The truth of the matter is, as a global ever-increasing reliance on technology grows, with it grows the vulnerability to data security incidents. Virtual machines allow you to run an operating system in an app window on your desktop that behaves like a full, separate computer. It reduces system administration work: With virtualization in place, system administrators would not have to support so many machines and could then move from firefighting to more strategic administration tasks. Xen comes bundled with most Linux distributions. With virtualization, there is less expensive equipment to pay for and users do not have to spend money managing the hardware. Xen: A new open source contender. Anyone could sit at your computer and gain access to your private information. The three main types of server virtualization are: Operating system virtualization (aka containers): Creates self-contained representations of underlying operating system in order to provide applications in isolated execution environments. A Beginner’s Guide to Servers ® 1&1 Internet Ltd 2013 1 2. But this is not the first large security incident of this year-- this wasn't even the first of this month; T-Mobile, Carnival Cruise Lines, J. These include Microsoft Virtual Server, Virtual Box, VMware Server, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Elastic Compute. XenSource was recently acquired by Citrix. As you already know that Virtualization is created with the help of software. If, for example, you have a Hyper-V host server that has 32GB of memory installed, and you have a virtual server that requires 28GB of memory, the server may not have the resources to host additional virtual machines because Hyper-V requires some memory for itself. As of Wednesday, March 18, NetStandard will be implementing the following procedures: NSI will provide support for customers and Cloud-based services remotely. In effect, each of those computers would simulate six separate computer systems, each running one of your servers. Virtual servers use less energy, which can also save money while being better for the environment. Hardware emulation: Represents a computer hardware environment in software so that multiple operating systems can be installed on a single computer. Virtualization is basically a way to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single server to take full advantage of its processing power. Provides hardware emulation virtualization products called VMware Server and ESX Server. Virtualization makes infrastructures simpler and more efficient, allowing applications to deploy faster and performance and availability to increase. Virtualization creates an illusion where an Operating System starts believing that it is using or utilizing the various hardware component of the computer system. Virtual servers hosting offers the best of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. You will also learn how to configure a home server on VirtualBox. Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 for short, is a virtual server that helps you run numerous applications on the AWS cloud infrastructure. OpenVZ: An open source product providing operating system virtualization. It is now imperative that individuals and businesses become more proactive web presences through investing in the protection of data; as well as that of their clients, employees and other associates. After you’ve decided to go virtual, take steps to make implementation easier: Get to know some important terms about virtualization, types of virtualization, and leading companies and products in virtualization.