Install A Toggle Bolt Anchor. 10lbs might be pushing it though, it will depend on the thickness of your drywall and the overall condition. I bought 3 plastic wall cabinets from the orange box store and was able to install 2 of them on studs. When using this method for ceiling installations, only the lightest loads or ornamental type loads should be considered, as this support method is the least robust. Mark where the chains fall and use a sharp object, like a pair of scissors or a knife, to cut small holes where the chains fall. To install a toggle, first drill a hole in the desired location. Screw hooks can be used with a variety of different material, so it can most likely be inserted into your ceiling. They are small, fully stock I can't imagine it being more than 20 or 30lbs with the cabinet combined. See figure below. Once it’s through, use a screwdriver to tighten the track to the ceiling. It would be about 4 toggle bolts across a 16.5 ft ceiling holding up ~50 pounds of weight. Even though toggle bolts are tough, they do have their limits. Unfortunately the ceiling ceiling joists run in the wrong direction. The Spring Toggle Bolt is a toggle anchor made of steel and is ideal for fixing heavy items to the wall or ceiling. Its straight screw side that fits into a wall or ceiling with a hook on the end so objects, such as plants, holiday decorations or wreaths can hang from the ceiling. Step 1 Climb up a ladder until you reach the part of the ceiling where you want to insert the screw hook. Step 3: Install the hook. 2. How to Fix Screws in Ceiling Plaster. Toggle bolts are often used to hang an object, such as a plant, from a ceiling. Hanging plant baskets -- or specifically, the plants and soil within them -- can be quite heavy. Let’s do this! Add To Cart. Orders received before 2:00pm EST Monday through Friday usually ship the same business day. The body of the toggle acts as a standard machine screw, a cylinder-shaped fastener with a helical ridge that enables the bolt to hold together objects. The toggle bolt wings are spring-loaded, which allows them to fold down as you install the bolt in your ceiling. I have a retractable projector screen that I would like to hang from my ceiling. If you cannot use a joist to secure the heavy object, the next method is to use a toggle bolt. It would not surprise me if the toggle bolts were stronger than the case of the PJ. This post may contain affiliate links marked with "#ad" for which I earn a commisson. I’m assuming you have a light fixture picked out already. Screws that pull or pop out of the ceiling are often the result of using screws that are too short or have very fine threads. If it's hanging directly down from the ceiling you only need to consider tension. It is offered in a variety of lengths to accommodate thicker material. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding a joist, or there isn’t a joist where you want to hang your plant, you can use a toggle bolt with the hook. Instead of just screwing into the wall, these expand to several times their size which gives you a good hold, especially when the force is pulling directly down. Squeeze the toggle bolt nut that is located on the end of one side and push it through the hole you drilled. Understanding just how much weight a specific bolt can take is critical not just for proper use, but for safety. Instead of removing them, you can hide them in the wall by tapping them with a screwdriver until they are beneath the surface of the wall. Using a screw hook to hang from a ceiling joist is more straightforward. In order to install a toggle bolt, you'll first need to see where the chains on the rack will be hung. Pack Price $56.99. (Just make sure your plant isn’t heavier than the specified weight limit for your ceiling hook.) The screen weighs about 20lbs, with an attachment point on each end. First, what is a toggle bolt? Way 1: Just screw the ceiling security cameras into the ceiling tiles using drywall anchors if the cameras are light weighted, like the dome security cameras without metal covers. The sleeve has wings that expand and anchor to the back of the drywall. We will send an email confirming your order the day your order is received. Toggle bolts (butterfly anchors) – For serious holding power, these are your best bet. MADE IN THE USA. The two metal wings are spring loaded and open behind the wall when inserted. SNAPTOGGLE heavy-duty toggle bolts do NOT spin when installed with a screw gun and provide superior holding with metal-to-metal fastening. Toggle bolt installation requires an additional step, but it isn’t difficult! Both methods require little skill, and only a couple of tools. :eek: Thanking in advance. You ready? Also, though excessive weight may not break a large toggle through the ceiling, the ceiling itself may pull away from the joists! Oct 19, 2019 - Two methods showing you how to install a ceiling hook that is perfect for house plants! Make sure the wing clip is oriented so that they fold down towards the bolt when you pinch them. I followed You Tube video directions....drill a hole big enough to accommodate the size of the toggle bolt, push the bolt into the hole until the wings expand and lock into place, then twist the hook until it tightens against the vinyl ceiling and the metal "wings.". Then spackle and paint over the resulting hole. Toggle bolt anchors consist of a toggle and screw. Molly bolts are hard to remove. What's a swag hook anyway. Toggle bolts cannot be reused. Install it … Plastic toggle bolts are meant to be used for lighter loads against a vertical wall. Here is a drill sizing chart... Now it's time to assemble the toggle... Push the machine bolt through the object to be fastened first, then spin the toggle onto the bolt. Both methods require little skill, and only a couple of tools. Each cabinets weight maybe 4 or 5lbs. Stop when you’re met with even more resistance