Time (Paulo)

Foto de Paulo

Tomorrow morning

is monday morning

The last day of everyday

The sun will bring

a ray of hope

New strenght

for me to cope

Sometimes I wish

the moon was always full

right here, inside my own cocoon

Pain keeps knocking on my door

But I never invited her

I wish I knew

How to make it go away

Instead, I keep asking her to stay

So don´t go away

Say that you´ll stay

Say you´ll be here

At the reach of my hand

´Cause I need more time

Just to make things right

Don´t tell me everything is all right

I can´t make promises anymore

Whisper you the things that I adore

´Cause I need more time

I can´t tell you why

Because I´m afraid you´ll cry

Don´t give up on me

You´re the wings that make me free