Save the tables in the same file as text, references, and figure legends. Tracy is looking for picture book, middle grade and young adult manuscripts across most genres, including contemporary, mysteries, thrillers, magical realism, historical fiction, graphic novels and non-fiction. The preface should be about the book: why it was written, who it is for, its organization, or the selection of contributors. Orison Books seeks to publish spiritually-engaged poetry, fiction, and nonfiction of exceptional literary merit. We do not require exclusive submissions. Ensure consistency by using similar sizing and lettering for similar figures. Orca Book Publishers receives many submissions over the course of the year and aims to consider each one carefully so we appreciate your patience with this process. Address the submission to that editor’s attention. A panel of judges will select a pool of applicants based on merit, demonstrated need and readiness for the mentorship, and diversity. Include the captions at the end of the text file, not in the figure file. Submissions. Never skip a heading level. Click here to read our SEO tips for authors. We will not review any submissions that do not follow these guidelines. We cannot be responsible for the loss or damage to submissions. Chapters contain the actual content of the book, i.e., text, figures, tables, and references. Short bio mentioning previous publications or other background information relevant to your story. Chapters can be grouped together in parts. You may assume that after six months we are not interested in publishing your work. These covers provide a strong, corporate brand identity for Springer books, making them instantly recognizable amongst the scientific community. 3 or see Sect. These materials include self-published books and unusual formats that cannot be sent electronically. It means you can focus on the structured content and let Springer take care of the rest. Other than that, we will consider publishing fiction books in most genres if they meet the following guidelines: You must have a completed full-length novel (40,000+ words minimum, depending on genre). Due to the great number of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to individual submissions unless we have further interest. Please supply all emails, telephone numbers and address of each author and editor. Italics should be used for emphasized words or phrases in running text. After the last chapter, the back matter of the book can contain an appendix, a glossary or an index. Due to the volume of submissions (more than 80,000 per year), we are unable to notify publishers whose books have not been selected for review. Fig. References at the end of the book cannot be linked to citations in the chapters. A literary agent is … We do not accept fanfiction submissions. Currently … If illustrated, please attach one illustration for the book. If English is not your native language, please ask a native speaker to help you or arrange for your text to be checked by a professional editing service. If you are submitting an activity book proposal, please be aware that we are most interested in activity book authors that have a strong blogging platform (though we don't have any hard requirements, a general rule of thumb is at least 300,000 pageviews a month and 10,000 followers on Facebook or Instagram and Pinterest). Add a reference to the table source at the end of the caption if necessary. Explain how your manuscript is different from these books. 3.5.1). List all parts, chapters, and back matter material (e.g., an index) in the final sequence. ‘Case study’ by itself) should be avoided as these will result in thousands of search results but will not result in finding your chapter. If it is customary in your field, you can also cite with reference numbers in square brackets either sequential by citation or according to the sequence in an alphabetized list:[3, 7, 12]. Please include a brief summary of your proposed article or guest post, or attach a Word document containing a completed article, along with a headshot, bio and any applicable book cover images. Submitting to Avon Books UK We are currently OPEN to new submissions for the Avon list.. At Avon we publish some of the leading names in commercial fiction, including Sunday Times bestsellers C.L.