and snugness. When you’re ready to mount or hang something, re-install the screw by driving it back in. How to install a swag hook is easy...when you know how. The top end of the toggle consists of a loaded wing nut, designed to expand upon insertion into a hole. It sounds intimidating, but it’s actually very easy! Note: If you click a link and buy something I may receive some compensation. A ceiling fixture can illuminate an area without taking up floor or wall space. We do not sell individual toggle bolts and do not have information on installing toggle bolts for at-home applications like TV mounting. Quantity. How to Install Ceiling Medallions Yourself. Choose an appropriate medallion for your light fixture. Assemble the toggle bolt as directed by the packaging. It's limited by the strength of the drywall itself, which will probably break before the bolt fails. You’ll feel a little resistance at first, but that’s just the molly bolt mechanism slowly tightening down. They can also be used by general contractors to install gutters or blinds. How to Hang Light Fixtures From a Swag Hook & Toggle Bolt. However, if you really want to use a drywall anchor, you should use a toggle bolt or a ceiling anchor. The amount can vary depending on the size of the anchor and the wall you are using it on. If you need to hang something very heavy from a ceiling, such as a ceiling fan, you always should attempt to hang the object from a ceiling joist and with a lag bolt. Hi, I am in need of instruction to install a ceiling hook with a toggle bolt. The great thing about toggle bolts is that they expand, creating wings which span across the ceiling on the inside. I was told not to drill into the steel support beams as this would affect the sound dampening, but I am allowed to drill into the drywall (which they say is a double layer). I was wondering if I can use toggle bolts to support ~50 pounds of faux wood beams on ceiling dry wall. If not, go do that first 😉 Once you have your light picked out, check out some medallion options. Note: Toggle bolts should only be used to hang heavy objects suitable for this type of anchor. With its rugged hammered surface, mahogany finish and amber glass shades, this handsome fan captures the essence of Craftsman design. I live in an apartment that is an all steel structure. Areas include Design Guidance. It took less than three minutes to solve a problem that has been bugging me for 30 years. How to Install a Hook for a Hanging Plant Basket. They’re the best choice for use on ceilings, but in this case, toggle bolts have only 1/3 the holding power they do on walls, and they can’t reliably hold more than 15 pounds. This same method is used to suspend objects from hooks in the ceiling. The most popular ceiling anchors you can purchase are called toggle bolts. Screw the wing clip onto one end of the bolt. Sincerely Patti esquire1 Posts: 2,483, Reputation: 209. How to Hang a Porch Swing From a Ceiling-Checklist Install Guide 2020; How to Hang a Porch Swing From a Ceiling-Checklist Install Guide 2020. A lag bolt has very deep grooves in the threads for maximum grip. Trampolines; Sunday Drive ; DIY; Home. The mount uses 4 bolts. Install a Ceiling Hook with a Toggle Bolt. DIY. However I have one left that the bracket is 5" away from the studs. Jan 2, 2020 - Two methods showing you how to install a ceiling hook that is perfect for house plants! This does not change … This disperses the weight more evenly, allowing weight to be applied to these ceiling anchors. How To Install A Toggle Hook In Ceiling Shelly Lighting October 2, 2018 How to hang a hook from ceiling 15 how to hang a hook from ceiling 15 how to hang a hook from ceiling 15 how to reinforce a ceiling hook quora Ceiling hook w/toggle bolt. Toggle bolts, which also consist of a bolt that screws into a sleeve, are the strongest drywall anchors.. The bolts are rated to hold 90 pounds each in a ceiling application. Home Joy Menu Toggle. Screw the toggle bolt into place with a Philips-head screwdriver until it’s installed securely to the ceiling. While the holding power of plastic toggles stops at around 20 pounds, metal toggles can hold up to 100 pounds on walls. Trace the rack, making a template. The information contained here will show you how to install ceiling anchors safely and easily. To do so, lay your pot rack on a piece of cardboard. Web portal for buildingrelated information with a whole building focus provided by the National Institute of Building Sciences. Available in 20 sizes ranging from 1/8" x 2" to 3/8" x 6". The installation differs slightly for each method. Tip: Never use a plastic toggle bolt to hang something from a ceiling. HELP! The toggle nut should be installed so that the wings can be depressed against the threaded rod (towards the base of the swag hook). Molly bolts can be removed from the wall and re-used, unlike toggle bolts. Meaning, it must have a bracket that works with a toggle and is able to cover the hole it makes in the wall. A toggle bolt can support upward of 300 pounds. Step 1 - … Next, unscrew the screw that’s pre-installed onto the molly bolt until it’s completely out. But, if the object hangs away from (stands out from) the wall [called cantilevered] it also pulls on the fasteners (tension). Repeat this step for each toggle bolt. Repeat this process with any other toggle bolts you’ll be using to hang your heavy object. I have had potted plants hung from single toggle bolts that were much heavier than my PJ with none of the problems that were voiced in this thread. Once you’ve threaded the toggle bolts through the holes in the lighting track, raise the track to the ceiling. 1. When your order ships we … Our toggle bolts are sold in bulk making them the perfect solution for electrical contractors looking to install ceiling fans or other dynamic objects. In this case there's no simple answer to how many fasteners are needed.