Regular use of beetroot on hair also makes hair stronger. Beet sizes vary somewhat depends on the variety, but they mostly attain a size of about 1 to 2 inches in diameter. kindly help me in this regard. PLEASE ADVICE THE PROCEDURE FOR GROWING BEETROOT. The best beetroots in the market have reached their maturity in a short span of time. In 2018, citrus fruit production for Nigeria was 4.07 million tonnes. The ideal soil pH is 5.8 to 7.0 but it can still tolerate acidic soils (around 7.6). Take note of the seeding rate and it should be 3 to 5 kg/ha but this should be based on the needed crop density. 2,445 Fans Like. experienced farmers from Kenya please may be also of assistance, reach me @ Your Support and Assistance will be Appreciated. Since you labored to come up with such an article, please do the same and teach them how to buy seed, plant and harvest beetroot. Beetroot is not readily available in Nigeria and at the same time not even popular. Sow the seeds at 1.2 to 2.5 cm deep and each plant should be 60 to 70 cm apart. Mid-April- Mid July is the ideal time for sowing though it may vary with climatic conditions of different regions. The ideal temperature for seed germination is 4.5 to 30˚C. Soak your beetroot seeds for a few hours before sowing. Thanks, I am interested in beetroot farming and water melon in Sapele delta State Nigeria i need information on high yield seedlings and where to get them. i will appreciate the co-operation of my brother from Ghana by name richard anane to please let work together on this. i will be happy to team with my fellow interested farmers for effective marketing. Beetroot can be harvested whenever they grow to the desired size. contact me I will supply in all 12 months in a year, I want to start beetroot farming near dahegam city in Gandhinagar district. The beetroot is indigenous to Asia Minor and Europe Majority of beetroot is grown for processing. what are the best varieties grown for nitrite content. I need help on how to get the seed. Wishing you success. 556 views View 4 Upvoters am from mumbai, India. Thnx alot. Cost of Cultivation of Saffron, Saffron Business Plan. The northern part of Ghana do not even now it neither to even hear about such a wonderful plant that can treat us from our blood pressures. thanks for that advice am in Kampala Uganda and ready to start on 4 acres of land will I get the market? I am very happy to read about beetroot and its potentials that lows high blood pressure and some illnesses. Madamsabi. How To Start Vegetable Farming Business In Nigeria. Yours sincerely, John O. Audu, what does it take to glow beetroot in 7 acres what i mean how many plants that goes into one acre ., Hi am in nigeria, northern part of nigeria, i want to start growing the fruits for commercial purposes but I don't know how to get the seeds and what's the best weather to grow it? which is the beetroot variety that has maximum nitrate content . In kenya. Thanks, I need to plant and grow beetroot in Delta state Nigeria. Okra does poorly on waterlogged soil so it is essential the soil being used is well drained. Beetroot, as it is also known as, can be called table beets, garden beets, red beets or just simply beets. Please how can I get the seed or seedling? The plant is usually erect with a long main root and a rosette of leaves growing on stems. Please i want to know which states in Nigeria will this be possible. Hi,I wish to plant beetroot for personal use. I have the equipment and water to plant up to three hectors of beetroot at a time but my problem comes when I have to harvest, clean and pack it. If not possible any supplier that could market this vegetable in the phillipines. Fertilization in Beetroot Farming . My worry is the market. South Africa i have got 10 years experience in growing different vegetables and selling them back to my community. The space between the rows must be 30 to 40 cm. November 28, 2019. If you are planting in heavier soils, try ripping or you can also plough the soil. Tag: Beetroot Production In Nigeria. Home Tags Beetroot Production In Nigeria. thanks. am in the slopes of mount kenya meru. Also, it is important that the land to be used for okra farming is well exposed to adequate sunshine. We at Gingerly, offer dried beetroot … Grower can expect on an average yield of 28 to 30 tons per hectare in 120 days. Spend time in learning the basics and after that, you can now find the perfect location for beetroot farming. Growing Turmeric Techniques and Methods. Thanks. It is one of the most popular root crops, and is ideal to grow on homesteads or in backyards for self sufficient living, especially if you have difficult soils like clay or a soil with a high salt content. Seeds of beetroot can be sown about 1.5 cm deep leaving a distance of about 7cm in between. how long does it take in the nursery? Beetroot can be grown in almost any type of soil but they grow best in well drained, loose, and deep loamy soil. i am interested in beetroot farming but cannot find seeds. 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Thanks. If you want to start beetroot farming, you should consider these tips. Every bed can consist of 3 to 5 rows that are 30 cm apart. First, we need access to land and financial services. Please contact me via what's app on 0625870539. write your comment with city, state and country.Thanks for the advice on beetroot.We are much inlike of this root in Ghana at the Greater Accra Region so please how can we get hold of beetroot in Greater Accra Ghana? Arusha Tanzania, Sir I am beetroot grower I want to export beetroot powder any one buyer? If sowing in rows then leave around 30cm between rows. The roots are eaten grilled, boiled or roasted as a cooked vegetable or cold as a salad after cooking and adding oil and vinegar. Vegetables. Yield in Beetroot Farming In commercial root farming, one can easily achive a root production of 30 to 35 tonnes per unit hectare land in a very short time period, just about two to three months. If it does then ll go into commercial farming. It is one of several of the cultivated varieties of Beta vulgaris grown for their edible taproots and their leaves (called beet greens). Feed the plants properly with fertilizer to get the needed nutrition. Zea mays Corn, Indian corn, mealies. Ranking of the country (Nigeria) at the global level is (from the highest to the lowest data) : 33 / 169 See the entire classification Nigeria : 4 records since 1983 , the average of these recordings : 43.42 % The highest data : 2007 is the highest year for the indicator : Employment in agriculture (% of total employment). 