i. However shortly after being at work the store manager would tell me another lie or I would look at my schedule to only see that my hours had been cut again. I always greeted my co-workers when I enter or left my job. I was upset about that, but as I watched when she was to get some ice, he kept looking at her & talking to the manager during that shift, and just kept looking and laughing at my mother because she was confused on finding the lid for the cup, not only does that make me feel horrible because the way they are making fun of my mother, it's disappointing to me how judgmental your crew is, and instead of trying to help her or assist her trying to find a lip that will fit the cup, they just laughed at her. No wonder there is no place on their site to complain! No food tongs, no gloves, dirty fingers. Skin flint organization. away. THESE WINGS WERE SO SMALL NEVER SEEN WINGS THAT SMALL EVEN THE GIRL SAID THEY WERE VERY SMALL BUT SHE COULD NOT DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, NO MORE POPEYES FOR US. His were all wings. I don't know his name. It's in one of their pockets, that's where it is, and because I never got a receipt. Do not offer any personal information in your comments. I called 911. 1800 sucks, Just to let you know that popeye's was my favorite place until i order some food (chicken dipper) I was given only 5 miniature pieces that not even i would give to my dog cause he probably would still be hunger after rec those pieces of chicken and have the nerve to charge 4.99. location one of the worst 121 & 7 ave no miami fl. Discover our menu and order delivery or pick up from a Popeyes near you. They caused my life to turn upside down by their lies and dishonest, they don't understand the damage that they have done!!!! The menu stated free delivery forHotel guests. He needs to make sure when he does talk to the manager he only presents facts, names, dates and times of the incidents. I just was on the line for 25 minutes on customer service to no avail. I will drive to the next town to my chicken. Phone Numbers (954) 578-8103. could you corporate guys please look into putting a popeyes BACK IN ST,PAUL MINNESOTA THERE IS ONLY 1 IN THIS WHOLE DANG STATE ITS RIDICULOUS PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LOOK IN THIS. he says he can tell when he is being talked about, because of the mannerisms that are displayed when he comes on too work. Popeyes is located in Atlanta, GA. Additional details such as Popeyes's phone number, address, website, and consumer reviews are also available. I experienced really bad service and under cooked chicken tenders that could have caused some serious problems. The manager Vannesa is the most unreasonable person there. I called 911 and have a police report to back this up. ads?Is there chicken only for black people?????? . Have your son ask the manager to speak with him privately. This is one of the largest chains of quick-serve restaurants, which owns over 1800 restaurants. What she needs to realize is that I among millions of other customers are what keeps the establishments doors open for business, for with out a customer, there would be no Popeyes Restaurant, nor a job there for her to go to. then there's no suggestive selling. As I was waiting in line to place my order, the Manager was so unprofessional, screaming at her employees, for everything thing she directed to the employee she screamed at them. Now I am on Popeye's Corporate site and as soon as I am finished with this, I will be going on FACEBOOK and telling people about the service at POPEYES IN ST MATINVILLE, LA.My e mail address is [email protected]. Why does Popeyes discriminate against other races in there t.v. View Popeyes (popeyes.com.sg) location in Singapore , revenue, industry and description. I also know that he pays another employees to keep information to them selves. She came back and said that there was chicken available. e. Tea sits out front with the lid off, lid laid on the counter my entire visit (approx. Now if I wanted that I could have got out of my car and entered the front door. I had ordered the 11 piece on the board and 6 biscuits and a large bean and rice along with a large coke. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen review from Martinez, Georgia rated 1.0/5.0 with 75 Comments: ... Didn’t need the straw the soda was foul tasting and to top everything else the store won’t answer phone and the district manager alma Villanueva won’t answer phone either my order number is #23. I had NO fork, spork to eat with, had to return to the counter because my chicken breast was missing, the unsweet tea was sour, then the sweet tea tasted like it had 10 pounds of sugar in it. WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON?) Management needs to be more involved in the stores day-to-day affairs. I'm surprised she was so clean after she had to bend over and her forehead and hair were inside the can and she must have had it touch her waist as she reached down to scrape