Depending on the playstyle, getting the good stuff matters. Summer Zooey combined with an Enmity-based weapon grid can destroy any Omega or most event/raid bosses in a few turns, which resulted to the "Zooey Meta".Enmity is a weapon skill that buffs characters' attack based on how much percentage of HP they're missing.In most cases, trying to get the most of the skill presents two major drawbacks. The downside is being the most expensive primal grid atm as besides usual grand weapons all grids want, two of it's best units are limiteds from the rarest pools available (as Halloween and Valentine usually don't have good free pulls happening meaning you'd need to invest a spark for H.grey or Clarisse). Of these, only Vagabond, Gram, and Cerberus Order have SL15 uncaps. Seriously, I see a ton of people follow some tier guide, or ask someone else what to tix, and then just follows it blindly. One Magna mod, one EX mod, and flex between Seraphic and another Fallen sword, and you're set. I'm pretty sure most people get their Gislas from surprise tickets anyway. Primal Summon – Summons that multiply your normal weapon modifiers (Zues, Hades, Agnis, Varuna, Titan and Zephyros). Boost to damage cap stacks additively with other sources, such as. 500 for the 2nd avatar staff, since it was a thing I recently FLBed, since 2 Staves were a thing in Hades grids. Its level does not influence the aura. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If you are building your first team, a Bahamut weapon will be the single most influential weapon you can add to your party, so craft one for the race you have the most of; the main character's race is Unknown, so all Bahamut weapons will affect her/him. Bahamut vs double Hades mostly depends on team and content. Can deal big bonus DMG when Skill DMG dealt in one turn reaches a certain amount,,,グラブル/武器/SSR/ウシュムガル.html, https://グランブルーファンタジー,, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. If not, how many Gisla would I need to make it “worth it”? Same Parazonium/Blutgang/Unheil here as in Stamina. It's not always optimal but it help balance out depend on the fight. Below you can see all the videos on YouTube for Dark Grid. Cheapass Omega Dark Grid; Introduction. Each room you clear will give you a reward, which could be a Boon from the gods to upgrade your abilities, a Daedalus Hammer to upgrade your weapon, a Pom of Power to upgrade your Boons, a Nectar to gift to someone for a Keepsake, a Centaur Heart to increase your max and current health, an Obol to give you a lot of coins, Darkness to permanently upgrade your… What do you think would be the best path to a better grid? That's being said, never go on something like 2 Gisla or 2 FA, because it's a waste, you have to pick one playstyle and invest in it, then may have back up solution later. Why is that? This Week: Special Pre-GW Discussions Week, 11/6 - Nier11/7 - Zooey (Grand); Celeste (Omega) Weapon Grid11/8 - Vania; Hades (Primal) Weapon Grid11/9 - Jeanne d'Arc (Dark); Dark Team Compositions11/10 - Kolulu. 6 months ago. Aura - Hades' Aura; 0★ This is the basic aura for this summon. 123: 420: 755: 2350: Law of Daiches Massive Dark damage to all enemies and inflict Sleep. Because human characters are the most plentiful, most players will craft a Bahamut Dagger first, but it really just depends on what characters you have. Hades is stronger with enmity than stamina really, so gisla is still king, doubly so for HL def. For this weekend until next week, I've decided to expand the Guild Wars discussion threads to include a number of other characters. 80% Boost to Dark's, Hatred's, and Oblivion's weapon skills. Or at least, that’s what the game wants you to think. If you’re playing seriously and are looking for a serious improvement compared to Magna, that is what’s needed. Like any other Primal grid, it's not really worth to run Hades until all the pieces are lined up: uncapped Hades, and at least 3 or 4 core weapons. There are also no other Stamina mods in Dark outside of Opus and Summer Anthuria's weapon that has no 4* uncap and is limited to Fandango for its ATK mod. It was not until CyGames last year suddenly decided to change their mind and started pumping up dark enmity back