5 Beet Sugar supplied by Nigeria Beet Sugar Manufacturers & Companies Sugar.Rice.Cashew Nuts,Frozen Foods,Gold.Diamonds.Blco .AGO. DEAR SIR .I AM INTERESTING FARMING BEETROOT IN UK OR IN CHINA AND PROCESS IN TO JUICE OR READY COOKED IN 250gm PACK. This is in tropical area. I am very much interested in Beetroot farming but I don't know how to get the seed. Thanks. Weeds can destroy other plants but in the case of the Chenopodiaceae family, they are beneficial to agriculture. Copyright © 2007 - 2020 Maize production of Nigeria increased from 1,310 thousand tonnes in 1970 to 11,000 thousand tonnes in 2019 growing at an average annual rate of 6.89%. However, if you plant beetroot during the summer, it can reduce the quality of the roots. List of Lucrative Farming in Nigeria. Am Ome, from Delta state, interested in beet root farming .how do l get the seed for planting. In Beetroot cultivation one can expect on an average yield of 25-30 tonnes/ha in 130 days. The best planting times for beetroot are spring and autumn; the crop does well during summer on South Africa’s Highveld and winter in the Lowveld. Yield in Beetroot Cultivation:- Any agriculture crop yield depends on many factors like cultivar (variety), soil type, irrigation, climate and other farm management practices. This antioxidant … Marketing of Beetroot. Sow the seeds at 1.2 to 2.5 cm deep and each plant should be 60 to 70 cm apart. 0. Beetroot helps lower blood pressure and increase blood flow. my problem is that it next to smeltor, is a smoke from smeltor affecting plantation? You can sow the seeds in seedling pots and then transplant the seedlings into the final growing position but some find higher success rates if sowing directly into the soil. The prospect for farming in Nigeria is so high that only a fool will ignore it. Pls I need assistance on how and where to get the seed for planting. Please advise me how to go about it and maybe also tell me more veggies to plant. Am in Nakuru County Kenya. contact me I will supply in all 12 months in a year, I am shadrack from Delta State in Nigeria. thanks in advance. i have grown beetroots for about two years .not only is it profitable but its much easier caring for beetroot than it is for many vegetables. my agriculture land near burdwan district , west bengal in india, i am interested to growing beetroot, garlic, basil, and vegetable crop in different climatic condition. Thank you, Editor, so many have asked questions but none has been answered. those interested in quality seeds and help can reach me by mail or call 0755059702. Beetroot Cultivation Information Guide. There are many things that you should learn and since commercial farming can be a bit expensive, make sure that you use these tips especially when picking the ideal location for the beetroots. And also how to sow give me video about it. Manures and fertilizers Requirements in Beetroot Farming. An e… It doesn’t matter if it’s just a small garden or a large piece of land, it is necessary you ensure there are no shades that prevent sufficient exposure of the soil surface to sunlight. Neither NGEX nor any of its independent providers is liable for any informational errors, incompleteness, or delays, or for any actions taken in reliance on information contained herein. But the most fanny thing is that, this particular root is not popular in Ghana. advise me on how to produce beetroot and which variety is the best for tropical regions with deep loam soils. Beetroot in Nigeria: How and Where to Get It The beetroot is the taproot portion of the beet plant, usually known in North America as the beet, also table beet, garden beet, red beet, or golden beet. Therefore, there is no Yoruba Name For Beetroot at the moment. Start by doing some basic research on beetroot. I think there are three main challenges for young farmers like me. I just came across an article about beetroot, and I'm highly interested to know more on how to grow it, in my country nigeria. Beetroot and Diabetes: Beets contain an antioxidant known as alpha-lipoic acid. Where exactly can I be able to sell them? The containers should be at least 4 inches in diameter by at least 6 inches in depth in order to accommodate the beetroots and their stems. All Rights Reserved. Having said that, let’s take a closer look at some of the types of Farming that does very well in Nigeria. REGARDS. kindly give the whole procedures from planting to harvesting. Addresses and contact information of beet root in Nigeria. It is a lucrative plant to cultivate commercially since it has a long term season. Beetroot has much demand locally and in export because of its health benefits and as a natural dye agent in textile industry. Organic manure @ 25 t/ha is recommended for sandy soils. Am kenyan from the central province, interested in commercial beetroot production. What is the best way of doing this without investing in expensive harvesting machines and without employing hundreds of casual laborers? Am in Kampala Uganda and i would appreciate more information about caring for quails. Pear Fruit Farming Study Guide. If its an outside variety is cool weather okay. LOOKING SOMEONE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCE IN FARMING AND PROCESSING. The common name is beet but it may also have other names in local languages like Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba but we don’t have the names in those languages yet. This is an oil food store in … Beets are not particularly sensitive to … I AM FROM CENTRAL KENYA. Well, if this describes you or your need , then take sometime to read this Uganda farming guide on how your can successfully grow and profit from Beetroot in Africa. Mostly the northern part of Nigeria, but I have managed to grow beetroot nurseries successfully in the South East, for later transplant to see how well they will do there. They then enlarge rapidly to 7 to 8 cm with adequate moisture and space. I'm a kenyan living in Muranga area near a mountain known as aberdares. After one month, add LAN topdressing and work it in … Keep seeds or seedlings apart at a distance of at least 10 to 15cm (4-6"). Beetroot is a biennial plant grown as an annual crop for its storage root.