Combo - POU Cooler w/Fridge (POUSE1SRHS), Stainless Reservoir POU Cooler ( POUE1SK POUE1SHS), Front Access POU Cooler (POUFA1SK POUFA1SHS), POU w/Quick Change Filters (PDT1AQK PDT1AQHK PDQF1AQK PDQF1AQK), Removable Reservoir POU Cooler ( POUMR1K POUMR1HK), POU Systems w/Filters (PHF1AQK PHF1AQHK PHT1AQK PHT1AQHK PST1AQK PST1AQHK), Stainless Reservoir POU Cooler ( POUR1SK POUR1SHS), AquaBar™ POU Systems (POU1AQK POU1AQHK PROU1AQK PROU1AQHK PDF1AQK PDF1AQHK PDQT1AQK PDQT1AQHK), Odyssey Combo - POU Cooler w/Cabinet ( POUSE1SCHS), Stainless Steel Reservoir POU Cooler (PSWSA1SK PSWSA1SHS), Breakstations ( P1JDK P1JDHK P1JBK P1JBHK), Narrow Breakstation Hot N' Cold (P1JK P1JHK), Point-of-Use Countertop Cooler (POU1CTK POU1CTHS PEF1CTK PEF1CTHS), Removable Reservoir POU Cooler (POUR1CTK POUR1CTHS), Stainless Steel Reservoir Countertop POU Cooler (POU1CCTHS), Three Stage Filtration System w/Monitor ( PDQFR), 50 GPD Four Stage Reverse Osmosis System (PDQTR).
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