to ridiculous levels - they gave us majestas to reduce risk of running enmity, they gave us kolulu/vagabond that exploites both enmity and skill damage, they added scales that goes quite well with kolulu skill damage, they gave autocast skills first to Vampy, Soldier and now to Six, that also synergize well with Kolulu enmity build being strong by themselves - and now you have a lot of pieces that fit just too well for enmity/skilldamage meta. Simply click the image or the video's name to be taken to the video. You can minimize the amount of RNG needed for each grid to be built for all elements. Overall Hades Dark has a great diversity in strong grids. ), Mikazuki (Summer Danua weapon), and Silphium (Valentine Clarisse weapon). I guess Phantasmas has a place in Mechanic setups? I currently have 4 FLB Gislas and In my stash I have the following weapons that I can uncap with my 12 Damascus ingots : 3x Blutgang, 2x FS, 2x Parazonium, 1x Vagabond, 1x Cute ribbon, and 1x Unheil. Við höfum metið ástandið í samráði við bílstjóra og ákveðið að skólabílar fara fyrr heim. gbf-raidfinder is down again because Twitter suspended the accounts I was using to read from the Twitter streaming API, with no explanation . Qilin Bow is generally a given since it's an easy 10% cap up. I guess the new Xeno Spear with enmity on it is something to consider for enmity grids? Note that the Progression skill stack up to a Cap of 75%. Please comment! These scales weigh all things in nature to deliver a fair and just verdict. Granblue Fantasy is a huge mobile game, and it can be a bit overwhelming to play even with its built-in tutorial that guides you at the beginning. Gisla, Vagabond, Majestas, Tallyho - and dark has a good survivability with insane damage. Crimson Finger (30 Gold Moon + 60 Gold Moon, Sup Tixable) This is the basis of the Fire Whale Grid, the effect is exactly the same as the Dark Gisla Spear. April 9, 2020 at 18:51 hope you’ll look into adding astral weapons to your numbers as well! 8 thoughts on “Pooky’s GBF Weapon Grid Resource” ignis. There are actually a few other normal Enmity mods in Dark: Vagabond (Kolulu weapon), Gram (Beatrix weapon), Cerberus Order, Cute Ribbon (Summer Zooey weapon, uncap when? Other strong Stamina contenders are Wulf&Renie, Orchid, and DAO for damage mitigation. 5 months ago. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Granblue_en community. However the freedom of being able to build meta teams based on more than just one of two weapon spec, having one of the two top tier Arcarum summons (and one of the best Evokers on top of that), only needing one Eternal (and one of the strongest as well) AND reliably using Bahamut as your support summon at all times is amazing. At least not compared to the level of running 3 FS and watching yourself be outdamaged by a F2P Magna grid. Also I heard your soul is dead and you can no longer experience joy??? In addition to today's character discussion, Vania, we'll also be discussing today about anything about the Dark Primal grid. RNG sucks. Life or death? In Hades, you either pick Stamina OR Enmity and go town with it (read: at least 3 FA or 3 Gisla). Parazonium is a strong mainhand regardless of theme, Usually one Blutgang is thrown in to even out the damage curve, One Unheil is fine if you cap and don't need the extra FS/Gisla. I could use FLB opus in my wind grid, in fact I want it in Wind, Earth(Magna) and Dark since they can save me a grand weapon in 2 of these but as I said, no carries or people to do it with and I cba to go search for people. Unfortunate for racing teams because of the lockout, though. Moon weapons are around the same speed of aquisition as Flash-only weapons for F2P (they are faster to aquire for dolphins and slower for whales). that have noteworthy synergy with a primal grid. Dark has some of the best enmity attackers in the game... that everyone is tired of because Summer Zooey has been core for like 4 years now? Improvements of Hades as a grid summon with his new, shiny FLB. Boost to damage cap stacks additively with other sources, such as All-Might Battle-Axe or Qilin Bow, up to a maximum of 20%. Boost to ATK and damage cap when all equipped weapons are different. I guess