To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours. Hourly rates for a structural engineer can range from $100 to $150 on average, or higher, depending on your location. Additional reasons to hire a structural engineer to offer guidance, draw up plans, complete an inspection or even offer project management services include: Total project hours, scope of work requested, type of structural engineering services needed, and your zip code all impact how a structural engineer charges you. By using Fixr you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, Get free estimates from structural engineers near you. They look at the entire building and search for problems that are on the surface. Find the best structural engineer in your neighborhood. In fact, a fresh structural engineering graduated can already earn around $30.50 to $42.30 per hour or $30,000 to $40,000 a year. The first is the scope of the project. Costs are of course always important to consider when hiring a structural engineer. The most common reason for hiring a structural engineer is if you are starting a home improvement project and need an expert to tell you (or your contractor) whether your planned removal or addition of walls and structural features is safe and meets local building code requirements. This is usually done for projects that involve a lot of drawings and time spent on the project site. The second is how much time the engineer needs to spend on it. Structural engineering project costs are lower for a home inspection—which often ranges between $200-$400—or a consultation which can have an hourly rate of $100-$150, or more, depending on your zip code. Many factors determine the cost of hiring a structural engineer. Only if the wall is load-bearing, in which case the structural engineer helps you determine the best course of action. Most of these pros charge $100 to $150 per hour for an inspection. Salaries will vary based on experience, zip code, and if the professional engineer works independently or if they are on staff at a civil engineering, private engineering firm, or architecture firm. We are asking a few questions so that we can get you better cost estimates. Plans can take between a day and several months, depending on how complicated the plans are and how busy the engineer is. A 3000 square foot, colonial, two-story home, with 1500 square feet per floor, constructed over a crawl space, for example, would cost about $1,200.00. Variability of structural engineer costs Fees are entirely dependent on the nature of the project and the circumstances of the appointment. Structural design is the backbone of a project and what gives any structure its ability to perform satisfactorily throughout its intended design life. Structural Engineer Labor Costs Per Project. Updated the additional considerations section with information on licensing, cost by location, and timing. Some structural engineers charge by the hour. 10 – How much does it cost to have an inspection done by a structural engineer? How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Structural Engineer? Because a structural engineer can have many roles, there may be many set projects. Naturally, the smaller and simpler a home, the less cost. Contact the pros you like to discuss project details. Johnson of Full Moon Engineering says he recently visited a client’s home to inspect a wall they were planning to remove and drew up plans for the client’s contractor indicating how to reinforce the structure after removing about 10 feet of load-bearing wall. Added a section on cost factors that could influence the project. Submit now and get fast responses from a structural engineer in your area. When Should I Hire a Structural Engineer? Structural engineer costs. Find the best Residential Structural Engineer near you on Yelp - see all Residential Structural Engineer open now. In this case, you can expect to spend between $900-$1500. Total costs can be just $500 or tens of thousands, depending on the project. Average hourly rates of $100 - $150 are common. Residential Engineering has been helping clients design and break ground on their homes for over 40 years, offering a full range of professional services for residential projects. Finally, if you find yourself in an argument with a third party about the structure of the home, such as with a builder who may not have used the correct materials, call a structural engineer to help settle the matter. Structural engineers are specialized civil engineers who help calculate things like load, determining how the walls, foundation, roof, and structure of your home will handle their weight. How Much Money Do Structural Engineers Earn? Structural engineers do more than this, however. The national average cost to hire a residential structural engineer is $600.Structural engineering project costs are lower for a home inspection—which often ranges between $200-$400—or a consultation which can have an hourly rate of $100-$150, or more, depending on your zip code. What other residential home issues require a licensed, structural engineer? Structural engineers can also inspect existing plans or buildings to determine structural integrity. Labor costs, when calculated by the square foot, tend to be a percentage of the total project cost. Most structural engineers have at least a Master’s degree in their field and a base in civil engineering. A structural engineer is a professional civil engineer that has a specialised understanding of the forces and loads in structures that include bridges, buildings and tunnels. Most homeowners spend around $1,200, including plans to correct uncovered issues. Cost Factors of a Structural Engineer . Small projects that do not require drawings or only a few drawings cost significantly less than major projects. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, structural engineers (under the umbrella of civil engineering) on average earn $84,770 per year and $40.75 per hour. Many structural engineers submit building plans for regulations, along with the cost of their overall fees. This is because the engineer is not using materials and labor per square foot the way a contractor or installer may. You only pay for the services you require. Expensive cities, such as San Francisco, New York, and Boston, may have higher hourly rates than in less populated parts of the country.