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Perfect movies don´t exist (Paulo)

Foto de Paulo

On the train

To the perfect weekend

She came as a godsend

To ease my lonely pain.

With her presence

She filled the air

With the sweetest perfume

With her beautiful gold hair.

In the perfect movie

She would be my queen

And I would be her king

But tears and sadness is what I sing.

The message her eyes were sending

Told me my song wouldn´t have a happy ending

My so called "friend" was her fire

The only firewood that burnt her desire.

From there I knew that anything I could say

Would just be worst and keep her away

It was the hardest thing I ever had to lie

To show no emotion when she started to cry

He ignored her completely

And that was driving me insane

She looked at her so sweetly

But all he could talk about was the other one´s name.

If I threw a penny

In a magical wishing well

My wishes would be as many

As my tormented heart could tell.

I wish I was the verb "to trust"

And never let her down

I would love to be with her and see the sun

Magically appear over the ocean.

On our return trip

I sat down and re-read the script

I could hear from not so far

A mournful play of a guitar.

My perfect movie had gone all wrong

By now I should be playing a love song

Instead I had a ruined weekend

Nothing left to say,"THE END".