Hi Folks. In order to get the most heat from your firewood, the moisture content should be 20% or less. We have mainly peppermint and white gum on our property and cut this into 300mm rounds as this is lighter to carry, easier to split and reduces drying time to around 12 months here in Tasmania any way. Yes, I split everything by hand! and the gardeners cut up the fallen branches into nicely sized logs. Split eucalyptus burns, rounds can get a char on the outside and won’t burn well if at all, so split a branch in two rather than leave it as a round. can anyone give me some good advice? Oak, however, should be cured for two seasons due to its dense cellular structure and finer grain. 3 hours with a row of 6″ flames fails to light a single split piece. ditto to splitting it green. Maybe even too well. Poplar or Willow firewood Positives: Fairly cheap, ignites easily. Well if your wood lights in the rain, why are we having so much trouble? I have trimmed back all the well dried, standing timber in a copse of Mallet, specifically Brown mallet. Once that has started to turn to coals shut off your air intake halfway and it will burn for a couple of hours. I believe the trees were planted in California for timber/rail ties, but because it's difficult and different to your local species to … The tree crew only cut it small enough to move to accessible areas, probably with 2 guys on the heaver chunks. He said there was nothing to clean out in my chimney. Btw we are just coming off a four or five years drought which has changed what those trees are like inside. I have found Euc dries quicker than all other woods once it has been split and stacked where sun and air can move through it. Your email address will not be published. Also an excellent timber, if well seasoned. Helps to heat a two story, 1800sq ft home. When it comes to seasoning firewood, things can get a bit tricky. ... At the high end would be Eucalyptus at 34.5 million BTUs per cord and Osage-Orange at 32.9 million. For burning, … The wood has a moderate durability rating. 1 decade ago. I try to cut and split wood in the winter/spring to burn the following winter. Larger pieces of wood will prove difficult to split. ft. Ranch style home. It takes time for wood to fully dry, but there are a few tricks I will tell you about below that can speed up the firewood drying process. You need kindling. Fresh-cut wood has a high moisture content, which makes it hard to get burning. They used the wood and bark to make tools, spears, shields and musical instruments. Green wood is wood that is still alive and full of sap, which is mostly water. The avo burns fast, and the eucalyptus pretty slowly, so the combo is good. Some people love it and others don’t like it so much. I found that messy to fix! In general, to get the most energy out of your firewood, the wood should be well seasoned. In response to a post a couple up, you can burn eucalypt with the bark on but it has a little more ash in it. I’ve complained about the wood not lighting and the women that run the firewood businesses can go ballistic saying “what an insult”. Works most of the time, others just will not split and I follow through with the chainsaw. Diseased Elm trees lose their bark and remain standing for a long time. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'woodsmanreport_com-leader-1','ezslot_2',126,'0','0'])); Growing up on a farm in eastern PA, I’ve grown fond of wildlife and the woods and learning about the critters and firewood and everything else in-between. SWISSIE IN GRINGOLAND, I have burned uck in my fire place for over 20 years and have no problems with it. Gums (Eucalyptus sp.) Some woods can be lit when they’re a little wet. Learning how to season firewood the fastest way will save you a lot of headaches, but will also require time. Just a comment on eucalyptus as firewood. we burn eucalyptus every year …. When burning it will pop and spark a lot. 3) One should consider a mixture, when useing Euc. Burning unseasoned wood is 30% less efficient. But this is the first time I have heard anyone address the different types of eucalyptus firewood. The aborigines used fire to maintain forests. We just bought a full face cord of firewood, all oak, pre-split, advertised as being dry & aged for 2 years. Yes, split the euc when freshly cut and season at least a year in a warm dry climate like ours, longer in humid areas. If your primary heat source or cooking source is a wood burning stove, then you need to make sure you know how to season your firewood. A few logs on top of it all. Been burning nothing but euc since 1972 in Berkeley California and Richmond California. I had the tree topped, and I’ve been burning the deadwood for the few cold nights we’ve had so far. Found in arid, wheatbelt to arid locations throughout Western Australia, especially in sand and clay soils, they are the dead root tuber just above and just below the surface with the root bases still attached. Once it is dry keep it dry. For me, 18 months is the minimum, two years is okay, but only after about 2.5-3 years does it burn most effectively. for the best results, and saftey. ( E. Astringens). Open fires are not that common in Australian . Split it green and let it dry out before using it. Hardwoods dry at a rate of 1″ per year under good conditions. It’s great to hear from all of you in Australia, the real experts when it comes to Eucalyptus. If you're concerned about the wood creating too much heat, mix the eucalyptus with other firewood varieties. In my humble opinion, you cannot beat Western Australian Jarrah ( E. Marginata ) as a readily available commercially supplied firewood . Red gum is good as are any