Garden Art and Topiary Frames Located in Penguin on the NW Coast of Tasmania, our range constantly grows We have over 200 topiary frames; house numbers, alphabet letters and animals. 22914 - This topiary is of a squirrel sitting up and possibly preparing to eat a nut. This frame topiary provide Good view your garden with no pollution. It is about as long and tall as an actual stag and would like quite impressive in the garden. ga('send', 'pageview'); Delightful lighted dog frames as well! Buy Topiary Frames and Moss Filled Plant Forms Custom Orders, Events, Topiary Centerpieces, Weddings To date, Topiary Artist Chris Myers has made 8782 topiary frames … Our frame topiary of a turtle is made from hand-crafted and powder-coated wires. 22855 - This frame topiary of a mischievous monkey is made to be hung from a tree or anywhere you would usually put a hanging basket. It is made of powder-coated and hand-crafted wire. Schnauzer Topiary Frame - 19"- Made in USA - Best on The Market. This link can provide general topiary. The topiary cow boasts such details as a tasseled tail and lifelike brown eyes. 22762 - Our frame topiary shows a proud dachshund standing at attention. 24"H. Embellish your garden with a sitting bear with a smile. Our sitting bunny topiary is a hoote to see, especially in a garden.