Everything you are (Paulo)

Foto de Paulo

Everything you are
Falls from the sky like a star

You´re such a mistery to me
Such a sweet charade
How did you capture me with your eyes?
You were able to catch me by surprise
You´re nothing that you seem
I love the way you always make a scene
You´re so gentle
You´re so strong
Your passion helps me to carry on
You´re a puzzle
So sweet
Everything you are makes me complete
I´m drowning in your smile
Floating in your laugh
Enchanted by your hair
Blinded by your natural glare
When I´m near you
A new sun comes up in my sky
You are my cure
You are my desease
You are my soft morning breeze
You fell into my life like a star
Became my world
You made me love everything
Everything you are