of the box trees, Mallee roots are great but they have to dig out great swathes of them and they are so important to the semi-arid environment they come from. However, the wood, when well seasoned and sitting in dry soil for 5 plus years, is an incredible heat source. The result is a somewhat lighter log with a charcoal exterior. Even though my euc was still green, the mall just bounced off the center part of a round, but when I started near the edge, the splitting went pretty well and I just worked my way around taking off corners until it was all split. I have a steel wood stove and was told not to burn euk. Favorite Answer. Try them all. They both should be well aged and dry when used. Hi! If the round has large branch offshoots, split perpendicular to them and then leave the offshoot part alone, you’ll never split it by hand, ever! For optimal burning, firewood should be dried, or “seasoned,” until its moisture content is less than 20 percent. So factor in a $100 odd fuel bill on cost of timber plus a weekend off to go collect. Dry seasoned around 2 years. Like sticks, twigs, small pieces of wood. Small cracks will appear in the wood but overall it will still be wet. The standard length for firewood is 16 inches. Regarding the deterioration of the logs: my mother loved big trees and was horrified in perhaps 1955 when a whole stand of huge eucalyptus was cut down across the road to widen it. The eucalyptus keeps my place toasty even when temps are single digits and winds are over fifty mph. Cedar (because of it’s great smell) By Dale V. Log Splitter Expert. But once going the embers are red hot and keeps the fire going no matter what but that is 2 hours into the fire. Size: Maple trees usually grow to 50 to 75 feet high in the wild, but when they are used for home landscapes they stay around 20 to 30 f… Wood drying (also seasoning lumber or wood seasoning) reduces the moisture content of wood before its use. With a bed of coals lights quickly, yet lasts along time too. My back yard full of stringy bark… rubbish burns hot and quick…. How to Season Firewood for a Better Burn. As a young man I once tried to hand split some old rounds. Still takes 65 days to kiln dry and they use a steam cycle to condition the wood near the end of the drying. It also gives off more smoke. How Long Does it Take To Season Firewood? I have compiled an in depth list of the top 3 ways to season or dry your firewood FAST. I love the oil it produces, it has a lot of uses, but for the sake of this page, I’ll keep it to about the wood itself.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'woodsmanreport_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_8',130,'0','0'])); Is Eucalyptus Good Firewood Yes. In this article I will share with you all there is to know about eucalyptus firewood. The reason for this is that firewood is typically sold by the cord or fractions of a cord, an amount of wood that measures 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by 8 feet long. posted by rtha at 5:52 PM on November 6, 2011 . We split them to that size as anything bigger doesn’t burn very well in our heater. When dry and hit with a hammer it rings like metal! However, that is wood to be used for woodworking. I love the entire ritual of cutting, splitting, stacking and burning wood. It is premium firewood here and if you have to buy it it is priced accordingly. Mainly yellow box and red stringy bark. We have seasoned our eucalyptus for 2 years giving you the best experience. The rule of thumb for drying wood is that it takes about 1 year to dry 1 inch of diameter. My neighbor cut down their eucalyptus tree a couple years ago, I snagged it and took it back with me. Answer Save. Later I had an epa approved woodstove without problems of any kind. Euc is by far my favorite firewood. It has been as low as 23 degrees I. Seasoning Time For Eucalyptus Firewood Because of the high moisture content and the oil that’s in eucalyptus wood, it will take longer than most other types of firewood. While I’m here, a guy from Maine once said you Aussies need to learn how to sharpen chainsaws, clearly he has never cut any of our timber, that’s grown here, it is known to be amongst the densest timber on the planet. I split it a week after cutting with a 4.5-lb splitting maul. How long it takes to get that moisture reduction depends on the type of wood, where and how it is stored and the local climate. Some of the best firewood I’ve ever encountered. Surprisingly, the wood burned so easily and intensively that it seemed like it was a an artificial Duraflame log! We currently clean every single summer….. but I’ve been reading that it’s a really dirty burning wood and nearly impossible to clean your chimney …. Both are hardwoods and burn slowly and well with little smoke. Don. Wild Rabbit Sitting In One Place: [Top 9 Reasons Why]. It has sat underneath some leylandi trees, so well sheltered, and I would say is dry enough to use now. Some of that must have been 10 to 15 years old before I got the franklin in 1978. Dale, thank you for the input from Australia. California forgot about this aspect, and used eucalyptus … It lights readily, lasts about 2/3 as long as a comparable oak log, and makes some really nice heat. On the low end you have Ohio Buckeye at 12.1 million BTUs per cord and Linden Basswood burning at 13.8 million. chris g. Lv 5. When firewood is cut from a live tree it will be green. I have never had an issue with any sort of wood as long as it seasoned. The best I’ve found for firewood is “swamp mahogany” (eucalyptus Rustica). Suffice to say, my kindling to get the mallet up and cranking was still good old fashioned radiata or pinaster pine.