im not even allowed out now. Thank you. He will believe you and trust every word you say. We've met each others families and all was going well until last night he had an argument with his parents where they said I would 'ruin his life' if I didn't convert. Thanks a lot for your advices. More in Converting to Islam. i want to convert to islam but my boyfriend wont allow me. The bottom line is, if you're in a one-sided relationship, your partner simply doesn't care about your well-being or making you happy. It’s already been 1 year now to his proposal. wrap the photo with the red cloth and put a … This article explains how to convert and become a Muslim in a simple way. They had suspicions because I changed myself and the way I dressed. … .you can teach manners n respect n every thing else to a woman cause u feed her but who teaches the wild horse … Jazakallahkhair for reading. For a reason I am going anonymous. I'm quite certain he doesn't want a divorce either. Me and my boyfriend broke up. New … My mother is a Latino convert from Nicaragua who married my Lebanese father at twenty in 80s America. I broke up with him but he thinks he still owns me (idk why) I asked an Imam but he said I need to make final divorce settlements with him and then when I am ready I can be a Muslim. Turkey … By the way I am Australian and I want … Make sure you to search in a reliable sources, cause if you don't you will always see the negative things. Or maybe he’s cheating on you and needs some time alone to send her texts or speak on the phone. Our countries of origin, while technically secular, are mostly populated with and governed by members of our respective faiths. I pray for his return to Islam, but he's becoming more vocal in his opposition to living life as a practicing Muslim. But my advise to you is do some research. All this because of their hatred against me for not converting to Islam. About 2 months ago he says he cannot be with me anymore because I'm not muslim. I asked this question here: Muslims replied that indeed Muslims could only marry Jews and Christians. They probably hated that skater boy drug dealer you dated in high school, and they probably weren’t so keen on that 40-year-old you casually dated when you were 22. You say your too tired to please your husband, its your responsibility to do so to protect him from any further sin that may come. Qur'an 5:2. I don’t go to church and he doesn’t go to mosque. As I said he is about to begin his fast in 28 minutes, which doesn’t leave us with enough time annoyingly. Day by day I hated not being able to learn about Islam at home. Let yourself be open to things going in either direction, and seek to find contentment with whichever way things end up going. He doesn’t want me to convert to Islam; he wants me to believe in God again. My problem is that in Islam a Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man – any marriage which takes place is invalid. Salam! They immediately decided to convert me and threatened me with Hell via private … In addition to that, it gives a brief overview of Islam, the faith of 1.7 billion people, and sheds light on the benefits of converting. We couldn't do it in his house, because of his wife, but he could come to my place if he only wanted. I haven't actually started … He had heard about me from a relative and wanted to meet me. I had a significant other that I had been in a relationship for 2.5 years when I accepted Islam. But i love him.. i want to run away and get married to him, but he says he has to wait because his older brothers need to get married first. Zara Gluch, 30, converted to Islam when she was 22 years old, after her Muslim boyfriend began talking to her about his faith. Your Muslim boyfriend shouldn't force you into converting. I was raised as a Baptist. Now that’s a bummer. The thing is i've been with my boyfriend for nearly 4 years, and I have sinned with him by having sex, the right thing to do would be to marry him eventually, and we love each other very much so would be more than willing to do that in the near future, but for now we're too young. My Boyfriend Left Islam . If he really want to marry a buddhist women, he must be converted to buddhism. We are colleagues and used to work together as friends. They've got into his head and now I know he's close to breaking up with me because I won't convert to Islam, I've explained … Which is why I am now on my phone writing this, whilst he has just fallen asleep in my arms.