Parazonium, Blutgang, Unheil, Fallen Sword, Seraphic, Qilin Bow, Xeno Katana, Opus, and flex one plus Anubis? ATK is simply the sum of all the grid weapons' and summons ATK values, each weapon ATK being modified by an increased 20% if it matches that character's proficiency. At this point it's not really a Stamina grid anymore though. (Putting aside the argument that Emnity is probably still the better choice for Primal.). Not 1, not 2, not even 3 plus “whatever grand weapon” you think you can toss into your Primal grid. I want to make a good Hades grid. My dream grid, honestly. Dark Magna mods are low so Magna Opus is a pretty strong choice even in a Hades grid... unless you really want to uncap a Celeste Axe like a crazy person. Unfortunately Stamina is antithetical to a handful of notable Dark characters (Jeanne, Kolulu, Summer Zooey, just to name a few). Arguably one of if not THE biggest freedom in current gbf when it comes down to team comps, plus a ton of diversity for grid options as well. Cookies help us deliver our Services. That's the whole thing. Idk I started this year, so I'd still love a Gisla grid if I can get one. 3 months ago [Granblue Fantasy] Varuna Nightmare/Hell 100 . I remember a long time ago : gisla grid to be a thing too, No possible free hades grid usable too, lich weapon are crap and hermanubis is mroe of a mainhand. Obscuritas is OK for Big II ATK, but it doesn't bring much else. Idk someone in my crew said this to me when I said I wanted to run an enmity grid with Summer Zooey lol. T3 is basically just Anubis, and you're kinda going to run a mishmash of different stuff with an Anubis grid. Hades*: The strongest primal at the moment, which will guarantee you to get MVP in any raid, even against on-element players. Note that an optimal Hades grid will require you to spend a few surprise tickets on Gislas. : 4★ This is the aura for the 4★ version of this summon. Highlander is viable too and has a reasonable cost. I uncapped my opus in preparation for the GW and, although I had a few weapons for a highlander Hades grid, I didn't even had a Hades summon to really benefit from them, that is, until 2 days ago when I sparked on the last day of the Halloween banner. The thing I want to add most to this discussion is the concept that 4 or 5 FS are needed to actually optimally play Hades if you’re doing stamina. The others unfortunately are capped at SL10 and are thus precluded from being grid-worthy. 3 FS Hades is pretty strong. This guide is not meant for extensive grid comparisons and is solely to get a “first impression” of the Primals while you can compare with what you currently possess/want. TiamatHL no reload . Still not terribly accessible though given 30 moons is a lot to drop, plus the bars to uncap it. Double Hades vs. Hades/Bahamut. Enmity is still top dog. It is boostable by Hades, which means it can give up to 36% Dark Elemental ATK with one Hades and 57% with two Hades. Many of these also have no ATK mod, but Vagabond is special because it raises skill DMG cap, which is actually pretty useful when you're running Kolulu and spam Tallyho every turn. i tinhk you did a msitake about the colo grid and agni grid. At skill level 15, this weapon skill grants a 15% boost to skill damage cap to Dark allies. Those were Gold Moons I just didn't want to spend. Would it benefit from one Gisla? Asking a question: I have 3 Fallen Sword, 1 Blutgang, and 1 Parazonium (all base no uncap). Transitioning to a Hades grid and when it's worth it. This will specifically refer to Damage. Only those who wield this artifact can know the full truth of the world. Keep a fully-uncapped copy. If you're deadset on running Scales of Dominion, I guess uh... Parazonium, Blutgang, Unheil, Gisla, Seraphic, Qilin Bow, Xeno Katana, Opus, and flex one of the above plus Anubis? The floor is open! Ultima/Opus/Omega/EX weapons to include. As such, we hope that experienced players will be able to share tips on how to build a working grid for newer players, share their advantages and disadvantages, and possibly what party lineup can benefit from the grid. Play whichever you like. Dark has a couple sources of elemental ATK up, but really the draw to Bahamut is the crazy ougi