the can bottom. Learn more about Popeyes Corporate Office. Next customer comes up is an African American man with 2 teenagers, he also asks for sauce, he is not charged, he even goes back up for seconds and still is not charged. !Can someone please give me added advice? However I continued to work there because I was told when hired that I was being hired for an Assist Management job. Seriously happened??? TRULY PATHETIC! Depends on if the one you worked at is franchise or a store owned and operated by Reasturant Brands Incorporation. I dealt with ALOT of attitudes from this manager.. Store .. on BELAIR RD Augusta Ga.. i believe store number is 4427 .. Popeyes Restaurants Headquarters Moving to Dunwoody - Dunwoody, GA - The chain, Founded in 1972 in New Orleans, now has nearly 2,000 restaurants. I was handed a box of chicken, then, the other employee asked if I ordered spicy or mild. Okay, so where do you think the money is? I myself want so much too go to the Boss and tell him about this. I pulled up in the back of a car waiting at the order booth. The one here in Hawaii Kapahulu, is horrible.. Popeyes’s headquarters are in 20690 NW 2ND AVE, Miami, Florida, 33169, United States What is Popeyes’s phone number? However shortly after I start and being a person who observes, I shortly seen that were I was, was an environment that talked out loud about their sexually encounters, the different men that that had, engaged in inappropriate discussion with the guest, talked about the size of someone's rear-end, the men in the kitchen making sexually comments about what they would do, talking and cursing in front of the guest, fighting, talking loud and being intimating with the store manager being the instigator in some (most) of these unfortunate occurrences. Popeyes Corporate Office & Popeyes Headquarters reviews, corporate phone number and address. I have been a resident of Los Angeles all my life. He left. sometimes they won't even ask for your order, they'll just wait for you to say hello. She apologized and asked if I wanted to speak to the manager. the Debit machine was do dirty I would not touch it. He treat his male employees different from his female employees. This place sucks and I will be filing a written, certified letter to the health department and whoever else will listen. Sping,TX. I drive all the way back home 1 hour into TN and go to put the dinner out so my family can eat at 8:30 pm and there was only 8 pieces of chicken all MILD, no red beans and rice, and only 4 biscuits....I was not going to turn around and then when I called the store back to tell them my order was all messed up...I was told you will have to bring it back so we can verify...REALLY I will NEVER GO BACK TO POPEYES>>>>>Even the person that was in front of me had to circle back around the building to get something that was not in their order…, I emailed Popeyes in regards to this issue and to date 11/04/2012 I still have no response from them via email, phone call or nothing...BYE BYE Popeyes.......You wont have to worry about terrible service from me again....Lynne Baxter, i realy wish popeyes would come to Canada all we have is K.F.C. eCorporateOffices. The population and revenue is here and I strongly recommend you research the area and consider building. Then straight to the window, I was able to pay she shorted me a nickel, but I guess she cant count and then was asked to park over there, I said where and the woman pointed across the parking lot. When inquiring about an order, please include your order number, your first & last name, and contact phone number within your email to us. I don't want the way i was let go happen to the next person. This company's recipe for success features fried chicken and biscuits. Again he loves popeyes, but these asst is really threatning too him. Had a very bad experience after just watching Popeye's on Undercover Boss. The only fast food in town is McDonalds. The teller said that they were out of whatever he ordered. Management there is crooked, I think, and bad managers. I drove home which is 3 minutes away. Comments are for review purposes. Im telling everyone I know , never eat at Popeyes in Bealton Virginia, I visited Popeyes on Lackland Air Force Base yesterday and was very upset with the service.First we waited 10 minutes for someone to even come on the speaker in the drive-thru then got overcharged on my debit card so they gave me the difference in cash.Then we were told to park and wait 9 minutes. I need this job to management, I really need this job to take care of myself, to pay my rent. He has lost alot of good employees due to the way he treats and under pay his workers. Please Help. Popeyes #11305, San Antonio TX. Then the child was put inside the office and the door closed with NO adult inside. I complained to the manager (who was standing right there I might add, and she admitted the girl Maria was rude) and completed the customer service survey. Won't make that mistake again.Popeyes on Fairmont Parkway,across from