Joomla, on the other hand, has thousands of free and premium templates and more than 8,000 extensions. In this regard, there are practically no differences. It is intended for the developers and anyone who knows the way with servers and technical issues. Now if you want to decide which one is better then you will have to go through a detailed Joomla vs WordPress or WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla comparison. All you need to do is pick the right CMS for your website and follow a set of straightforward instructions. However, while WordPress only supports MySQL, with Joomla you can also use other management systems as well. However, WordPress also dominates e-commerce, so it is not limited to blogging. Support 6. Major updates usually occur 2 to 4 times per year. 9% of all Internet business websites are using Joomla, while nearly 28% of all e-commerce goes through WooCommerce and WordPress. Joomla is mainly used for social networking and e-commerce sites. If you want to get more figures about each of these platforms, you can check out WordPress and Joomla’s statistics. ... WordPress vs Joomla - the first steps. WordPress vs Joomla: Which is the best CMS for Blogging? However, Joomla also has large community and powers more than 2.5 million websites. Joomla is different from the very beginning – unlike WordPress, it allows for several database options that are important to tech-savvy people. Joomla vs WordPress: A closer look. While both of the platforms are free, there are many side costs you should take into account before choosing one. Which is easier, Joomla, or WordPress? In Joomla, there is this Easy Frontend SEO extension that is equivalent to Yoast. Joomla vs. WordPress - Which one to use in 2020? Any beginner can quickly figure out the working technicality of WordPress, whereas Joomla CMS is less forgiving. Joomla 4 vs WordPress 2020 Comparison. However, WordPress is easier to use as compared to Joomla. Then, we’ll dig deeper by providing the pros and cons of both WordPress and Joomla. Multi-language support – Joomla has a built-in multi-language support feature. They are both free and open-source platforms with their source code released under the GPL license. Your email address will not be published. Joomla has been downloaded over 97 million times. It is safe to say that both platforms have their strong points and that neither one is 100% superior. These two softwares have been around for over ten years. Joomla comes in the third position behind WordPress and Shopify when it comes to popularity. MySQL is the database management system for both platforms. If you want to further upgrade and customize the look and functionality of your site, there are many plugins out there to help you out. There are also many forums where people with the same problems gather and help each other. WordPress. In 2019, WordPress users accounted for 94% of infected websites in Sucuri’s customer base.In contrast, Joomla was used by 2.5% of sites and Drupal by just 1.28%. This means that the cost for maintaining a WordPress website ranges from 99 USD to 299 USD per year and 2000 USD to 6050 USD per year for Joomla’s sites. WordPress was initiated in 2003 as a blogging platform. Joomla, on the other hand, usually receives small updates once a month and bigger ones 1-2 times per year. What is Joomla? For comparison of CMS share and usage percentage of different CMS, click here. Nowadays, you can use both platforms to create any website you want. Both CMS systems are designed for a wide range of users (from beginners to professionals, from individual developers to entire teams) and for various tasks and purposes of use (blogs, corporate portals, landing pages, online stores, etc. If you want to know more about WordPress security, you can have a look at our guide. Joomla, on the other hand, has more diverse forms of help. Yoast shows exactly how you can improve your ranking in various areas. And that’s not all. Of numbers and functionality: WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal [Infographic, 2020 Update] Read in 1 minute The story of 3 big CMSs WordPress, Joomla and Drupal is almost 14 years old, which is quite ancient and debated enough if related to the Internet sphere. Lower Development Costs – Huge support community also means that you can develop a site using WordPress at a cheaper cost. Joomla takes a slight edge if we compare the SEO of both the platforms. As the data depicts, WordPress is more popular with larger market coverage than Joomla. Multiple templates – You can use different templates for different content. However, it’s important to note that all three platforms are secure if you set them up properly.For example, the official website uses WordPress, as do many other organizations where security is essential. However, the components and modules in this software give you slight flexibility for displaying content types. Srovnání Joomla vs. WordPress 2020 Jeffrey Wilson ⋅ 31.05.2020 Výběr platformy pro blogování nemusí být tak složitý jako výběr celého systému pro správu obsahu, který … CMS Comparison: Joomla vs Wordpress vs Drupal in 2020 . Joomla! Details Last Updated: 12 November 2020 . Required fields are marked *, New Theme: Vandana - WordPress Theme for Coaches, Mentors, Speakers and Entrepreneur. Joomla vs. WordPress – What Do the Numbers Say? WordPress offers a support section on their site. Most of the advanced security options in WordPress rely on plugins, which is again a question regarding security. They have brought success to millions of online merchants from beginners to tech-savvy developers all over the world.