The added desirable water handling properties gained are a secondary bonus. Meaning of mercerised cotton. This process removes any fuzz or excess lint on the thread. The finishing process called mercerization (also known as mercerisation) is used to prevent this. This process is what gives Sateen its signature sheen. Cotton has a slight shine in its natural form. It is cotton yarn or fabric which has been put through a series of processes, primarily to increase luster. Produced when cotton is soaked in sodium hydroxide then neutralised in acid, this type of yarn is also known around the knitting and crocheting block as ‘pearl’ or ‘pearle’ cotton because of its bright finish. While these yarns have a lovely shine, deep colors, and don't pill much; I still didn't want to work with them. I don't like using steel hooks, so I end up using the smallest Susan Bates aluminum I can find, because I think the flat area under the hook keeps all the slipperiness a little more in check. You can see how vibrant and silky the rose and eye glass cover look. Here are the projects where I used this type of thread: Chrysanthemum Flower Brooch. The process was invented by John Mercer in 1844. Mercerizing is a yarn and thread treatment which actually changes the chemical composition of the cotton, making it … Spool of a two-ply mercerized cotton thread with a polyester core. Mercerized cotton will be shinier and stronger than non-mercerized varieties. I find that accessories or dressy outfits made from mercerized cotton look particularly good. Marriner 100% Mercerised Cotton Double Knit silky soft knitting and crochet cotton £2.95 per 100g ball "Cotton Queen" plain is another luxury mercerized yarn in a range of 17 beautiful shades producing a silky soft fabric. Mercerized Cotton Thread - 100% cotton thread that is still silky smooth. Mercerized cotton, on the other hand, is a process of treating cotton once it has been picked and spun. mercerised synonyms, mercerised pronunciation, mercerised translation, English dictionary definition of mercerised. When processed into a piece of clothing, the material is matte and develops small bits of fluff with repeated use. Also, mercerized cotton is a strong yarn, so I think this will be a very durable dish or washcloth to have. Mercer found that color retention was markedly improved when the woven cotton fabric was treated with Sodium Hydroxide (SH).Hence Mercerizing was a solution to an age-old problem. Define mercerised. Caustic soda concentrations of 20–26 % are used. The improved lustre of mercerised cotton is due to the production of nearly circular cotton fibres under tension. Looking for Mercerized cotton? This is due to the cell sap present in cotton, although this dries out after harvesting. It also means the fibers used in Sateen take dye better. By the way, pearl or perle cotton has also gone through mercerization process. The process causes a permanent swelling of the fiber, resulting in higher luster. What is mercerized cotton used for? Mercerized cotton or Egyptian cotton goes through a specialized process that makes natural fibers more luminous and stronger. It is absorbent, washable, durable cotton weaving yarn. Or good for certain types of projects? 6 x 50g Balls for £7.25. Mercerized. Is it a good or bad thing? Choker Collar. For knitters, mercerized cotton can be used for a variety of projects. American Upland is the most widely used cotton and can be short- to long-staple ("staple" refers to the length of the individual fibers). Mercerized cotton is a treated cotton yarn that therefore is not as absorbent, it is less likely to shrink in the event it gets wet and appears shinier to the eye. Kick off the holiday season with festive cotton looks, décor and more at the Cotton Style House - Holiday Edition at Shop. Mercerized Cotton Knitting & Crochet Yarn. It’s a nice sturdy cloth, and has good scrubbing abilities. The same process is also sometimes used for linen and hemp yarns.