Krogers ,in La Porte,Texas will no be getting my business again. When I asked the manager the same thing she replied that 29 May ended the special. c. The manager (I think), audibly called a drive-through customer a "white jive-ass white mother f**ker" as he pulled away. ?!! great food.... terrible service. Ever think of 'Undercover customers', as well as 'undercover employees'?Anyway, I wanted to comment on the section where the janitor and "Pam" were cleaning the garbage cans. The MANAGER IS A ASS HOLE, I worked 36hrs DID A AWesOME job besides game day BEcause he decides to put only 2 ppl working total of 5 refunds and he also called in that day and didnt have no one cover his shift. I didn't purchase anything and the neither did the person behind me. I started to order a 12 piece, dark, mild. My ticked showed a time of 6:01pm. Company profile page for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information For Payment Issues/Enquiries. I would go there but I don't eat at the dump!!! Her manager, who was no where to be found, and an random employee who was also no where to be found when this happened all swear they were there and did not hear Amanda do this. Perhaps longer handled tools would help also, most of us are somewhat on the shorter side and I don't think I could lean over that size can and be able to reach bottom with the tool she was using. This episode showed that Popeys's really does care for its employees something that is lacking in so many companies with all the cutbacks and layoffs to save money. She scanned my card, gave me my receipt and TOLD me to park in the parking lot and she would bring the order to me. This will include the Popeyes corporate phone number and email address. Twice they were closed well before they should have been. ive worked at Popeyes NOT LONG of course for about 4 r 5 weeks , Okay.. Ok this became intimidating as the woman still proceeded to run her mouth instead of just walking back into the store to finish her fast food duties, the manager was looking out the drive thru window at the whole thing while this woman they call MO continued to talk shit to me. We got used to it taking up to 25 minutes in drive-thru and getting cold greasy chicken and bean juice with small scoop of rice for red beans and rice to latest incident, using a coupon for 14 pieces of chicken and getting 11 pieces. With less than 1 year experience in food service, even I spotted numerous violations. You can call Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen at (212) 725-7033 phone number, write an email to popeyescommunications@popeyes.com, fill out a contact form on their website www.popeyes.com, or write a letter to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc, 400 Perimeter Center Terrace, Suite 1000, Atlanta, Georgia, 30346, United States. I might even fall into it. you have not had this for months...REALLY???? Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, formally known as Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits, is a leading quick-service cajun chicken restaurant chain. You don't get between some people and their chicken!I wonder if the head office at Popeye's would be interested in this story? I WILL NEVER BE BACK TO THIS LOCATION THAT REALLY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN, FUNNY HOW U WANT TO LEAVE A COMMENT BUT ONCE YOUR DONE IT STATES ONLY WITH APPROVAL WILL THIS BE POSTED, WHAT A CROCK! I found the Providence Mall Popeye's to be the rudest restaurant I have ever had the privledge to patronize. Cleaning supplies on serving line, no gloves, no hair nets, uncovered beverages, employees scratching and digging, then returning to food handling practices, talking on cell phones while removing biscuits from a pan, filthy mop water in the dining area, food crumbs all over numerous tables, greasy fingerprints all over spouts, napkin dispensers, filthy pan of water sitting on a dining table, and the list (and pictures) goes on and on... I drove 20 miles today to get some Popeye's butterfly shrimp. I was watching TV before going to your store and they were still advertising the special. No one witnessed this, but they all lied that they did. I told the clerk she didn't give me my change. Restaurant chain Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is relocating its headquarters to Miami, according to the SFBJ. At the popeyes located at weston rd and Lawrence, Toronto. I don't care how "important" an employee is to the store, a bad attitude means lost revenue and bad press by word-of-mouth. I handed the teller my credit card, she confirmed my order but said "French fries" instead of "red beans and rice". Thinking that since I live only 2 miles away, the chicken would be hot. The crew member that had took our order was Edward. everytime I leave the doctor I fax my paperwork to HR. I took the order and shut the door. Popeyes was founded in 1972, its offerings centered on New Orleans-style fried chicken. 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