buff. It is a good choice for double Hades setups in longer fights where the Progression skill has a chance to ramp up. Honestly not that practical, but kind of funny. Water. You’ll also have to go through the hellish Cerberus gun farm, and the DAO farm as well (although this one is more bearable). Fallen Swords. You can try using one of these other sites (not managed by me):;; Self-hosting Alternatives. Fraux skill . Or anything else you might want to discuss! Hades: Dark: 80% (120%) Boost to Dark's, Hatred's and Oblivion's weapon skills. Feel free to share your own Hades grids or ask for advice! Merits of various gacha weapons and CF. For example last Event Proud mode the boss hit so hard that you may get bad damage if you run pure Stamina, so a single Gisla will help you do less shitty damage if your HP get too low. Otherwise just play M2 which is still very good and not something to be ashamed of. Unlike Stamina, enmity is more accessible since Gisla is a 30-moon weapon instead of a Flash-only weapon. Affects allies of any element. Special Summon - A summon that is not an elemental summon. I plan on sparking soon once Flash Gala happens so I could get more options. 120% Boost to Dark's, Hatred's, and Oblivion's weapon skills. Also, I talked a bit with someone else about my grids, seems like my Hades is actually stronger than Magna, huh. fateless (the water sword) is a fantastic mh for water, even if off-meta, and outshines murgleis as a glorybringer mh especially. I know people are tired of Zooey/enmity and all but if you hate Zooey enough to spark 6+ times and spend the damabars and sunstones needed just to not see Conjunction ever again, see a therapist, Zooey is great you can just play magna without putting Zooey in your party, and it costs you nothing but some extra effort in dark favored content to do so. ... then clicking the "Share" button to copy the URL of the page. I have Hades, but in the end I didn't go through with making the full grid. Normally, Gisla will not worth it if you go Stamina. From a personal standpoint, I'd say current Hades only really loses to the broken mess that is Zephyrus. Viability of new/FLB Epic weapons. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This page was last edited on 3 May 2020, at 22:14. Although I doubt people with a ton of Gislas really even need one more enmity mod, especially given it forces the MC into one of three* Spear classes (Apsaras/Sage/Spartan*). Ah yes, the grid that I had my eyes set on from the beginning of this new, now registered account. Prosperity or destitution? Well, to really shine as a Hades Lord you need 4+ Gislas at a minimum. Because it cost 30 Moon to buy this from the shop, and only take 20 Moon to LB it per level. GBF grid 12/12/2017Granblue Fantasy GBF Accounts Selling [Mobage] R226 3 Primal grids, 5 zodiac, 10FLB eternals, price 0 Nego. Almost every team will have 1-2 Bahamut Weapons and possibly a Cosmos Weaponas well. The cap is 40%. They're just good to have one of in general. Though it has half the HP of a Magna 2 grid which is hilarious, considering that HP was something Hades used to do and not Magna. Hermanubis is fine as a Parazonium stand-in main-hand, but the only other thing Anubis drops is blue books the Anubis staff, which forces the grid into highlander setup, which doesn't lend itself to spamming 1 core item. gbf agni grid, -An Agni grid with 1 Ixaba, 3 ES, and 1 AES as the Omega mod actually surpasses an AES grid at very low HP due to the Enmity modifiers stacking with each other multiplicatively. 20% boost to ATK Modifier: EX and 10% boost to damage cap to all allies if there are no identical weapons in the weapon grid. Similar to Stamina, Enmity revolves around one weapon, this one being Gisla. Videos tagged “gbf” Sort: Date Alphabetical Plays Likes Comments Duration. Press J to jump to the feed. You don't go both way unless you're a whale. One of the reasons for this is that a lot of the characters being discussed were seasonal or limited. Grid with like 4 or 5 will cap Turn 1 if you have Summer Zooey. Please Vote for November's featured discussions, SSR Character SurveySR Character SurveyRaid SurveyClasses SurveyWeapons SurveyEvokers Survey. I'd say if you cap just fine with one Hades, Hades/Bahamut is the way to go. Cortanas are better as filler here than in Stamina since you're going to dump all your HP anyway, but still not great given Dark already has a few other sources of DATA. Any other guides or resources you'd like to see linked here? The base damage is based on the character's ATK stat, modified by a boost factor. As far as I know, current state of Hades grids is locked to two ends of the spectrum: Stamina (Fallen Swords) or Enmity (Gislas). Hades Grid Mechanic Demo . Yin or yang? Not everybody can get weapon grids finished fast because of it and making a complete grid will take months. Anyway, I'm an idiot so please feel free to correct me on any of this. Unlike in my not registered account, I was properly hoarding the Magna primal raids to develop my Magna grid; and with the Xuanwu Maces from RoTB last year coming in along with Xeno Cocy, I soon found I did not need six Levi Daggers, let alone the other weapons made my grid far … This is in addition to Seox getting a discussion thread next week. Order or chaos? English-language community for Granblue Fantasy, a web-browser role-playing gacha game developed by Cygames. Otherwise nowadays hades is stamina with 3-4 FS or i see some people going highlander grid for boss with weak defense, idk abotu nightmare defense. thanks for reading! F2P Hades grid/weapons. That's it. You will need at least 3 of these for your whale grid, the ideal whale grid will have 4-5. Best things to farm/work towards Either you’re really lucky or you’re not. Axe is cookie cutter, Claws require some thinking to work around with. There’s no best grid in dark, unless hades gisla grid. Heimferð flýtt í dag, fimmtudaginn 26. nóvember 26 nóvember, 2020 Veðurstofan hefur gefið út appelsínugula viðvörun eftir hádegið í dag. Anyways, to answer your question I would say 2 Ixaba with Demi Agni is definitely going to be an upgrade over Colossus. /gbfg/ - Granblue Fantasy General #7056 - "/vg/ - Video Game Generals" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of PC and console video games. Enmity was on decline for like 2 years... this is why FS considered as 'primary meta' by many. Thanks for the heads up. Therefore I wanted to include a couple of other characters so newer players could join in. Yeah, the weapon grid discussions were a copy-paste from the previous GW discussion. Do note that the Division series boosts Normal skills by 70/110% instead of 80/120% and … 6 months ago. Celeste Omega Summon page on the GBF Wiki. HOWEVER, having a FA when you play Enmity or having a Gisla when you play Stamina is AN OPTION. References ↑ Weapon Modifier – The percent bonus gained from a weapon based on its skill and skill level. You get aroung 12 moons on spark (given that you get standard 2/3 for SSR chars and all of SSRs are dupes). You forgot spartan as a spear class, but you are right in that if you are already in emnity build you wouldn't need the extra emnity mod from the spear and better off filling with another option. Kaguya: Water: Main allies gain Auto-Revive when battle starts, and Double Attack Rate increases as HP decreases. The basic gameplay consists of progressing through randomly-generated rooms and killing the enemies within in an attempt to reach the surface. Generally Cortanas aren't a great choice here because they, like the Qilin Bow, cut total HP, which dampers the power of Stamina a bit since generally you're going to take at least a little damage. cough. Therefore, in very simple terms, the base damage formula is as follows: Any advice would help. Other possible topics to discuss might include: Improvements of Hades as a grid summon with his new, shiny FLB, Transitioning to a Hades grid and when it's worth it, Classes/MHs/Characters/etc. Lich weapons kinda suck in grid. You get 1 moon per month and 3 per GW - in 6 month for lazy spark you'll get (1 GW per 2 month) - 12+9+6 = 27 moons. Others are safe to reduce or use as fodder. : 3★ This is the aura for the 3★ version of this summon. Stamina lends itself to ougi teams because both Grand Ferry and Valentine Clarisse exist to negate damage and boost charge bar. Alternatively you can click the username to go to their channel.